What A Day

Another beautiful sunrise

When I have a cleaning question I can always count on my friend Kelly’s cleaning advice–you could say Kelly is particular about clean. My cook stove has two ovens and both were in need of cleaning–it’s a self cleaning oven so that was easy but those oven racks–not so easy. Kelly to the rescue! Spray the racks with oven cleaner and put them in a plastic garbage bag overnight. Wow!!! I used the water hose to spray the racks after their soak in the bag and oh my goodness–they are so clean!! No scrubbing!!

Monday was a busy day–I stained some door trim for the Cowboy and used polyurethane on the pantry facing boards. On Sunday I washed two windows, on Monday I washed four. A few windows at a time is doable–

After much vacuum cleaner research, I caved and bought another bagless vacuum–a Shark. It’s amazing how much vacuums can cost! I remember when I paid $200 for a self propelled Hoover long ago when I was first married–that was a lot of money back then for a vacuum but that Hoover lasted probably a good 25 years before it died and handy husband couldn’t fix it. As we all know, household items don’t last these days. I had to laugh at all the comments which said something about their husbands taking the canister out to the garbage to dump it. My husband may be handy but cleaning is not his strong suit!🤣

Tuesday morning in the wee hours Ms. Emmi developed tummy issues and the two of us took several trips outside in the dark and cold. So Tuesday was non existent for me–I spent a large portion of the day wandering aimlessly, trying to nap and generally not getting anything accomplished. I did feed us. Emmi is much better–don’t know what happens as she does not have access to any people food or garbage–only her expensive dog food and I even give her bottled water!!

The Cowboy drove to Willcox Tuesday afternoon to receive his Moderna covid vaccine. I tried and tried to schedule him on the Arizona Department of Health website but it was a no go–couldn’t get it done–either the website is malfunctioning or there are no appointments available in our county or even in Tucson.

I was able to use the state website to schedule him in Glendale, AZ of all places but really didn’t want to drive that far! Friends Linda and Janice were able to schedule at the Medicine Shoppe in Benson but when I called they had used all their doses. Called Safeway, CVS–nope, no vaccine. So, I called the Medicine Shoppe in Willcox, the pharmacist sent me a link, I followed that link and was done–the Cowboy was scheduled. Now why can’t the state use something similar–simple, asked all the right questions, gave me a way to upload a photo of the Cowboy’s Medicare card, done! I called Dan and Louanne–she got the link then shared it with other friends here in our community. That app worked like a charm!!

The Cowboy has no side effects other than a sore arm. Hope my turn comes soon!

Wednesday we went to Tucson–and the day didn’t go exactly as planned. Emmi had a sudden bathroom accident in Lowe’s traumatizing herself and me! I tried calling our Tucson vet and they are closed on Wednesday so it was off to the Tucson Veterinarian Specialty Emergency Clinic. They do not take appointments, you wait–outside in your car in these times. Fortunately they weren’t very busy and were able to see Emmi within 30 minutes. Bloody diarrhea and slightly evaluated liver enzymes–possibly the beginnings of pancreatitis again. They gave her subcutaneous fluids and sent us home with antibiotics. She is eating, drinking and playing well. Wish we could figure out why our girl becomes so ill.

So, it was a long day with issues other than Emmi but we survived and are home with our feet up!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Even though we’ve been busy, Thursday we took a day off. We joined Dan and Louanne for a Can-Am ride up into the Dragoon Mountains. The weather was perfect–blue sky sunny and warm. We didn’t go far, only up to Soren Pass stopping at the abandoned mine along the way to eat our lunch. Social distancing at its finest.

Friday we stayed way too busy all day long! The guest house living room is now ready for guests–

Quilts don’t do well folded–they develop permanent creases where folded so I decided to just leave these hanging–they bring me joy!

Sunrise on Friday morning brought me joy too!

I have such a good husband–my vacuum cleaner had developed this awful noise. I had to wear earplugs when vacuuming and even then the noise was almost unbearable. The Cowboy decided to investigate–

It’s kaput! Blown bearing in the motor and a broken brush–new parts, $45. We paid only $40 for this vacuum at a garage sale and I have always disliked it because of its weight–heavy! It was a good vacuum and now it’s time to find something else. Do any of you have a vacuum you love?? I have a Panasonic canister vacuum in Montana that I really like but it’s not made any longer.

The Cowboy started building cabinets Friday–or at least he started cutting and planing the lumber. He worked hard all day long and was one dusty, sawdust covered, exhausted man when he came in for dinner. I kept us fed and I cleaned all day long. Plus I took care of the Emmi girl.

Sunset on Friday evening.

Saturday evening Dan and Louanne along with Janice and Linda joined us for yet another fabulous meal. We had such a good time eating, laughing and talking–friends are a necessity for me. Everyone approves of our new living/dining room in the main house. Janice always brings the most original hostess gifts–I told her in these times it might be a really appreciated gift!!

The new dining room rug–

Sunday we rested–at least I did–the Cowboy puttered as always. I joined Linda, Janice and Louanne in Linda’s backyard for drinks–even though it was only 54 degrees, there was no breeze and we were sitting in the sun–heavenly. And Linda feeds the birds–amazing activity and chatter–so fun to watch.

Our friend Sandy had this quote on her Facebook page today–




Big Changes

Mondays are blah–even though I’ve been retired for years–Mondays are still blah in my humble opinion. It was me doing the “honey do’s” on this past Monday–I stained some door trim and re-stained one of the living room beams that had become dusty from all the drywall sanding.

Tuesday we made a trip to Sierra Vista to buy used golf cart tires my ever on the search for a bargain husband found. I needed some groceries and we were also picking up an item for friends with the dang covid. I tried to get a grocery pickup time but there were none available for same day. I hope to not have to go inside Walmart in Sierra Vista again until I’m vaccinated!!! Everywhere I turned today there were people wearing no mask. At Walmart, at Culver’s, at Home Depot. Arizona currently has the highest per-capita rate of new Covid-19 infections, with 785 cases per 100,000 people over the past seven days. That rate not only leads the U.S., but is the highest in the world, according to NBC News data. Not only do friends have Covid, our neighbors are also ill with the virus. Our numbers are increasing daily in this zip code where before the numbers had remained low and steady. Will it ever end?

On Wednesday we made some big changes.

We moved!! Somehow my Cowboy husband and I hauled these two heavy couches from the guest house to the main house living room–we went out the front door of the guest house, into the back of the truck and in the front door of the main house. As you know Bayfield Al–that leather couch is heavy!! In the photo you can see the new to us leather chair we bought and the new rug. The southwest print love seat will move to the porch when that room is finished–it kind of clashes with the new rug!

The guest house has two windows in the living area which face south and we had mini blinds on those windows greatly limiting our view. The living room/dining room of the main house is finished and we decided it was time to move. We’ve been thinking about it and when the new rugs arrived yesterday we made the decision. We now have views in all directions and a very comfortable, beautiful living room. Emmi is not so sure–her bed and toys moved over but she stayed in the guest house for a while.

There were some tense moments this morning as we hung the curtains, drilling into the bricks. My husband is so incredibly handy! Look at what he did with those “free” cabinets we found–

Today was a dark day in the history of our country, a sad day in our country. The Cowboy and I have our opinions and they are private. What went on in our nation’s capitol today should not have happened. And that’s all I will say.



New Chair and A Guard Turkey

The first day of 2021 dawned chilly and cloudy. As Emmi and I walked our normal route I began to hear sandhill cranes. There were three bunches of probably 100+ each soaring above my head. The coolest part–it was so quiet, even the cranes were quiet–so quiet I could hear their wings. Gave me goose bumps–a good start to 2021

On New Year’s Eve we dined at Dan and Louanne’s with Linda and Janice. It was a fabulous evening with outstanding food and drink! Louanne boiled the biggest, best shrimp and made rice pilaf–it was so good! We were all home by 8pm where we caught the last of the fireworks over the little community of Sunsites–we could see them from our house.

All the Christmas decorations are put away leaving our house a little bare and sad looking. I even managed to take down the outside lights. The Cowboy started building cabinets on New Year’s Day–hooray!! And he’s been working too hard installing those “free” cabinets we spent a day in November retrieving from a house. Because these houses were built in the late 60’s, there is a shortage of closets–no huge walk in master closet–we just couldn’t make that work. So our plan was to install these free cabinets in one end of the room we call our “porch.” This porch was to have been open but I lost that battle and it now just has large windows and a door–it’s actually an extension of the living room. The cabinets are partially installed and we think it’s going to work–counter space for serving at gatherings (if we ever get to have another gathering that large!) and lots of storage cabinets.

The guard turkey at the house where we bought the chair.

We drove down south to the little community of McNeal on Saturday to look at a leather chair. On New Year’s Eve we made a mad dash to Tucson to look at a chair that was a complete bust–saggy, no way to replace the cushion foam. We brought home the one we saw in McNeal on Saturday–needs seat cushion foam and has a zipper to access that foam. This chair is in good shape and comfortable–when Amazon sends the foam I will post a photo.

The Cowboy’s redneck firewood hauling vehicle.

Arizona’s covid numbers are skyrocketing–17,000+ cases posted in today’s numbers. Our zip code has eight new cases posted in the last few days. My heart goes out to all those poor nurses working in our hospitals–they have to be exhausted and scared.

Dang It’s Chilly

Our weather is nasty–for Arizona! Highs in the 40’s and 50’s and lows in the 20’s. And I swear the wind today was blowing off a Montana snowbank!

Do any of you mend? The Cowboy accidently created a hole in his down vest by touching it with a hot pan he had used to pop popcorn–it melted the vest fabric. Monday I stitched a patch over the spot where the feathers were escaping through the hole, repaired a dishcloth with an unraveling hem and made a blanket fit the bed!

Blankets labeled “queen/full” do NOT fit a full bed. They fit a queen and hang over the sides of a full bed almost to the floor. So, I cut about 20 inches off the side of the blanket and re-hemmed it. Now it fits the full size bed.

Tuesday I volunteered for one of those projects that after starting I was ready to un-volunteer but I trudged onward. Many of the outlets and switches in the main house needed cover plates which isn’t as easy as it sounds! Most of the outlets and switches require shims to bring them out flush with the drywall–shims for this application are tiny flat washers that are very fiddly!! I was successful on all but one outlet which required the Cowboy’s expertise! I finished this chore on Wednesday and I must say I’m might proud of myself!

We drove to Willcox Tuesday afternoon and purchased two used bar stools for our eating area in the main house kitchen. The stools need new fabric and foam on the seats and a new paint–but were a bargain!

The tile is laid on the floors in the main house with the exception of the porch (the current cabinet shop) and the laundry room–not my priority right now. The Cowboy took a break on Wednesday from floor work–his knees were complaining.

Remember that new iPhone I received for Christmas? Well, last evening I sold our iPhone 6 we had using one of the local Facebook groups. A person we know, Patsy, purchased the phone, coming to the house to get it wearing her mask–we appreciate you Patsy!!

Full moon coming up Tuesday night–not the best photo.

And the moon going down Wednesday morning–I tried to catch it right as it touched the Dragoon Mountains but sat drinking coffee and knitting just a touch too long.

Some of the Montana family have been enjoying the beach in Florida–having had Covid they decided to escape for some much needed fun!


A Very Pleasant Christmas

Christmas Eve we enjoyed the company of four friends for a lovely dinner and we actually dined in the main house. The Cowboy and I hauled our beautiful dining table we found on Craigslist in 2018 over to the main house, I found a tablecloth, snipped some greenery from one of our trees and added the Cowboy’s mother’s silver candlesticks–it was just right!

Christmas Eve skies.
My first charcuterie tray from the book That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life.
My drink of choice for holiday meals–mainly because I really like the glasses!

Christmas Day dawned with clouds and a brief rain/sleet shower of all things! It was a quiet, peaceful and easy day. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, opened our presents and spent the day getting acquainted with those presents. The Cowboy gifted me a new iPhone and I was amazed at how easy it was to transfer the data from the old phone to the new–without having to visit a Verizon store! I also received a new fitness tracker–I had a FitBit for a while but wasn’t impressed when the $75 device died in less than a year! So, this one is a $25 Lintelek–installed the app and it too is up and running–aren’t I the techy??–Not! The Cowboy loves his gifts–a new set of Makita drills and driving slippers (aka house slippers) from LL Bean. He liked the drills so much I caught him using them on Christmas Day!

Sunrise on Christmas Day–beautiful!

My sister sent me the sweetest gift–a pottery nativity scene from Osage Clayworks located in north Arkansas. Ann collects nativity scenes and her house is beautiful at Christmas time. I had admired a particular scene when there last year and she remembered.

Santa brought Emmi a new treat dispensing ball which she loved and a new duck.

It was a quiet, peaceful Christmas Day–we Facetimed the family in Germany and in Arkansas and spoke with other family on the phone.

In the evening on Christmas Day we went to Dan and Louanne’s for nachos–amazing, delicious nachos and jalapeno margaritas–also so, so good!

The Cowboy went right back to work on Saturday laying tile and he’s still at it on Sunday. Mid afternoon on Sunday we helped Louanne make use of the wine tasting she purchased at the recent library fund raiser. Southeastern Arizona is popular with grape growers and wine makers and there are multiple small vineyards all around us. This winery, 1776 Vineyards is just up the road from us and the owners are super pleasant people who escaped the big city life of Phoenix and moved to our valley in 2017. They have outdoor tables for covid times and it was just pleasant enough to sit outside. Louanne brought a tablecloth and the most wonderful, creamy cheese we devoured as we tasted four different wines. The four of us, Louanne, Janice, Linda and I had so much fun–and will most probably do it again!

While I was out drinking wine the Cowboy bought a sewing machine! An industrial Singer–to make covers for backhoe seats and golf carts. What next I bet you are asking!

We Do Something Different

Monday I had an appointment cancelled and asked the Cowboy–“want to go cut firewood?” After lunch off we went up into the Chiricahua Mountains via Rucker Canyon. At first we wondered if we were on a wild goose chase–no pine or fir to be seen–just cedar and live oak. But as we rose in elevation pine trees appeared. The Arizona USFS fire wood cutting/permit rules are a little different than the rules we follow in Montana. Standing dead trees can be cut but only if the tree is nine inches or less in diameter.

We searched for a while before finding a spot with several standing dead trees the right diameter. In just a short while we had a truck full and wound our way back down the mountain. Rucker Canyon is beautiful and we even found running water!

Tuesday I spent the morning cooking–made another batch of those “turtle chocolates” and another/last batch of chex mix for the Cowboy. Milton, our caretaker stopped by with a gift–his wife Lucy had made anise cookies–they are addictive! And Lucy had written us the most beautiful Christmas card and thank you note for the dinner I took them–made me cry!

I’ve never had packages take as long to reach their recipients as has happened this year. Mail USPS One Rate boxes and two days later the Montana folks get their cookies and gifts–NOT this year. Those two day boxes took 7 days. Amazon usually manages to get things to Germany in a timely manner–not this year. Amazon Prime is NOT working this year. Is anything working this year???

Wednesday was physical therapy in Willcox for me. My physical therapist told me the hospital began giving healthcare workers the covid vaccine today. He was hoping to receive a vaccine before going home for the Christmas holiday tomorrow evening.

These are two of my favorite Christmas decorations–the pillow I’ve had for many years and chuckle every time I read the saying. The little Santa was made for the Cowboy by his Grandmother–amazing that it’s held together all these years! While Mom was here she reattached one of his button eyes.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully a very good 2021!!



Right Around The Corner

The ground isn’t white (thank goodness) but the morning temps are enough to make us think Christmas is right around the corner. Mom said she thought Arizona was warm in the winter–not in southeast Arizona at an elevation of 4500 feet! Bright blue skies, not a cloud in sight on our 20 degree mornings.

Monday and Tuesday I painted the kitchen and down the hallway of the main house. The Cowboy even got in on the painting business–something he never does. But, he was anxious to lay tile and if that’s what it took then paint he did.

Mom and I were on our way to Tucson bright and early Wednesday morning heading to the airport. She arrived in Arkansas that evening safe and sound–all is well. We sure enjoyed having her with us for this past month–it was a treat. Our guest house seemed quiet and lonely Thursday morning when I walked in to start the coffee maker.

The Cowboy is laying tile and once this tile is laid he will start building our kitchen cabinets. We are so excited to be on the downhill slide of this huge project we started almost 4 years ago!!!

No painting for me on Friday–chores were calling, I could hear the laundry basket complaining! In the afternoon I delivered boozy fruitcake I had made to friends in the area–it’s such good fruitcake and I’m most definitely not a fan of fruitcake! You can find the recipe here.

When I returned from fruitcake delivery we decided to hang our new wooden window shades that were delivered a couple weeks ago from BlindsGalore.com. I had hung one of the shades in our smaller guest room window and knew how the process should work but the rest of the shades were being hung outside the window requiring a bit more measuring–the Cowboy’s expertise!

The shades look lovely and we are pleased as always with our BlindsGalore.com purchase. In all the purchases I’ve made from BlindsGalore (a whole house full of shades at North Ranch), I’ve only had one shade malfunction. This particular shade works but you have to stand in one spot right underneath the cords or the blind will NOT raise straight, one end or the other will hang down. Should have returned it but didn’t. This time we saved boxes until we were sure everything worked correctly.

I’m a from scratch cook, usually. At least I was before covid reared its ugly, stupid head and I was cooking two meals a day, every. single. day.! When shopping at Costco I’ve been bringing home easy to prepare stuff–panko breaded shrimp that is done in the oven in 25 minutes, etc. Last Wednesday I brought home lobster bisque and the lady who was reaching for it at the same time said it was good. But then she said, “have you seen the lobster ravioli they have today over on that end cap?” Well, no, I missed the ravioli but went back and grabbed a package. We had one half the package for Saturday lunch which was more than the portion size on the wrapping but we were hungry. The lobster ravioli was outstanding! The package was $15 and if it feeds us twice that is $3.75 per portion–can’t beat that price nor can you eat out for that price!

Here is an unsettling statistic for you–my dear friend lost her husband on March 20th (non covid). On that date deaths from covid in the United States were in the teens as in 14, 15, etc. In NINE months we’ve gone from almost no deaths to over 300,000 deaths. Those NINE months have seemed endless to me but in the scheme of things, that’s a short period of time to have had 300,000 deaths from a disease which could have been controlled.

Saturday the Cowboy grouted tile so we could move the refrigerator and laid cement board in preparation for more tile. I finished the painting in the main house–gosh it feels good to say that! The porch area isn’t done as that room is now the cabinet shop and catch all room but the main part of the house is coming together quickly–and we are so excited!

It’s so incredibly dry and no moisture in the foreseeable future.

The Cowboy laid more tile today after we moved the refrigerator back onto a section of tile that had been grouted. Late afternoon he decided to hang the TV in the living room–it’s a TV we purchased from Mike McFall at North Ranch before we moved to this property. Not sure why we need a TV hanging in the living room as we watch so little–but we have one.

Stop with the picture taking Mom, it’s dinner time, get a move on!

And here are two precious, all dressed up for their Christmas program great grand children–

They both look as if they are in pain in this photo!😍



Big Steps

We celebrated on Wednesday–the last piece of drywall was hung in this ongoing project–the very last piece!!! All the saved pieces were thrown out the door waiting for the next trip to the transfer station. My dear husband said, “never again will I hang drywall.” I hope we “never again do a remodel!!”

On Saturday we crossed another bridge–the last bit of drywall mud has been laid in the main house–we have a bit more mud to lay in the porch area but for right now that area is the cabinet making shop. Sanded and all the dust removed–now it’s time for painting.

Wednesday night it rained–a little over half an inch–very welcome moisture! And it made for nice cloud photos Thursday morning–

Rockfellow Dome peaking out of the clouds.

My first physical therapy appointment was in Willcox on Thursday. On Friday Mom and I drove in to Tucson and took the scenic loop through Saguaro National Park East which she really enjoyed.

Lunch at the Eclectic Cafe on the patio in the sunshine then we drove out to the Mission San Xavier del Bac. The church is closed right now but I wanted Mom to at least see the outside of it. Construction of the current church began in 1783 and was completed in 1797.

Saturday I baked cookies and made candy all day long! In the evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Dan and Louanne’s with Janice and Linda. The food was amazing and we had such a good time.

Mom spent Sunday knitting away, I baked CJ’s Fruitcakes–I’ve had the fruit marinating in brandy for almost a month. These aren’t your traditional heavy fruitcakes but are very flavorful and tasty!

First it was covid weight gain, now it’s Christmas weight gain–YIKES!


A Bit Of Sightseeing

Our first packages are mailed to Germany. I sent a package via Amazon to Germany which isn’t expected to arrive until December 21–thank you covid! And the post office is an interesting place these days here in Arizona and that’s all I will say about that one!

Sandhills as far as the eye can see.
And a snow goose.

Monday afternoon after our stop at the interesting post office Mom and I headed to Whitewater Draw to see the sandhill cranes. If there had been people around they would have wondered why those two ladies were laughing so hard trying to get a wheelchair to move. I thought it would be easy to push Mom on the hard packed ground but no–I almost dumped her out on her head when I became stuck in a sandy spot. Mom ended up walking a ways until we could get the wheelchair on more solid ground. And then she was sure I was going to push her over the edge to join the cranes. We laughed until we cried–it was a great afternoon!  

And a snow goose.
It was 68 degrees but windy and Mom thought she might freeze!

We’ve been having internet issues and our provider is having trouble resolving these issues. In the evening our download speeds drop so low as to be non-usable. Tuesday a technician came out and with the Cowboy’s help ran new wiring and installed a new modem. Didn’t help.

Wednesday the Cowboy helped Dan and Louanne with a project–installing a new heater in their master bath. I baked more cookies, helped Mom with her knitting and made Instant Pot beef stew–the absolute best beef stew you will ever eat!

While taking Emmi for her evening walk we were sprinkled with rain and we have a good chance of rain tonight and tomorrow–let’s hope so!