Progress, Progress

One of the things I remember most about this region of Arizona was how long it takes for things to show hints of green in the spring–it seems later in the season than say Wickenburg.  The cottonwood trees leafed out early but the mesquite trees are just now getting leaves and our poor little scrawny pecan tree is not even totally leafed out as of yet in spite of all the water I’ve been giving it.

I haven’t mastered the Nikon DSLR camera I purchased from Mike McFall–not in the least!  If I leave it on “auto” I am good but if I try to change the settings and use “manual”–forget it!  I tried Tuesday night to take full moon photos with the DSLR and ended up getting a better shot with my Nikon P600 Coolpix.  The P600 has a 60X wide optical zoom lens and as you can see–if I can steady the camera with the zoom all the way out–it takes great photos! Back to reading the manual some more!

Today the Cowboy finished the roof as much as he can before attaching the garage trusses.  It was another warm one at 87 degrees and he only lasted on the roof until about 11am–but he’s finished until the garage roof is attached.  I had an icky job this today–a very icky job–I finished placing insulation in the ceiling and walls of the small we don’t know what to call it room.  Such an itchy, dusty, nasty job but the insulation work is finished in the guest house!

After lunch I helped the Cowboy hang drywall in the living room and that “we don’t know what to call it” room–our little guest house is starting to take shape and look way more live-able!

Emmi and I take about a 2.5 mile walk every morning.  Alongside the trail is a yucca stem–about six feet or more long–she has to grab and growl with that stick every morning to and from.  That’s one big stick for such a small dog!

So, yes, we are making progress–it’s so easy to get discouraged–I have to have a talk with myself on occasion!  As I said in another blog post–we’ve only been here seven weeks today–I would say we’ve accomplished lots!  Off to the local bar, TJ’s, for taco Thursday.


18 thoughts on “Progress, Progress

  1. You have accomplished ALOT! And now that it is getting warmer, only a few hours of daylight to work in the cool….I’d say you do a lot in a short time. Keep the faith! Sow and steady win the race. Pace yourself.


  2. You guys are making me tired just watching, remember if you get it all done this year, then what are you going to do next year. This is supposed to be a multi-year project isn’t it.


  3. That’s a lot of drywall! Now who is going to tape it all and do the mud/sanding? We hung and finished the drywall in our family room years ago. I did all the taping and mud and sanding, One of the drywall guys in our development taught me. They were building new homes around us at the time. Boy, the sanding was a nightmare. I’m sure you were glad to get that insulation finish! the place is looking so nice. Love Emmi and the “little” stick. Too cute!


      1. Never again!! That was my first and final timing doing that job! I had to do the ceiling, as well. Of course, I didn’t have a mask on. It was crazy!! My father- in-law said the trick to smooth seams was to have a light with you as you were sanding. So I carried a light weight plastic lamp stem under my arm as I was working. Our ceiling and walls were soooo smooth:) About six months after I finished, the fellow how taught (his was Clarence) came by to check out my final project. He offered me a job…haha!! I was MUCH younger than. It was 33 years ago. Good luck to you two:)


  4. Hmmm, was that Pam offering to finish the drywall?? You guys have gotten so much done, and the heat really puts a damper on the energy level. Insulation is just the worst!! Tacos are the perfect reward. I’m sure Emmi sees herself as more than tough enough to take on that staff :-)))


  5. I love you and your Cowboys’ wwork ethic. I love doing that kind of work. I wish I could still physically do it. I had helped remodel my home a year after my late husband Al passed of Lou Gehrig’s disease. It took me a year to decide I wanted to stay in our home.
    I helped build a sundeck, faux painting, tiling. Loved it!
    I think you both are making great progress in that heat! Keep up the good work!


    1. We are very blessed to be able to physically go as hard as we do–we are stiff and sore at the end of the day but are right back out there the next. I wasn’t aware you lost your husband to ALS Deb.


  6. The two of you are doing a remarkable job on this mammoth project. I am glad that you can take a day off every now and then to enjoy the area. You pictures are great. Emmi is a little dog with a big heart.


  7. You are making amazing progress! As for the Nikon I wish I were there to help, but I can say this much. I rarely use the manual settings on mine (only when I’m photographing really specialized stuff like night shots). The rest of the time I use S and A settings, and adjust my light with +/- compensation. It’s how I do most of my shooting and how I usually teach newbies too. I use S (shutter speed) whenever I’m shooting something that moves fast, like birds. I use A (aperture -> sets depth of field) whenever I’m shooting anything else. It makes life super easy since you only really ever have to worry about one setting. Anyway hope that helps!



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