When I posted the blog on Wednesday night over one inch of rain had fallen. Thursday morning did it ever rain and blow!!  In just a couple hours we had another half inch of rain. We even had some thunder and lightening. Emmi went to the door and backed away–“I’m not going outside in THAT!”  We had planned a trip to Sierra Vista but chose to postpone–it could wait until Friday.

Here are some interesting facts–The average annual rainfall for Cochise County, Arizona is fourteen inches.  The average annual precipitation in our Montana county is 15-18 inches per year.  Amazing to me there is so little difference. These two next photos were taken Friday morning after the rain stopped. The humidity level was 70%–highly unusual for Arizona–and it was a chilly 38 degrees.

The Cowboy has been “mudding” ceilings and walls–sometimes he gets more on himself than on the ceilings and walls I’m thinking! He came in for lunch with a large smear across the top of his head. I spent Thursday baking–getting a head start on my Christmas cooking. I have 12 dozen cookies in the freezer! Ran out of sugar–I’m down to the last tablespoon I think–time for groceries!

Friday morning after Emmi and I walked we headed to Sierra Vista. By the end of the day I had two five gallon buckets of paint. Obtaining that paint was not an easy task. All our paint will now be purchased from Lowes and not Home Depot. Enough said.

Dan and Louanne happened to be in Sierra Vista also and we joined them for lunch. And then we were on a mission–to find the Cowboy some new Wranglers.  Long ago a friend who owns a store in Livingston, Montana told us to look for Wranglers with a made in Mexico label–Jordan said those jeans would fit better than the ones made in other countries.  Jordan was absolutely correct!

I ordered the same Wranglers the Cowboy has been wearing for years from Wrangler–nope, awful quality, terrible fabric, ill fitting and not made in Mexico!! I tried Amazon but when I asked the question, “are these jeans made in Mexico?” a customer replied, “no, and the fit, fabric…….is awful….sent back!  Well OK–we won’t be ordering from Amazon! We tried Walmart in Sierra Vista and while they do sell Wranglers they don’t sell Wranglers my Cowboy would like! Off to the CAL-Ranch Store where we were successful in finding made in Mexico Wranglers that fit my Cowboy–they only had two pair–I’m now on a mission to search all CAL-Ranch stores!

The water pressure in the kitchen sink was abysmal! We knew it was either the faucet or the hoses and had purchased a new faucet but it wasn’t needed.  The hot water hose was full of crude from our older hot water tank. I now have water pressure and I’m a happy camper! Both the Pinaleno and Chiricahua Mountains have snow on top.

Saturday night we had dinner at Dan and Louanne’s. Dan made nachos and they were the best nachos I’ve ever eaten–they were so good!!  Our contribution was homemade strawberry ice cream–it was a feast.

Sunday was church, visiting with friends, more mudding and I even painted a closet. The Cowboy wanted to see if paint would bring out the dimensions of the texture he is applying and it did–looks great–did we expect otherwise coming from my chief contractor??

A gorgeous photo of our little Montana hometown with the Crazy Mountains in the background taken by Jeff Weston. No snow on the ground but I’m thinking that’s about to change according to their forecast.  It’s been incredibly windy in Montana today.




21 thoughts on “Storms

  1. Bill’s bought his Wranglers from Tractor Supply for years… Style: 13MWZ
    I don’t think he bought any this last summer, but so far the fit, weight etc has been the same as usual. Don’t know if you have a Tractor Supply there, but you might check it out.


    1. The Cowboy always wore 13MWZ Wranglers until a few years ago when he shape started to change—how’s that for diplomacy?? We switched to a slim fit Wrangler and they don’t seem to be as available as 13MWZs.


  2. Great picture of Big Timber, those Arizona water lines sure seem to get crudded up, all of the hoses on our place in Maricopa were changed when we bought it and when we sold it a couple were about due for it again. I actually thought all Wranglers were Made in Mexico of USA cotton, at least that is what all mine claim, but most of them were bought here north of the Medicine Line.


  3. Those first two pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to get back to Arizona…it’s not even December and I miss it already! What do you do with 12 dozen cookies? That’s a lot of cookies! You lucky girl…nothing quite like a Cowboy and a great pair of Wrangler jeans!


  4. Yes, my cowboy wears Wranglers too. He gets them at a Western
    clothing and boot store here. Never thought to look and see where they
    were made, but I will now. Pricey things but wear long. We did check out Walmart
    once, but the quality was poor and no slims.
    Wish you were closer, my guy would enjoy helping on the drywall and
    finishing. I bet your going to love your cowboys results. Doesn’t seem
    that he does anything unwell.
    Always enjoy your posts!!


    1. My Cowboy wishes you were closer too he said!! He isn’t a fan of drywall but in a southwest house, you need drywall. Our log home in Montana has no drywall–our interior walls are aspen. Never thought we would have trouble finding Wranglers of all things!!


  5. I found that if you want to an article of clothing to be exactly like what you have, you need to check the country made. I bought a pair of jeans I loved from Coldwater Creek but when I went back to get another pair, they didn’t fit the same. That was when I looked at the tag. I needed a pair made in Thailand. When the lady found one, they fit perfectly. The other country that manufactured them made them an inch shorter and narrower. Strange how things can be sold under the same label and size but differ so greatly.
    I love that photo of your little town. I remember taking that same shot before we left but it was daytime. Sunset with snow on the mountains makes a perfect photo.
    Can’t wait to see Michael’s new painting technique.


    1. I’ve always said why can’t clothing manufacturers make a size 6 a size 6, period! The same way every single time but that’s not the way it is! I have a pair of Madewell jeans I’ve had for at least three years–they fit so well. I received a discount coupon from Madewell for my birthday in September and ordered another pair of what I thought were the exact same jeans. Nope–they fit, sort of and are a totally different fabric. But at least through Madewell, I can get tall jeans. I too just loved that photo of Big Timber!


  6. All that has ever fit my runty butt is the green tags 😉 Even in my pensioner years! Must be ’cause those 936’s are built in Mexico with U.S. of A denim! 😎

    Those photos of Cochise make me ever more homesick for that desert… makes my heart hurt for the missing of it.

    I’ve never seen anywhere on earth prettier than Arizona after a resurrecting storm like that. Heaven itself must smell like rain freshened Arizona.


    1. Everyone down here has been talking about how fresh it smells. We have more rain predicted for the middle of this week. My Cowboy now wears those 936’s and they are NOT all built in Mexico of USA denim!


  7. I keep saying your Chief Contractor is handier than a pocket on a shirt —-first he is laying underneath the sink and next he is mudding walls with texture even — You are a luckky girl!!!


  8. It never dawned on me to check the origin of the manufacturing – good to know! I’ve been making lots of Lowes/Home Depot runs to Sierra Vista and so far finding that neither one is “best” for everything. I guess I should be glad we have options :-)) Looks like another storm coming our way, but we’ll miss this one as we head out for a few days. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  9. Last pair of Wranglers I bought a month or so ago I got at TSC. (Tractor Supply Company) After reading your post I went and had a look at where they were made. It said on the tag my Wranglers were ‘Made In A Hurry’. I spent 3 hours on Google Maps trying to find where in the world ‘A Hurry’ was. Never did find it but I suspect it’s near China somewhere.


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