The Price Of Their Toys

There’s that ole saying–you can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys–

The Cowboy has been working diligently on that roof and it was now time to lay the rolled roofing–which has to be nailed down using those short, stubby, thumb mashing nails.  Not this time–he used his new toy–it holds rolls of roofing nails and will fire nails when the nose of the gun is pressed into the roofing material–you don’t have to pull the trigger–super fast and the Cowboy is happy.

But wait just a minute–I bought toys too but there was a large disparity in price!!  And once again, I am the shovel and the Cowboy has the machine!  I used my new toys yesterday–the round thing in the middle scores the wallpaper, then you drench the ugly stuff in hot water/vinegar then scrape.  My friend Kelly had the audacity to tell me she found it relaxing–HUH????

I didn’t do so well on this small wall–may need to watch some more videos–going to have to patch the drywall–a LOT!  There is a wallpaper steamer in my Amazon cart just waiting for me to click the buy button!  

The well driller was here yesterday afternoon and again this morning–I am discouraged, the Cowboy is not.  It’s amazing how busy this guy is–he is meeting himself coming and going.  He can’t hire help and he pays extremely well, his poor wife is out here helping him many days.  Yesterday he told the Cowboy he is so far behind with work he will never catch up.  Sure would be a good business to have???

I visited my favorite laundromat again today–and had the place all to myself, no more crazies.  The Cowboy finished our taxes–that’s a good thing.












21 thoughts on “The Price Of Their Toys

  1. After nursing two black fingernails for most of last winter that new toy looks like the answer. Waterjacking on a water well rig is not a fun job, I’ve helped out a few friends over the years and it is not a job I would want to do full time and no way in this Arizona heat but then it wasn’t much fun at -40 either. My old Dad had a saying for when it was to cold for man or beast. “Colder than a welldiggers ass” was one of his most popular quotes.


    1. Well driller’s helper does look like a hard job JB–he told us his wife was about done, she just can’t physically handle the work any more and they are young–in their early 40’s with a kid still in high school. I have heard that saying and also the one about the witches *** in a brass brassiere! :))


  2. I had one of those round things too a few years ago and was not happy with it. I thought I must have used it wrong so I never mentioned it when you talked about it. Too bad but good to know I was not the only one with limited success. 😉 if I remember right I used a steamer in the end. Wish you success!


      1. You would not like to re-decorate my home, there is some wallpaper in every room. Even had it in the kitchen but now that is gone. The rest of it I’ll leave for the next owner, maybe somebody like you 😉


  3. Love that nail gun thingy!! Smart idea and so much faster as you said. Getting the wallpaper off is a drag! I remember just using a box knife and more vinegar, less water. I found that little scratching device didn’t cut deep enough into the wallpaper. Good luck!! Let us know how it goes!!


      1. I bought a house once that had wallpaper in the kitchen and apparently if the person who put the paper up didn’t prep the wall properly prior to papering, you’re going to end up taking off some of the sheetrock/drywall. We had to do quite a bit of patching up after removing the wallpaper. We ended up sanding the edges on the paper above the cabinets and covering over it with Kilz prior to painting. It still looks good after 14 years.


      2. That might be what happens above our cabinets, it’s a space of only about 8 inches, the steamer came with a plate that small but who is going to see up there above those cabinets if I just do as you did–use a good primer and paint!

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  4. That nail gun would be handy on those big windy Arizona days for nailing down Mikes cowboy hat to keep it from blowing away and your wallpaper tools would come in handy at the end of the day for removing those nails so Mike could take his hat off again. Good thinking purchases on both your parts I’d say.


    1. The Cowboy hasn’t lost his hat while up on the roof–yet! He was just lucky he wasn’t on the roof yesterday when a mighty gust of wind almost ripped our windows awnings right off–he might have been blown to the next county, hat and all!


  5. Buy the steamer for wallpaper removal. Much much easier. Plus, it works as a great cleaner too. Just spray the steam into corners and hard to reach areas and the dirt comes right off. Two tools in one!


  6. There’s a product called sizing that’s supposed to be put on walls before wallpapering. When I wanted to change our wallpaper the first (and only!) time after we built our house I found out they didn’t use it when they built it and the results were just as you describe… advice, just commiserating with you. Good luck!!!

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  7. I sure didn’t see anything relaxing about scrapping the wallpaper off my kitchen walls! The whole time I was doing it I kept asking myself why the heck I had ever put it up in the first place. I paid for that bit of foolishness! LOL


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