A Little Organization

Wednesday morning in Montana, three inches of snow on the ground and by day’s end another half inch of moisture.  Late in the afternoon when we walked Emmi the sun actually came out for a short period of time.

 Kind of looks like the wind wreaked havoc this winter with neighbor Keith’s irrigation pipe! 🙂

The Cowboy puttered on Monday–seeing what did and didn’t work on the R-Pod. Seems folks aren’t always so honest when you purchase used things.  On both the motorhome and this little camper the previous owners were dishonest and lied to us.  It’s a dang good thing the Cowboy is handy but he’s getting mighty disgusted with fixing things that we were told worked.

Tuesday I went to yoga up the road at Nancy’s.  It was so good to see the ladies and so good to be doing yoga again.  In the afternoon I worked on the window valences for the motorhome.  The old ones were in sad shape. We purchased new fabric and I’m using the old ones as a pattern.  My measuring skills are a touch rusty I guess as when I hung the first two valences I made, they were about two inches too long–back to the drawing board! 🙂

The longarm needs some maintenance and the parts came today.  The needle is held in place by a small screw.  That screw can be inserted on either side of the needle bar.  I had stripped the threads on one side and was working on stripping them on the other side.  It’s so important that the needle be secure that I err on the side of “too tight.”  So, the Cowboy had to drill the hole larger and use a tap to re-thread the hole.  Success!

At some point in time people begin to downsize.  We have two houses now and this Montana house/barn/garage is full of stuff.  We’ve been talking about what to do and today we just buckled down and started.  Bunches of stuff went in the discard pile, things were put in bags for the thrift shop and we listed a bunch of stuff on our local Facebook garage sale site.  I’ve all ready sold four items this afternoon.

While cooking lunch I also made a big pot of Ainsley’s clam chowder–can’t wait until supper!

6 thoughts on “A Little Organization

  1. Those snowy pics are so pretty. Soon that view will be all green for the summer and just as lovely. Lucky you!! As we consider a winter base property in AZ I keep wondering if I can avoid collecting too much stuff this time around 🙂


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