Fall In The Chiricahuas

We’ve been having some of the most wonderful weather–high 70’s in the day time. One morning it was 37 degrees but most mornings it’s in the low 40’s. We will take it!

The Cowboy and I have been working on the front porch of the main house in the mornings before the sun gets too hot. I can’t wait until this part of our house is finished–it’s going to make a big difference in how the house looks.

Has anyone ever seen a tree like this?  We purchased this potted tree in December of 2017 at Home Depot.  It sat beside our front door and I strung Christmas lights on the tree–we purchased what we thought was a spruce tree. When we arrived this season our spruce tree had morphed into a pine tree?????

We took a break today and drove over the Chiricahua Mountains to Portal. We usually go home through Rodeo, NM and then Douglas, AZ but today we just turned around and headed back over the mountain. It’s beginning to be fall at those higher elevations and we saw beautiful color and no people.  We were both amazed at how few people were up there today–awesome!

This one’s for you Mike McFall  –to those of you who don’t know, the RVing, blogger world lost a good one last week.  Mike had struggled for years with cancer and the disease finally took him.  We will all miss that big smile and those stories, rest in peace Mike.

Our lunch spot at the Paradise, AZ cemetery.  There is a list of those buried in the cemetery and the earliest date was 1904 and the latest 2018. Paradise was a former mining town in the early 1900’s but when the mine was abandoned and the post office closed, the town died in about 1943.  There is an eclectic group of people living in Paradise now in a cluster of old homes.

Emmi’s favorite position when the truck is going slowly.

And that’s about it for the last few days, life is good.

4 thoughts on “Fall In The Chiricahuas

  1. As always, wonderful pictures!
    Can’t wait to see the front transformation of
    your home……your right, it can be the icing
    on the cake. I know it will be nice, that’s how
    you two do things!


  2. Getting caught up again and see you’ve been busy as always. I just told Bill today we need to make the drive up to Portal while there’s still some fall color. Love those moon shots. It’s fun that we both enjoy the Dragoons, but from opposite sides 🙂 That front porch is going to be wonderful. We spend a lot of time on ours with long views to the outcroppings at Sheepshead. Sorry to hear of Mike’s passing.


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