Busy As Usual

Long ago before my time in Montana, the Cowboy purchased a 20 foot gooseneck stock trailer. There are several of the same trailers in our county and they all rusted–very soon after purchase. The company repainted the roof for the Cowboy but over the years the trailer has surface rusted and looked horrible. The Cowboy has decided to sand the trailer–what a job–and repaint it. Sometimes I think he invents work for himself??😁

While we were having lunch Sunday this little guy strolled into our yard, he could see us sitting at the dining table so this is not the greatest of photos taken through the window–the Cowboy had to slowly get up and hand me the phone, the only camera within reach. The little buck was eyeing my day lily buds. We had to release Emmi and she told him in no uncertain terms that this was her yard and to keep away from the flowers!

Friday was grocery buying day. I buy very few groceries at our local store in Big Timber and let’s just say I have issues with that store. So, every two to three to four weeks just depending on what’s happening in our lives we travel to Billings, 100 miles away, and purchase a large quantity of groceries. This time it had been four weeks since I had purchased groceries. Between Walmart and Costco we spent about $400 on groceries Friday. Lots of produce which is what we run out of first, meat, household goods, cereals, etc. We have two refrigerators and a huge downstairs pantry–storage is not a problem. Things such as watermelon and cantaloupes keep well in the cool basement.

I went to Billings by myself on Friday and had such an enjoyable day. Don’t get me wrong, the Cowboy is very patient and sits in the car patiently waiting for me if I want to visit a yarn store, Target, etc. But I always know he is out there and it makes me hurry because I don’t want him to have to wait too long. I went to Target, got what I wanted and got out–that store was way too crowded! It seemed as if everyone who lived in Billings was in Target! I went to my favorite wine store and for the first time, I visited the yarn store. In the wine store there was only one other customer and we were way far apart–he was buying chardonnay and I was buying Cabernet! 😁I was the only customer in the yarn store.

I’ve only ordered yarn online and have been slightly disappointed in the “feel” of some of the yarn–too coarse, too scratchy??? Well, that wasn’t an issue with all the gorgeous yarn at the Yarn Bar in Billings! Fabulous owners, so helpful and of course I purchased some yarn. It’s a tiny little space but the ladies had packed a lot of merchandise into that tiny space. I wish I lived closer so I could take some classes.

The ladies at the yarn store wound the “hanks” of yarn for me into these nice round balls.

An illustration of a ball, skein, and hank of yarn

And here’s my current project–a Booga Bag. I have fifteen more rows to knit then will felt the piece–I love the colors!

Let me say this upfront–this is my blog and my opinion–you don’t have to agree but you do have to be nice if you comment. Almost everyone I saw in any store in Billings was wearing a mask. Customers and staff. Sweet Grass County, Montana residents haven’t gotten on board with the mask thing yet. A mask is one simple thing we can do to help stop the spread of this virus–it’s not political, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a virus and it kills people at random. And our numbers in Montana keep rising, Arizona numbers are skyrocketing. In the past four days, 1000 people per day have died from Covid in the United States. Almost 150,000 people have died from Covid in the United States. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s not political, it’s a virus.

18 thoughts on “Busy As Usual

  1. I am SO with you on masks. How can anyone justify risking others’ lives for the sake of a political point? Such a sad atmosphere we ‘re in these days.


    1. Masks save lives.Yet,retailers do not enforce their policies to wear a mask….is it that hard to just refuse them service?


  2. Hi montanaclarks… I’m a lurker, never commenting… found your lovely blog thru the Bayfield Bunch. But I wanted to add that my internal medicine doc informed me that if a person has the virus, and that person and an uninfected person are both wearing masks, the chance of the well person becoming infected are reduced to 1%. So discouraging that so many are unwilling to help stop the spread. Anyway… certainly enjoy your blog. I’m a quilter, cross stitcher and knitter living in Omaha. –Annette


    1. Annette–thank you so, so much for reaching out and commenting and glad you found our blog. I must have read the same publication your doctor read. You have lots to keep you busy during these times! I only did a bit of cross stitching when I was much younger.


  3. Your Blog strung a chord with me. I am the same when it comes to shopping with my husband. He is happily sitting in the car using his phone for emailing but I just hate to let people wait, so I rush through my purchases. 😩 As for yarn stores…. I love them and we have one of the best here. Small and crowded with tons of yarn. My husband calls it “the evil store” 😉.
    I just finished sewing each of us a mask. Don’t like using it but do it anyhow. I think of all the doctors and nurses etc.that wear them all the time. So thankful for you dedicated people. 👍
    Stay healthy


    1. I’m sure my husband will hang that name onto the yarn store I discovered–soon! I too don’t like wearing a mask–when I wore one in the operating room it was freezing cold in there all the time–this time of year it’s HOT plus I’m a lot older and I’m HOT but I wear the mask–it’s the right thing to do. Stay healthy!


      1. Common sense tells us to wear a mask. Today I said to myself I would be glad when winter arrived here in Texas because that mask is hot! If it keeps us healthy As well as those around us then So be it.


  4. I so understand going to the store alone for a change. John drives when we go to the stores in Henderson (TJ’s, Costco). He does go into Costco with me but stays in the car other times waiting patiently and never complains.. But you like you I know he is out there and I do hurry. If we make stops at other places, I just get what I need, no browing (sure saves money!). Glad you had a successful day. Love the colors in your new bag!! I agree, it’s a virus, wear the mask!!


  5. Here in Michigan there are signs at the entrance to every store saying a mask must be worn to enter and a lot of then have an employee standing there also! I rarely see someone not wearing a mask. I always put it on right before I walk into the store and take it off as soon as I am out the door!


  6. Nice seeing the deer so close to your home but Emmi still is in charge.
    We totally agree with wearing Masks. Yesterday the Medical Professionals finally said what I have said from the beginning wearing Masks not only protects others but the wearer as well.
    Having used Respirators and Dust Masks throughout my career I have known them as a PPE.. They have saved me many Days of being sick from particulates in the air. Those that criticized me back then are not around to deal with this pandemic.
    Nice to get out once in a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.


    1. I’ve also said from the beginning that masks protect not only others but also the person wearing the mask–too many years spent in the operating room wearing masks for hours and hours.


  7. YES, totally with you on the masks. It’s a small, TEMPORARY measure that we can all do to slow this thing while we wait for science to create the vaccines & treatments that will stop it. It’s not political, and it’s not forever. I wear one everyday.



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