Lots Of Riding, Lots Of Color

We’ve left our campground at 9am every morning and returned late in the afternoon.  We’ve ridden to almost 11,000 feet and back down by the river.  The temps are chilly at the higher elevations and warm enough by the lake to sit outside in the afternoons.  We’ve dined like kings–two grills going in the evening with each couple’s choice of meat and we’ve then contributed side dishes.

The aspen leaves are turning–every day when we climb the mountains we see new color–maples with a vivid orange/red color and always the golden color of the aspen leaves.  In the higher, colder elevations the leaves are dropping fast and winter is not far away.

The dogs are a large part of this journey as you can see.

Probably a patented mining claim and the owners built a great little cabin with outstanding views. Still standing buildings from a historic mining town.

Every rig out here including ours has small water tanks, we miss the 100 gallon water tank on our 40′ motorhome.  One of the RV parks in town, Lizzie and Charlie’s is kind of enough to allow the public to use their pay showers.  We’ve taken advantage of this courtesy a couple of times stretching our tank capacities.  Lizzie and Charlie’s RV Park also allows the public to use their dump station for a very reasonable fee of $5.  On the other hand the new RV park in town, South-Forty RV Park doesn’t allow the public to use anything at their park and were quite rude about our asking.

This next group of photos was taken with my iPhone–can you believe I forgot the camera that day!

On the shores of this reservoir we heard elk bugling!

On day four of riding, one of our group needed a rest day.  His gutsy wife took their four seat-er side by side RZR and took it up and over two rocks like a pro.  The guys told her where to put her wheels to start and she drove right up and over those rocks–yea for the girls!!! Why one of us was not filming this little adventure, I have no idea and the following photo doesn’t show the difficulty–Lacey dog gives some perspective to how narrow a spot it was.

On day four we found some spectacular fall colors, a road grader and more dust than any of us has ever seen on a trail–we had to stay back at least a quarter mile from each other to avoid the clouds of powdery dust the grader generated!

I best get ready for today’s ride–lunches to make, water bottles to fill–time to ride–life is good!




And We Are Off

Thursday was another non-stop day of making the house winter ready and packing and packing some more. We set a weight limit based on the rig’s capacity and I weighed every single thing that was placed inside the motorhome.  I ended up about 75 pounds over but the Cowboy had padded the capacity a bit so we are good.  Storage in a 26 foot rig versus our former 40 foot rig doesn’t even begin to compare. I struggled and continue to struggle–things are so stuffed into the tiny closet we will need a crowbar to get our shirts out and then an iron to use for removing all the wrinkles after being crushed in a 15 inch wide closet!!!:)  I open the refrigerator very carefully as well as any cabinet–this little motorhome rides much rougher than the Country Coach and stuff is always jumping out at me when opening any door!

Friday was the day–we left home before dawn headed for Big Timber.  Is this an early departure for us?  Yes, by about three weeks but there is a fun method to our madness.  For the last few years every spring we’ve ridden to the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse with a group of friends from Montana. Many years this same group takes a fall trip and we have been invited to go along–it just never worked out until this year.  Off we go to ride the Paiute Trail in southern Utah.

We met the rest of the gang in Big Timber at the local gas station and we were off.  A group of four various size rigs, eight people and five dogs.

The drive was uneventful until we reached the northern edges of Salt Lake City then it was big city traffic, everybody fighting for space, bumper to bumper, screeching halts for two and one half hours before we were spit out the southern end and found a Walmart parking lot of the night.  The Cowboy kept saying, “sure am glad I’m not driving a 40 foot motorhome pulling a 30 foot trailer in this mad house!”

It was Friday night in the big city and restaurants were busy.  It was late and we were hungry so Burger King it was and as usual, Burger King was OK.  The Cowboy woke Saturday morning to his wife searching for the thermostat–I was freezing!!!  And so was Emmi but we soon had it toasty warm in our little coach–it’s amazing how fast this little rig warms.

Soon we had to vacate our spot in the Walmart parking lot and with only about one hundred miles to go we were off once again. We brought up the rear as we are slower traveling but amazingly the little motorhome kept up with the diesel pickups all our friends drive. We had no idea where we were camping near Marysvale, Utah but we had read about dispersed BLM camping near a lake and we found it–success!  We have a fantastic spot right on the lake with room for all four rigs, dogs and people.

Once we were all in place and had lunch we unloaded ATVs and were off.  We are just a little early for much fall color but we did find some.  We rode to an elevation of about 10,000 feet where we found we needed more clothes–it was dang nippy!!  After a few hours of riding we were back at camp and enjoyed a lovely happy hour and dinner with contributions from each family.  Sunday we are off for more riding, it was a nippy 38 degrees at camp this morning so warmer attire is the order of the day!!

Life is good, very good!

A Gathering, PT and Packing

Friends Ken and Lesley have a little remote cabin on their property and it’s always a fun place to gather with friends which is exactly what we did Monday afternoon.  The yoga ladies and our spouses headed up the hill–some of us in ATVs and some in the restored “poop spreader.”  Lesley drove the tractor pulling the manure spreader–and it actually was a manure spreader in times past but is now outfitted with benches for seating.

Ken and Lesley view the same mountains we do but their home is closer to the peaks–beautiful views!! Off we go–Geoff and Dave are in the ATV which was in front of us.

And there’s the cabin–solar powered, LED lights, cold running water from a spring and a cute little outhouse.  Lesley has great decorating taste!! Max, Nancy, Shirley and Julia Enjoying the food we all brought and some sunshine.

Gathered on the porch.The end.  As we headed home a fast moving rain storm attacked us!!!  We made fast tracks for the house!  Thank goodness for rain gear!!

Tuesday morning I cleaned and oiled the longarm, storing it for the winter.  Packed a few things, made us lunch then headed to Livingston for physical therapy. Back home the Cowboy had loaded the Can-Am and his stuff into the cargo trailer.  I got busy and cleaned the carpets in the motorhome–they needed it!!

Wednesday the three of us spent the whole dang day in Billings.  Dermatologist and internist for the Cowboy, haircut for me. We squeezed in fast food lunch, Costco and a Walmart grocery pickup.  Whew, it was so good to be back up the Boulder and home!

On our walk last night the Cowboy spotted these two ladies headed for the neighbor’s hay field—

The sun was down and the skies were darkening rapidly so the photo isn’t the greatest.  After dark I stepped outside with Emmi and could hear the elk bugling.  Life is good.

Busy, Busy Days

You’ve heard that phrase, “meeting myself coming and going?”  We are meeting ourselves coming and going!!  Thursday was another day in town for me–when you live 20+ miles from town a trip seems to take the whole dang day.  I was getting a pedicure and Jeane and Jill were taking me out to lunch for my birthday.  Lunch was awesome as was the company.  At the grocery store I purchased two pounds of butter and two cans of rotel tomatoes–$16!!!  And people wonder why I’m not happy with our grocery store!  I don’t mind paying higher prices for the convenience of buying groceries closer to home but I certainly don’t like being gouged!

Friday I was back on the road this time to Livingston for physical therapy.  The knee is better some days, not so good on others. The physical therapy helps. I ran a couple errands and before you know it, the day was done again.  Back home I gave the needy Emmi some attention and prepared to go back to town once again.

The Montana ATV gang–the folks we ride the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range with every spring–are heading to Utah to ride the Paiute Trail and we are going along.  Friday night we had a planning meeting in town. And that means we’ve had to make tracks as in get to packing!!  Plus we have all these other items on our busy agenda such as birthday lunches, physical therapy and a looong day in Billings coming up.  Life is good!

Saturday night our friends Max and Dave came for dinner.  I made an old fashioned pot roast in the Instant Pot and Max brought lots of veggies from her garden.  We enjoyed our delicious meal and great conversation.

Last Thursday morning dawned crisp and mostly sunny.  Notice the white patch to the left of the pointed peak–the mountains had a dusting of snow. We’ve been up to that meadow on horses back in our horse pack trip days.

Tonight Lonn, Michael, Katie and the kiddos came for dinner.  In our family we have lots of September birthdays.  Mine is first on the then Michael’s (our grandson-in-law) is today, John’s (our other grandson-in-law) is tomorrow, Katie’s is Tuesday and daughter Shannen’s is Friday.  Lot’s of birthdays.  We celebrated Michael and Katie’s birthdays tonight and I made one of the best meals ever!  It was time to clean out the freezer so I cooked both a beef tenderloin and a tri-tip roast–both were absolutely outstanding!  We accompanied the beef with Brenda’s cheesy potatoes, salad and green beans.  For dessert we had that awesome flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberries.  It was a great evening and very hard to say goodbye to those two babies–they were so good tonight–Emmi didn’t think so as they were in her toy box but Mimi and Grandpa loved having them. Hopefully they will come to visit this winter.

Life is really good.


Let Us Not Forget

Last night I spent some time scrolling through Facebook reading various posts about the people who went to sleep the night of September 10, 2001 blissfully unaware of what horror was to befall them the next day.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched and listened to videos of the last moments of those lives.  It was a horrible day in our country’s history and one I hope is never repeated. Let us not forget those brave souls and let us not forget for one minute who caused those many deaths.

I posted this next paragraph on Facebook this morning and I apologize if you’ve all ready seen it—–You’ve all seen the story on Facebook about missing 9/12/2001. While I would never, ever want another 9/11, I miss my country that was on 9/12. I was traveling for work and was in Fargo, ND on September 11, 2001. I remember total strangers in the operating room hugging me, I remember the lists on the desks at the hotel of people offering rides to total strangers, I remember the non-stop horrifying images on the hotel room TV, I remember the sadness of the faces in the convenience stores where I would stop for gas as I drove my rental car home to Montana. I remember the quietness of people who took my money for snacks, the sadness. I remember the quietness of our skies those few days–no airplanes flying. And I remember the look of the Billings, MT airport as I drove in to return my rental car and retrieve my truck–this had been the airport where I was so well known, the skycap would call me by name, the Delta agents at the desk would greet me before I even reached the counter, “good morning Mrs.C….., here are you boarding passes, have a great flight,”—now there were concrete barriers where before there had been none, there were armed to the teeth National Guard soldiers everywhere, my rental vehicle was searched before I was allowed to enter the airport grounds, the airport car rental counter employees so quiet. And I remember our flag flying everywhere, the cohesiveness of our population, the patriotism. I want the country I saw on 9/12 back.

Geez, it’s kind of wet here.  Close to two inches of rain since the weekend and dang chilly.  I guess fall has really arrived! Monday the Cowboy worked on the little wood burning stove he has built for our Arizona home and Tuesday he finished and painted it.  Ready to load into the trailer.  Monday was a major chore day for me–cleaned house top to bottom, laundry, sheet changing–you get the picture!

Tuesday I was up and out the door early–my first physical therapy appointment for my knee was in Livingston at 10am.  I was thoroughly examined by Nikki and then given a set of exercises to do on my own which I have done faithfully.  After the PT I went shopping–Livingston has many cute, eclectic little stores and I love shopping there to find unique gifts.  I hit the Obsidian Collection–really cute, unique gifts for everyone, the Copper Moose–a gourmet food store with great oils, vinegars, sauces, etc., the Wine Cellar–you guessed it and lastly Bob’s Outdoor–great clothes!!

Albertson’s for groceries was also on my list.  Oh, my, goodness!!!  That store was a mad house! They had crews changing the layout and location of every single shelved item. The aisles were blocked with carts of merchandise the crews had removed and not returned to different shelves as of yet. By the time I got to the end of my list I was worn out and angry–why do this major an overhaul in the middle of the day???  I was ready to read someone the riot act when I reached the cashier line.  Then—this young, beautiful, perky young woman was in front of me.  She was so incredibly pleasant to the cashier, smiling, chatting with him, and thanking him.  I decided to follow her example! 🙂

Onward, I donated a bunch of dog food to the Livingston animal shelter–food that Emmi can no longer eat now that she is on a low fat diet.  Then it was over the hill on that muddy rough road to Katie’s.  I had mended some clothes for her and had hoped to also see the kiddos–but they were napping so Katie and I had a nice visit.

Last stop was more muddy, rough miles up to our friend John’s house.  John makes beautiful pottery and I have a set of his dishes–at least I used to have a set but my dinner plate collection was decreasing by the day it seemed.  He’s going to make more dinner plates and a gift item I requested.  The Cowboy purchased the set of John’s pottery shortly after we were married, almost 25 years ago.

Today we’ve watched it rain, packed a little and I quilted a bit on my bunny quilt–I really, really want to finish that one before we leave!

Taken a few days ago on the last sunny afternoon we saw before this deluge!


Rain, Cooler Temps And A Birthday Trip

Friday before noon it started raining and rained off and on all day and into the night. Our temps are most definitely fall like–we needed a jacket when outside.  These are my kind of temperatures–somewhere between 60 and 75 degrees and I’m a happy camper!

Thursday morning the concrete pouring crew–Lonn and Michael (our grandson-in-law) showed up right about the time the concrete truck came up the driveway.  Those guys worked way hard for a couple hours–very hard!  And it was HOT!  By lunch time we had concrete decks and the Cowboy did a little finish work in the afternoon.  Burgers on the grill and watermelon for lunch.  Lonn buys our hay for the ranch where they live and came equipped to haul hay–the Cowboy loaded the trailer and off they went.

In the evening we went over to Lonn’s for dinner.  Michael grilled some delicious steaks, Katie made a salad and green beans.  I provided a flourless chocolate cake–a wonderful meal spent with family.  Those great grandbabies are adorable!!  Everyone was almost falling asleep in their plates so it was an early evening after all that hard work of the morning.

Friday we spent the day just puttering. The new mattress had arrived for the motorhome and we got it in place. We have the absolute best UPS driver!  When Tony delivered the mattress on Wednesday we were in Billings.  The back patio where he usually leaves boxes was missing in action, ready for the concrete pour.  Tony carried that heavy mattress box around to our front deck which faces over the creek–he’s a good guy!

Saturday we headed over to Sarge and Sarah’s in the new to us motorhome, camping in their driveway for the night.  It’s my birthday–I’m only ONE year away from Medicare!!–and we are taking a little road trip.  Sarge and Sarah live off the road which leads from Livingston, MT to Yellowstone National Park.  For my birthday in the early years of our marriage we always went to Mammoth at the north entrance to the Park to have dinner and watch the elk.  We got out of the habit–too many people, too expensive and the food was awful.

We arrived at Sarge and Sarah’s a little after 4pm, visited for a while and drove down the hill to the tiny community of Emmigrant where we dined outside at Follow Your Nose–a fabulous barbecue spot.  The rain stopped, the sun came out and it was pleasant to dine outside. Our plan had been to eat at Chico Hot Springs–nope, even though I called on Thursday morning the earliest we could be seated for dinner was 8:30pm.  That doesn’t work for us.  Granddaughter Katie told us about a place where she and Michael spent their anniversary this summer and Sarah also raved about this restaurant–Yellowstone Valley Lodge.  Nope again.  Earliest we could eat there was also 8:30pm.

So Follow Your Nose it was and it was delicious!  I grew up in the south and will occasionally eat greens–as in collard greens, turnip greens, etc. if they are cooked right.  On the menu last night were Aunt Mary’s Collard Greens.  When I asked the guy taking our order if this restaurant knew how to cook southern he said, “my Aunt Mary was southern.”  So I caved and tried the collard greens–they were absolutely amazing!!! So was the rest of our food.

Back at Sarah and Sarge’s we enjoyed homemade ice cream–four different flavors–basil/ginger, lemon, chocolate and vanilla.  It was amazing.  What a fabulous birthday–I’m a lucky woman!!

After we enjoyed a great night’s sleep on the new mattress in the motorhome Sarah once again outdid herself by making us blueberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast–amazing!!  Sarah sent me home with a big container of heirloom tomatoes she grew.  Yep, I’m a lucky birthday woman!

Our plan was to leave Sarge and Sarah’s this morning and head to Yellowstone National Park.  Even though the Park is technically in our backyard we don’t spend much time there.  We might drive through on our way to somewhere else but we don’t stay too long. Too many people, way too many people and today was no exception.  I have always wanted to camp inside the park and take drives out in the early morning and evening to spot wildlife.  The campground at Mammoth, “our entrance” at the north end of Yellowstone is a first come, first serve campground, no reservations taken.  Checkout time is 10am, we were there by 11:30am and encountered a big Campground FULL sign.  So, back down the hill we went and we came home.

We are loving our new little motorhome–easy to pack, easy to unload, easy to drive.  The Cowboy would have never, ever driven our big 40 foot motorhome into Yellowstone.

Sarah and Sarge’s view–Emmigrant Peak.

It’s a chilly, rainy Sunday afternoon here in Montana–fall is definitely here.

Quiet Holiday Weekend

Please excuse the buggy windshield, I took this photo as we were leaving home Wednesday morning headed to Billings.  My job is to help watch for the suicidal deer who are determined to plaster themselves all over your vehicle–we were driving the motorhome–so it was even more important for me to watch for deer but I couldn’t help taking a break to take this photo.

Monday the Cowboy worked on his concrete pour project in the morning and then we retrieved Max and Dave at their house near us. They wanted to buy us lunch and who are we to turn down an offer like that.  We headed to Livingston and enjoyed another great meal at the Rib and Chop House.  We took a little driving tour and then back home we went to our two needy dogs.

Tuesday it was more concrete work for the Cowboy and chore day for me–laundry, etc.

As I said above, Wednesday we left home at dawn and didn’t get home until 6pm–long, long day.  We took the motorhome as there is no way I was asking our friend Kathy to come to our house that early in the morning–she is most definitely NOT a morning person! The forecast for Billings was HOT and when we started home it was 100 degrees.  The generator and air conditioner in the motorhome work well! And so does the dash air!  The Cowboy had a routine yearly doctor’s appointment which went well.

Next on the agenda was a dentist appointment for me.  Another one of my Mexican dental work crowns has been giving me trouble–every time I bite something hard with that tooth I get a little “zing.”  This has been going on for about two years.  My Billings dentist thought maybe the crown was just sitting high and would buff the tooth each time I went in.  Today they took x-rays again even a panoramic one (not sure that’s exactly what it’s called!) and could see nothing on the x-rays.  So we wait.  The dentist and I do not want to just start drilling through crowns trying to locate the problem tooth–they can’t isolate the issue when I am in the chair and I cannot be totally certain which tooth it is–one of two.  So we wait.

We did manage a Costco run and lunch in between doctor’s appointments.  My last appointment was with the orthopedic surgeon for my knee.  Dr. Goover started practicing with Ortho Montana three weeks ago and I really liked him–plus he was super easy on the eyes!! 😉  After x-rays were taken he told me, “you have a very young knee!!!”  This was really good to hear as my mom had a total knee when she was about my age!  With that said, he thinks I have probably torn my medial collateral ligament which runs up the inside of my knee.  I possibly have a torn meniscus too but we elected to wait and see how well the cortisone injection and physical therapy improve my pain before doing a MRI.

Image result for knee anatomy

Walmart to do our grocery pickup then home–whew, what a day!!!

Maintenance work.

Life is good.

Road Miles

We’ve been putting on some miles the last few days.  Thursday was a yoga day in town at our instructor’s home where we all learned a good friend/neighbor had been injured in a horrific horse wreck on Wednesday.  She had multiple injuries and was in a Billings hospital ICU.  After lunch the Cowboy and I decided to make the drive to Billings to see our friends.  When we arrived we were immensely relieved to find she had been moved from ICU to an orthopedic floor.  We were able to spend a few minutes talking to her and her family.  She will have a long road to recovery but will recover–she’s a strong, strong woman and ranch wife.

Also on Thursday a good friend had surgery–a guy type surgery–for an enlarged prostate.  His procedure was a new, cutting edge one–prostatic artery embolization (PAE)–and there is actually a radiologist performing these procedures in Bozeman, MT.  Friday afternoon late we drove to their home to visit for a while and warn the patient that if he didn’t behave I was coming back in my “nurse” clothes!

It was dang chilly at our house on Friday and we even had a rain shower.  Never in all the time we’ve lived in this house, 18 years, have we not run the underground lawn sprinklers and flower bed waters on a daily basis in summer.  This summer the sprinklers have been off more than on–I’m loving this weather we’ve had this summer!

The concrete patio work continues–now the Cowboy is under a deadline–his helper, Lonn and the redi-mix are coming on Thursday of next week.  He’s close to being ready–almost.

Saturday evening Nancy and Geoff along with Boo and Terry joined us for dinner here at home.  Even if I do say so myself–I outdid myself!  Nancy provided a delicious salad with greens from her garden and Terry (he cooks!) made his tomato pie, YUM!  I roasted a prime rib on the grill and made garlic mashed potatoes.  The prime rib was absolutely perfect!  For dessert I made a flour less chocolate cake–oh, my goodness was it ever good!!  I used Michael’s mother’s tablecloth and crystal glasses, my grandmother’s silver and my china.  It was a great evening spent with good friends!

Sunday I quilted for a bit but my knee is not cooperating.  I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday–let’s hope he has some suggestions–this knee is cramping my style!  The Cowboy worked off and on, puttering with the concrete project. Emmi slept and played ball when someone was willing to throw it for her.

Nancy grows the most beautiful sunflowers and brought me some last night–they are gorgeous!!

New Deck Project

These little guys let me get within just a few feet of them.  Emmi wasn’t paying attention.

It’s very unusual that we have a project–right??  No, as you all know it’s the norm around here!  The Cowboy decided as part of the rain drainage project he would remove our old (18 years) wooden deck and replace it with concrete.  He would also go around the east end of the house, taking a large portion of my backyard flower bed and build a concrete deck almost the entire length of the east side of the house. I’m OK with all of this project and today I even helped!

This is where the back door deck was located and there will soon be a concrete deck.

When the Cowboy started digging around the corner from where the rig is sitting he dug up some columbine plants which I then planted in a bare spot in the front yard flower bed. Long ago I planted day lilies in the backyard flower bed–I’ve decided I’m not a fan of day lilies!  They grow like weeds and take over plus after the first freeze they require a lot of maintenance.  I’m going for less maintenance! 🙂   I also painted the lower boards of the house with a sticky, black tar substance–Henry’s.  I managed to keep most of it on the boards and not on me! Emmi did her best to get tarred but I think we managed to keep her out of that messy stuff.

Well–I ordered a new mattress today.  The Winnebago motorhome we just purchased came with a really, really nice “looking” mattress.  When you first lay down it’s comfortable.  But as the night wears on it’s not so comfortable–in fact, it’s downright uncomfortable!  I have only spent one night sleeping on the mattress and had all ready decided in my mind that a new one was in order.  The Cowboy took the motorhome this past week when he took his “guys” trip.  When he came home he said, “you can order that mattress any time!”  I laughed and laughed!  Well–I decided I would try placing a 3 inch gel foam mattress pad which we all ready owned on top of the uncomfortable mattress before I ordered a new mattress.  Last night I went out to the motorhome and slept on that combination.  I ordered a new mattress today. 🙂  Decided to order from Costco as they have such a fabulous return policy.  We’ve had to repack a “mattress in a box” so as to return it and it was not fun.  If we don’t like the “mattress in a box” from Costco we can just return it to the store.

Life is good–I need to get out and take some photos!

What A Fabulous Summer We’ve Had

I can’t remember when we’ve had such a glorious summer and as Bayfield Bunch Al said, it’s flown by!  We’ve had no 100 degree days and only a couple 90 degree days. Our long range forecast for the end of August shows temps in the 70’s and even some in the 60’s.  I will take it!

Thursday morning Emmi and I pulled out of Shannen and Mark’s at the crack of dawn after watching their dog and a buck deer play with each other out in the field.  The dog is supposed to keep the deer from getting into the stacks of hay–I think they might need to come up with another plan! 🙂 Once on the highway we dodged a couple deer ourselves and made it to the dentist office with only minutes to spare.

The root canal is finally finished.  The endodontist told me, “don’t be in a hurry to get a new crown, let’s see if this works.”  Didn’t instill too much confidence but I can hope!  It was a tough appointment.  I’m not a dentist wimp by any stretch of the imagination.  Now my sister and my brother–that’s another story–at least when they were young! 🙂 🙂 I wore braces on my teeth for three years as a teenager. I had a spacer bar in the top of my mouth which had to be expanded each night with the turn of a little key–my teeth hurt all the time!  I drank a lot of milkshakes and wouldn’t drink one as an adult for a long time–couldn’t stand the taste or texture.  I’ve had my share of crowns and fillings.  My Dad had horrible teeth and wore dentures as far back as I can remember.  Mom doesn’t have the strongest of teeth either so I came by it honestly.

But back to the “I’m not a dentist wimp…..”  When the dentist was injecting me this time he hit the actual nerve sending a major electric feeling shock out to my lip.  OUCH!! He also did some major pushing and pulling so my jaw was sore.  I sure hope this root canal works!

After the dentist Emmi and I headed to Walmart for our grocery order then pointed the truck toward home.  It’s usually me doing the traveling leaving Emmi and the Cowboy at home.  When we got home Emmi wandered all around looking for her other people–she was a sad pooch!  I unloaded the truck camper and collapsed!

Friday I puttered a bit, quilted a bit and was very glad to see the Cowboy pulling into the driveway late afternoon.  He is so pleased with the way the motorhome performed pulling the cargo trailer with CanAm inside.  He had a great time–he was hoarse from talking and laughing so much–it was a good trip!

Clouds rolling over the Crazy Mountains.

Saturday the Cowboy installed on the motorhome the new air bag the company sent us after the original one had a leak. In the late afternoon we went to a party.  And for some strange reason I left my camera at home.  One of the area ranches was celebrating their 100th anniversary.  It was a beautiful setting right beside the Boulder River. Under a big white tent, were beautifully decorated heavy duty, gorgeous tables made from former bridge planks–with benches to match.  Dave, the owner of the ranch made the tables.  The food was marvelous–Dave, Peggy and friends created all the food.  There was a great band from Red Lodge, MT–Band Montana. It was a fun party!!

Usually we each do our own breakfasts.  I eat yogurt with fruit and granola, the Cowboy eats cereal or makes himself an omelet.  On Sunday I frequently make bacon and eggs.  We then will have a later than usual lunch–that’s what we did today because I’ve been quilting!  I finished the little “It’s A Dog’s Life” quilt and now just have to hand stitch the binding.

And here are more photos of our adorable great grandchildren.

Grandpa Lonn and the wild bunch! Hey, who said my babies could ride those big ole horses????

These two kids are growing up in one of the most beautiful places on earth just like their Mom and Aunt Laci did.