Cool And Smokey

Our temps have been under 80 degrees for the last couple days–it just seems strange to have such nice temperatures and for it to still be so smokey.  As you can see in the above photos, our mountains have disappeared once again.

Thursday was a catch up day–catch up on chores–the washer/dryer was going all day.  I did spend much of the day between clothes folding catching up on my reading–I’m an avid reader and don’t mind using the Kindle app on my iPad much to the dismay of my teacher granddaughter.  I’m also an avid fan of the Facebook page–Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Everyday Anne Bogel posts on Facebook the Kindle and Nook deals of the day.  I borrow some of those recommended ebooks from our local Big Timber, Montana library and from Pima Country Arizona library system.  It is rare when one of these two libraries does not have the book I’m seeking.  If it’s a popular book I usually have to place a hold and sooner or later a link to that book appears in my email inbox.  If I’m impatient I might purchase one of the Kindle/Nook discounted books from Amazon.  I also will purchase from Amazon used books recommended by other sources.   That’s how I manage to read about one book per week without going broke!

Friday morning was spent puttering and in the afternoon we headed to town.  We spent some time with Nat and Barb and enjoyed a pizza for dinner with them.

Saturday morning had us heading to Billings to look at a 2001 Monaco Dynasty motorhome.  Yes, it was a 2001, seventeen years old but can someone tell me how people can destroy such an expensive object in 32000 miles.  Our Country Coach with 120,000 miles which we sold last summer was a 1995 model–and it was still beautiful–the outside paint was faded but the inside was gorgeous plus everything worked!  The odometer of this beautiful Monaco motorhome has just 32000 miles yet the coach is a mess–window awnings gone, refrigerator door shelves and crisper drawers–gone and we are quite sure the four door refrigerator did not work.  Most of the window screens–gone.  Two huge holes in the dash where some device was mounted at one point in time. Poorly done replacement laminate flooring and new bedroom carpet.  Bay door latches–gone.  Generator exhaust pipe–gone–which made the whole coach smell of diesel when the generator ran.  And absolutely filthy!  Based on NADA pricing the asking price was very right for this coach but based on condition we didn’t want anything to do with it–we didn’t even drive it.

Back to Big Timber and the vet.  Our Emmi hasn’t been feeling well–upset tummy–she would have a couple good days then a bad day and today her condition worsened to the point we were very worried.  It’s Saturday and we are so blessed to have such great veterinarian care in our little community.  No appointment, we just dropped by about noon with our little package of stool sample.  They sent us to Nat’s to wait while the staff worked us in.  A couple hours later we had an answer–Emmi has a intestinal bacterial infection and was sent home with antibiotics, probiotics, and special easily digested dog food.  We are so relieved it is something fixable–Emmi is nine years old–we lost our schnauzer Jazz at nine years of age to cancer.

Catching a ride with dad.

And the truck camper is gone–we sold it to a couple from Billings two weeks ago and they came to get it today.



10 thoughts on “Cool And Smokey

  1. I love books too but for quite awhile I rather listen to audio books. That way I don’t feel so guilty about the time I spend 😉 It is much cooler here now and we had some blessed rain and am supposed to get a bit more. Good luck finding a nice motor home. It is almost time to head for the South. Unfortunately not for us anymore. I miss it though.


    1. I think of you Vera when we are heading south–everyone has to hang up the keys at some point in time–our time will come I am sure. We don’t have the insurance issues which face Canadians but old age will get us all. I listen to audio books when quilting or when driving by myself–love them! Glad you are getting rain–that means we will too hopefully!


  2. We’re in Billings and drove through smoke the whole way. I’m hoping the rain tomorrow helps. When we were looking for our little trailer, I was amazed at what junk people were selling. I use bookbub to find new authors to read.


    1. We are hoping the rain helps too Sandy–noticed the weather forecast is calling for snow on the Beartooth. It’s amazing to me the filthiness of some rigs we’ve seen–the Cowboy and I were talking yesterday and out of all the rigs we’ve purchased not one of them has been clean–ugh!


  3. With Kindle Unlimited for $10/month I’ve been reading up to four books a week for a couple years! Occasionally I download a new best seller, but I’m sure having fun reading authors I would never have known about. I’m already sick of that smoke for you – hope the rain moves it out!! Glad Miss Emmi has something fixable, it’s the worst when our fur kids can’t tell us what’s wrong.


    1. I tried Kindle Unlimited for a couple years but found so many of the books to be poorly written–maybe you need to send me your titles as you read them??? We are hoping the cold front forecast for today will delete the smoke and send rain. So, so glad Ms. Emmi is feeling better–breaks my heart when she doesn’t feel good.


  4. We were staying in National Forest campgrounds between Cody and Yellowstone and there was a bit of smoke. We’re at Mammoth now and a cold front seems to have gone through. Next week we’re headed to the Madison River National Forest campground where I hope it’s not too smoky like it was last year. I feel for you having to put up with all the smoke and anyone affected by the fires.


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