Why We Need A Lawnmower

Lawnmowers aren’t a common sight in many parts of Arizona.  None of the 436 lots in North Ranch had grass and with water being a precious commodity, grass is a luxury we shouldn’t have.  But southeast Arizona is grass country–these clumps of grass with tall brown stalks from previous years.  This grass grabs the tumbling tumbleweeds halting its progress until the next gust of wind. This grass also hides all the treasures previous owners have left behind.   I love to see the grass waving in the breeze but I don’t want it growing close to our house and motorhome–I want to see the critters before they get me!

dscn3831In this photo of Al and Kelly leaving after their visit Tuesday you can see the tall grasses.  We were so happy to welcome our first visitors and we had a good “chin wag” as Al would say!

827 E Newland, Pearce, AZ 85625And in this photo from the last blog you can see how green the grass can be–I borrowed this photo from a realtor website.

The Cowboy has been searching the internet for a used riding lawnmower without success–he would find one and someone else would snatch it up–weird, as I said, there is not much grass in Arizona!  Finally he found a moving sale in Willcox–with a used John Deere 445 mowing tractor.  I think the Cowboy was at that sale on Saturday a hour before they opened for business.  He and the owner came to a price agreement and the mower came home with the Cowboy.


dscn3769And speaking of critters–UGH–see all those holes in this nasty plywood step entry way? Pack rats, nasty, stinking pat rats.  Wearing respirator masks we ripped out all that plywood and took it to the dump.  Now I don’t shiver and cringe when I go in that door!

dscn3820This little shed has a concrete floor but a poorly done roof and the door had blown off allowing pack rats to create their nastiness inside–the missing siding and roof will be replaced and the lawnmower will reside in this shed.

And then there are the goats heads or puncture vine weeds–thankfully the whole place is not infested but a large portion is.  Here’s what goats heads do to tires–

dscn3833Ridding this place of those evil little monsters is a priority with me and Emmi!  Have you ever tracked one into your motorhome then stepped on it barefoot??  Poor Emmi comes to a paw lifted halt whenever she encounters one as she did in this video–

Still no sign of the well guy and our motorhome fresh water tank was empty.  The Goldminers RV Park just up the road allowed us to use one of the sites to dump tanks and fill the fresh water tank for a fee–well worth it!  And the dirty clothes bin was overflowing–restoration makes for lots of dirty clothes.  Thankfully there is a nearby laundromat.

dscn3818Ross, this photo is for you.  This is my wind direction indicator–a coal fire electricity generating plant located about 10 miles from us.

And a view photo–makes all the hard work well worth it!


16 thoughts on “Why We Need A Lawnmower

  1. I hate those darned goat heads, thankfully we don’t have many at DPS. Looks like a pretty skookum lawnmower the Cowboy found.


  2. Poor Emmi, those goat heads. We call those rats, plain old rats. No packing about them, just rats. What a big project! The view is of the mountains is awesome.


  3. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about what your
    facing. Bravo to you both for having the want to,
    to tackle it!
    Tell me again, why??? Lol
    Is it the area or good friends close by…. the challenge?
    I’m in awe of your good attitude and hard work .
    Will this eventually be your only residence?
    I’m truly loving following this project. 😊


    1. Linda–we both enjoy living out in the country with a slower pace of life which is what this area has. It’s a ranching/farming community so the Cowboy fits right in. As for whether this will be our only residence–haven’t made that decision yet.


  4. Getting rid of the rat nastiness and sticker ouchiness are definitely good priorities – and getting the tall grass knocked down around the house will likely help with both. Sweet mower, it will definitely get used 🙂 Hope the well guy shows up soon!! I love your views and know you can’t wait to be looking at it through big windows.


  5. I forgot to mention in my earlier comment but I sure like your old blog format better.
    I know I’m not ‘techy’ but for me, it’s not
    a easy flow. I will keep at it! Lol


  6. I remember stepping on goat head stickers with bare feet when I was young!!! OUCH!! Glad to see your new place. I enjoy the sunset and sunrise photos too. Good luck!


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