True Restoration

Many times the blog has nothing to do with restoration, it’s just our daily journal and it never ceases to amaze us the number of people who keep reading that journal! And we appreciate each and every one of you!

This blog has to do with restoration–we’ve gone from this:

To this gorgeous home restored to this point by the two of us in fifteen months.  We did hire Sergio and his crew to stucco the outside but the remainder of the work has been done by the Cowboy and me. Sergio and his guys finished Friday morning and left us both over joyed with the finished product.  We planted the citrus trees–you can barely see them in the photo.

When purchased the houses had no garage and we added a garage. There were two houses joined only by a roof which had seen better days.  I can still see in my mind that nasty entryway into the “guest” house and gag! Now the two houses are joined by a hallway.  The eaves of the houses were rotting and the roofs leaked which in turn ruined the inside of both houses.

Garage being built. Parapets being added to the guest house roof.

This nasty room is in the main house and now looks like this–

When finished this will be our dining room.

That nasty entryway to the guest house which is all enclosed now.

The guest house had a kitchen–cabinets, sinks, appliances.  It was just a little strangely arranged and we went to work removing this cabinet which sat in the middle of the kitchen.

Now the kitchen looks like this–new floors, different appliances, clean!

We’ve made so many changes to both houses, we joke that there isn’t a wall in either house we haven’t moved!

This is an actual photo taken from the realtor website when we bought this property–were we crazy–and why would a realtor trying to sell something use this photo???  This photo is of the small guest bedroom and living room of the guest house.  It now looks like this–

At times we get tired and discouraged about how much we still have to do.  But, we then remind ourselves of how far we’ve come in 15 months of work!

The Cowboy has been doing some concrete work– Why there was a low spot in the concrete we have no idea–there was a closet where this new concrete has been poured. We put up this beam in late spring, 2018, right before we went back to Montana for the summer.  The Cowboy decided to mortar in the gaps around the beam. 

We took a break today, going for a drive up Turkey Creek but I will leave those photos for another day.  I am off to Phoenix Sunday leaving the Cowboy and Emmi to fend for themselves.



Stucco Finishing

We are finally having “normal” Arizona weather–lower than normal temps for this time of year but warm, nonetheless!  And not much of the “w” word!

Monday I spent the day in preparation for my being gone and our North Ranch ATV gang arrival.  It’s always nice to have a meal prepared for you when you’ve traveled all day and if you’ve ridden ATV’s all day–both those meals are now in the freezer.

At least twice a day one of us will say, “just look at those gorgeous poppies!”  And my dear Cowboy corrected me–our flowers are probably Mexican poppies rather than California poppies.  The yard is literally a carpet of yellow, orange, white and now even some light pink poppies.  And we aren’t the only ones with flowers–the poppies are everywhere, even out among the tumbleweeds and grasses, along the roadsides–all the rain this winter has created this “super bloom.”

Monday afternoon the stucco crew arrived–they taped a few windows and were gone but came back again Tuesday morning bright and early.  By days end they had applied the color coat to just past that black screen door on the right and to all the “bump outs” around the windows and doors.  Hard workers those guys!  Today our friend/neighbor/well driller stole our stucco crew–;) 😉  Brian has been struggling to get his shop built–he had issues obtaining the extra lots and when that finally happened, all hands were on deck to get the concrete poured.  It’s a huge shop and Brian is tired of working on equipment outside on the ground, in the mud and wind.  So, he can borrow our stucco crew. 😉

Wednesday morning we installed some of the final insulation–hallelujah!  But we ran out of insulation and made a flying trip to Sierra Vista for insulation and another mirror for the half bath–the first mirror we purchased was defective.  We stopped to have a look at the new 50 inch wide CanAm side by sides–Bombardier took out the center console which our 58 inch CanAm has and put the engine in the rear instead of in the middle under our seats.  Pro–the engine in the rear might make the cab a bit cooler–the engine under our seats makes for one hot menopausal woman at times! 😉  And, we would fit on USFS 50 inch trails.  Con–no place to put Emmi’s perch–she rides on a pad we place on the console.  Our CanAm is a 2017 with less than 1000 miles–don’t think we will be trading any time soon!

This warm weather has me thinking–flowers–and I brought home two geraniums and some African daisies from Lowe’s.  The Cowboy just rolls his eyes–oh well!  Tonight we were at Dan and Louanne’s for happy hour–Louanne has been gone for a few days and it’s great to have her back in the neighborhood!

About those citrus trees we purchased–no one seems to think we can grow citrus in this valley at 4500 feet elevation.  There is a lemon tree across the former golf course from Louanne and Dan–it produces pithy lemons because no one waters the tree but it produces lemons and is alive.  The nursery owner and our friend/neighbor/well driller/life long resident Brian both tell me citrus will not grow here.  Now one of the stucco guys is getting in on the act–I walked outside the other morning to see him fingering the lemon tree leaves.  I said, “those trees are going to grow.”  He replied, “somewhere!!”  Dan is hopeful I can grow lemons–he likes lemon in his vodka tonics–but just in case the trees don’t grow he wanted me to have lemons and purchased this just for me!


Strange Clouds

Several sessions of yoga have come and gone without my attendance–Friday I went to yoga and it felt so good to be back.  There were twelve of us–it’s such a great group of women, many who have lived in this area all their lives.

The Cowboy has been doing a little of this and that–he slings a little drywall mud, installs a toilet, runs electrical wiring–keeps him on his toes I’m thinking!

Saturday afternoon we had some strange cloud/fog formations appear over the mountains to the northeast of us. It almost looked like snow on the mountains except those peaks are not high enough to receive that much snow!–

I posted the above photos on the Facebook page, Cochise And Its Wonders and was pleasantly surprised to see my photo had been chosen as the header on Sunday morning.

One person who commented on the photo had this to say, “Went into Rucker [canyon]while this was happening…the “cloud” formations were being created by evaporation of the snow. Very mysterious looking indeed! Ron Stewart

The Cowboy read that Flagstaff has had 18 inches of moisture so far this year compared to FOUR inches in the same time frame last year.  We have had so much rain this winter–it’s a wonderful thing for the desert and creates carpets of flowers such as these California poppies in our yard.  There are strange clouds hanging over the mountains and a foggy/haze in the air from all the moisture.

Evening light on the Chiricahua Mountains.

Sunday morning the Cowboy was back in the electrical panel and in the afternoon we ran a water line across the yard so we could plant the citrus trees once Sergio is finished with the stuccoing.  Our trench was over a foot deep and the moisture was down that far–it’s been a wet year in the desert.  Dan is a bachelor this week and came for happy hour–I had forgotten Louanne was going to be gone this week!

There was some comedy in our house late this afternoon.  The Cowboy was installing a toilet paper holder in the half bath–he asked me to come tell him where I wanted it mounted.  He was going to install it vertically instead of as you see in the photo–nope, not vertically Cowboy!


The Dreaded Tax Assessor

The rain started on Monday night and stopped only for brief periods until Wednesday in the early morning hours.  The rain pounded down at times and we had over an inch in the rain gauge when the downpour finally stopped.  And Tuesday was downright chilly for March in Arizona!

Wednesday was cloudy and cold with a steady, howling wind.  I braved the wind heading to Willcox for a much needed haircut and a few groceries.  The Cowboy continued to work on his drywall finishing skills–he’s making progress!

Thursday Emmi had an appointment at the veterinarian in Tucson–just those routine anal gland things–yuck!  And we were picking up a couple things the Cowboy found on Craigslist.

There was some confusion on both our parts as to how a pedestal sink was plumbed and mounted to the wall.  I thought the pedestal fit right against the wall with all the plumbing parts inside–that’s not the case, at least for the sink we purchased.  The pedestal hid the plumbing if you didn’t look too closely but did not fit right against the wall. I’m not sure what the Cowboy thought but when I saw how he supposed he was plumbing the pedestal sink work came to a standstill. 🙂 🙂 And there was a change of plan!  The sink we purchased at Lowe’s went back in its box and the Cowboy began searching for an alternative, of course finding a Craigslist bargain!

Brand new, still in the box.

He also found a fantastic bargain on a huge evaporative cooler which will cool both the main house and the guest house.  The neighborhoods where we retrieved both items were just a touch sketchy–good thing we were there in the early part of the day!

Back on the home front we noticed a white pickup truck sitting in our driveway–nope, not Sergio, the stucco man.  It was the dreaded tax assessor man!!!  Seems Cochise county Arizona is a touch behind–as in 10+ years behind–in recording changes made by property owners.  The drawing he had of the dwelling on this property was so incredibly outdated.  His drawing did not even show the changes the previous owners had made–and they haven’t owned this property in over ten years!!  So–you can bet our taxes are about to change and they won’t be less!

It was so cold and gloomy Wednesday that I purchased some sunshine at the grocery store–

And another Gambel’s quail

Soon it will be time for the stucco guys to come back and apply the color coat to this gray concrete. Snow on the Chiricahua Mountains.





Wind And More Wind

There will be two bedrooms in the main house and there are two in the guest house.  The two bedrooms in the main house have been used for storage–building supplies, Christmas trees, toilet paper–you name it.  With our progress, the stuff in those bedrooms needs to find a new home.  So, the Cowboy started building shelves in our garage–up high above the pickup.  He worked so hard on Saturday.

I spent time in the yard doing a little weed whacking. Nat had a battery operated weed whacker by Black and Decker.  The batteries give you about 15 minutes of weed destroying before the battery is done.  The machine wouldn’t work in Montana–way too many weeds to destroy but the battery operated one works great here in our Arizona yard.  I also made sure our watering system to the trees was working correctly–it worked great!

Saturday evening we were invited to Dan and Louanne’s for dinner.  They had company visiting from Oregon and invited several friends over to meet them.  What a fabulous evening–the food was outstanding and we had so much fun laughing and talking.  The couple from Oregon, Nancy and Dennis came to Arizona in a truck and 5th wheel.  Just a short while after arriving, they caught the motorhome bug and purchased a 42 foot motorhome!  They were picking our brains about boondocking and could most RV parks handle a 42 foot motorhome–and the answer to this one was “no.”  They then asked if parking in Louanne and Dan’s driveway was called boondocking.  When I replied, “no that’s called moochdocking,” they were kind of taken aback but then laughed and laughed.  A great evening!

There has been some excitement at an RV park in the Benson, AZ Butterfield RV Resort.  Howard Payne of RV Dreamers posted on his blog that police arrived to serve a search warrant and the owner of the motorhome appeared to have been destroying evidence related to child pornography using a gun.  Law enforcement personnel thought they were being fired upon and returned fire, putting several holes into the windshield.  No one was injured.  A remark made by Howard on his blog, “a shot up RV sitting in this nice park” reminded me of a park located in Boulder City, NV.

We were participating in a shooting sport and had a match scheduled near Boulder City.  It was 100 degrees and we had planned to boondock at the range.  Those high temperatures made that impossible as we couldn’t leave our little dog, Jazz, in the RV in that kind of heat.  So, we searched for a last minute RV park and found a very hoity-toity place which didn’t allow rigs older than 10 years.  The park was beautiful as were the grounds–all concrete, lots of trees and flowers.  The clubhouse was beautiful too.  But–as I was out walking Jazz one morning I saw this travel trailer with no windows, curtains blowing out in the breeze.  There was high quality lawn furniture sitting on the patio and even a vehicle.  The next morning I ran into a woman who explained the reasons behind that nasty trailer sitting in the gorgeous RV park.  Seems the occupants were cooking meth!!!  The police came, the occupants wouldn’t come out so the police threw tear gas canisters in blowing out all the windows–the occupants came out and were arrested.  Due to the ongoing investigation the trailer could not be moved.  Just goes to show you, bad things happen in hoity-toity places too!

Mr. Quail Caught in mid song.

A not so great photo of a roadrunner in the poppies early Monday morning.

Sunday was a slow day.  The Cowboy applied some tape and mud to the newly hung drywall.  I walked with Emmi then walked another two miles without her–she doesn’t seem to like to do more than one mile any longer.  Laundry and making meals occupied the rest of my day.  I’m trying to practice yoga every day concentrating on stretches which help loosen tight hamstring muscles–mine are really, really tight and I’ve read that can be a cause for plantar fasciitis.

Monday the Cowboy spread some more drywall mud and re-routed the plumbing to the pedestal sink after his wife vetoed the original plumbing method.  He’s awfully agreeable these days–I can count myself fortunate I think!  I made cages for the soon to be planted if it will ever stop freezing at night citrus trees.

My goodness we have had a windy afternoon–howling wind coming from all directions.  Our forecast calls for rain and more wind.  The skies looked so dark and threatening I asked the Cowboy if Arizona had tornadoes–he doesn’t think so but maybe I better Google that???

The Willcox Playa kicking up dust and a little dog who things she needs an anchor! The storm approaching from the east.And from the northeast.


Three Little Piggies

There were some questions in our comments about the different shingles vaccines.  The Cowboy had the first zoster vaccine in 2010 and I received it in 2011.  Nine and eight years later, that vaccine is less than 35% effective in our bodies.  That’s why we chose to receive the new Shingrix vaccine approved by the FDA in 2017.  The Shingrix vaccine is a two part injection–one injection is given then you must wait two to six months for the next injection.  We’ve watched family members suffer with shingles–my brother, my mother, the Cowboy’s father Nat.  My paternal grandfather was blind in one eye due to shingles. A high school classmate’s mother suffered for 17 years and became blind in one eye with ongoing shingles.  That’s why we chose to have the vaccine. Medicare does not pay for the Shingrix vaccine and neither did the Cowboy’s supplemental Humana policy.  My insurance policy, BCBS paid for it in full.

Maybe they are not such “little piggies!”  While Emmi and I were walking Thursday morning the Cowboy had visitors–big visitors!

That’s just a little too close to our house dudes!

Ugly critter isn’t he!

Wednesday we both felt enough better that much was accomplished–our house is coming along so well and when drywall started going up it felt as if we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The dining room table will sit where that drywall hoist is now positioned.

Thursday evening Joe and Sue, our nearest neighbors (a quarter mile away) came for happy hour bearing gifts of a beautiful bottle of Prosecco and a plant for our new house.  We had a good visit–they are dog lovers and have an elderly beagle plus a rescue dog–an exuberant pit bull cross, Duke, who is only about one year old.

Friday morning had us rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off–our friends Dan and Louanne live on Geneva Street and that neighborhood has a yearly garage sale.  The Cowboy had gathered up bits and pieces and I contributed a few things–off we went, bright and early.  We didn’t even net enough to buy our lunch! Oh well! We enjoyed visiting with our friends.  I did score an ice bucket and a cute little southwest themed night light.

The Cowboy installed some shelving in the garage this afternoon and I’ve played with Emmi and taped some edges so my drywall finishing dude can get started!

The wind has almost blown us into the next county this afternoon–the tumbleweeds are tumbling! And our temperatures are dropping–we are in for a few days of cooler weather and possibly some rain.




Second Shingles Vaccine

Whew–we both received our first injection of the zoster (shingles) vaccine in September before leaving Montana.  I felt crummy for about 24 hours post injection, the Cowboy had no side effects.  We went to Tucson Monday and among other things–received the last dose of our shingles vaccine.  By evening I was feeling crummy and I’ve spent most of today in bed, sleeping.  The Cowboy has tried to tough it out but he’s also feeling crummy.  I still am a firm believer in these shingles vaccines–I would rather have 24 hours of feeling crummy than shingles!

Sunday was a very low key day–we didn’t do much of anything most of the day but in the evening we joined Janice, Dan and Louanne at Linda’s for a light supper.  Great friends and good times.  Linda passed along some sad news while we were there–the first person we met after moving to Pearce has died–Reid.

While our temps in Arizona have risen to more normal levels for this time of year, the folks in Montana have been in the deep freeze with minus 39 degrees!  Way, way too cold!  In the 24 years of living with the Montana Cowboy, I experienced minus 32 one winter day and it was awful!  We were in Billings and in spite of having the correct fuel mix and some type of additive on board our diesel truck gelled.  We were headed to the airport–I had a business trip and had stopped at a copy center to make copies for a presentation I was giving.  The owner of the copy center took me to the airport while the Cowboy tried to get the truck home.  Every wrecker service he called told him they wouldn’t be able to get to our truck for hours–they were all out on the freeways helping the semi drivers with their gelled trucks.  The people who were just visiting us in Arizona, Bob and Judy owned the Chevrolet dealership in Big Timber.  Bob came all the way to Billings (80 miles) with a wrecker, loaded our truck onto the rig and hauled it to Big Timber putting the truck in the heated garage.  While the truck warmed, Bob took the Cowboy home with him to watch the Super Bowl that year. Small town living!

In Tucson on Monday we found a Walmart which was slightly convenient and offered grocery pickup.  I placed my order online Saturday and drove into the Walmart parking lot just as the lady was coming out of the building with our groceries.  We made a Home Depot run buying a pallet of floor tile for the main house and our last stop was Costco–groceries, shingles vaccine, etc.

As I said above, today we’ve been couch/bed potatoes–hopefully we will both feel better tomorrow! More Whitewater Draw photos.

On our way to Tucson yesterday on I-10 we saw a message on the overhead electronic billboard–“accident ahead, prepare to exit.”  Ugh! We crept along at 5-10 mph for over 30 minutes before reaching the scene of the accident and exiting the freeway to go around the blocked westbound lanes.  It was a sunny, bright morning with dry roads. Three vehicles were horribly mangled and we saw a life flight helicopter leaving the scene.  Tonight I was cruising Facebook and came across this post from the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, “Did you know distracted driving is the leading cause of all traffic crashes? Drivers who use their cell phones while driving are four times more likely to be in a crash than those who don’t use their phones while driving.” We have no idea what caused this horrific accident but would be willing to guess it was a distracted driver.

Time For A New Photo Editing Software

For a while now Picasa has been doing strange things.  It’s a program no longer supported by Google but until the last few months it had worked seamlessly on my laptop.  I used it as a program to download photos from camera card to my computer into folders arranged by date.  I don’t store photos on Picasa or Google.  My photos are stored on my laptop backed up onto an external hard drive.  In recent months I’ve noticed when downloading the camera card, my photos are appearing in strange places in Picasa.  March, 2019 photos will appear mixed in with January, 2014 photos???  Today Picasa ate my photos from our ATV ride–gone, can’t find anywhere on computer or in Picasa.  I am thinking it’s time to bite the bullet and purchase that new photo editing software!

So, you will just have to trust me–we took a wonderful ATV ride Thursday with Bob and Judy up into the Dragoons.  We ran into snow, saw some coatimundi and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather.Photo was taken March, 2018 in the Chiricahua Mountains.

Thursday evening Bob treated us to dinner at our local bar, TJ’s and then we attended a presentation at the library about the Chiricahua Mountains.  Back home we enjoyed more of that apple pie I made.

Friday, Judy and Louanne joined me for yoga in Elfrida.  In the afternoon Judy and Bob took a drive up into the Chiricahua Mountains while the Cowboy and I did a little restoration.  I painted our new half bath and the Cowboy finished wiring the main panel on the outside of the house. Louanne and Dan joined us for happy hour on the porch Friday evening.

The stucco crew finished the first coat of concrete Friday just after lunch.  Now we wait 10-15 days for this coat to dry completely then the crew will come back and apply the “color” coat.  We love how it looks and all ready notice a difference in how much warmer the main house is with all the new insulation on the outside.

It was very windy Saturday afternoon and the dry lake bed–the Willcox Playa was sending major dust clouds into the air.  The Cowboy took a motorcycle ride with his cousin Pete and his wife Kathy–they rode up to Safford and back.  I applied another coat of paint in the new half bath–Pam, I think my Cowboy can finish drywall!

TJ’s for a late lunch when the Cowboy came home and after lunch he laid the tile in the new half bath.  Soon, very soon, we are going to have a functioning bathroom on that end of the house!  Milton (our summer caretaker) and Lucy stopped by this afternoon to check our progress and we had a nice visit–I love drop in guest!

Poppies are blooming everywhere and the below photo was taken at Whitewater Draw Wednesday evening.

Bob and Judy pulled out this morning heading back to Tucson for a while–we certainly enjoyed their visit and getting to know them better.

And the folks in Montana are still enduring the worst winter weather–

That’s a big UGH!

Stucco Prep Has Started

Sergio and crew arrived early Monday morning and started working.  Same thing on Tuesday morning, except they came earlier.  They work really hard all day taking an hour for lunch then back to work.  By Tuesday afternoon most of the prep work is finished.

While Sergio and crew were working, we were working too, imagine that!  The Cowboy is trying his hand at drywall finishing using Pam’s helpful hints and progress is being made–slowly.  I finished weeding around all our trees and adjusting their cages.  Laundry, house cleaning and a bit of cooking rounded out my day.

It’s rare for schools in Montana to have snow days–all the schools in our area are closed today.  It just won’t stop snowing and the temperatures are frigid.  Law enforcement is urging emergency travel only.  It’s a good time to not be in Montana!

Our granddaughter Kristen attends Sheridan College in Sheridan, Wyoming.  She is a very talented barrel racer and has received an incredible honor by being invited to participate in the Junior American Rodeo in Fort Worth, TX.  The following appeared on the Sheridan College Rodeo Facebook page:

Sheridan College Rodeo is proud to wish one of it’s own Krissy Vandervoort good luck at the Jr American tomorrow! Krissy manages to maintain good grades, ride between 3-4 horses a day and work on her roping skills while chasing her dreams of running at AT&T Stadium March 2nd and 3rd. 
“When I got my invitation to go compete at the Jr American rodeo I was super excited and luckily it all worked out for me to be able to go. I ended up getting invited because I was in the top 5 in the world standings at the National Little Britches Finals last year. I am extremely honored that I am able to go down and experience this event. It means more to me than words can explain.”
Good Luck Krissy and travel safe!

Tuesday afternoon friends from Big Timber arrived–Bob and Judy.  They are enjoying their first year of snowbird freedom in their motorhome pulling a trailer with their toys–a jeep and a RZR.  They parked, open out the slides and we all headed to Willcox for dinner at the newly reopened Big Tex Barbecue spot–they had a major fire this past summer.

Wednesday was another beautiful day.  Bob and Judy took a drive and Pat, the Cowboy’s cousin arrived.  We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner and then headed to Whitewater Draw to see all the sandhill cranes.  It was a warm why we are in Arizona type evening and we all enjoyed the stroll around one of the walkways.  These are just a few of the many photos I took–

Now here is a test–one bird or two??

Two birds right but only two legs???

I took those two photos within seconds of each other and didn’t notice the shortage of legs until I got home and downloaded the camera card.  I am assuming the birds are each standing on one leg???

Better Weather Ahead

Wow, Thursday night the wind blew incessantly all night long.  Friday morning it was still blowing and it was spitting rain/sleet.  Yoga was calling so off I went–rained off and on during the 25 miles trip to Elfrida.  Went we all came out of the building, the ground was white and it was snowing hard!  The temp was 32 degrees so some of the snow was melting as fast as it fell–it’s a good thing or we might have been really white–it snowed all day Friday.  The roads were slushy going home–

It snowed hard all the way home, so hard I couldn’t even see our house as I approached.

It’s out there somewhere!

Some areas between us and Tucson received much more snow as in ten inches!! This photo was borrowed from a local news station Facebook page–an Arizona snowman!  Flagstaff and Prescott set snowfall records–I think Flagstaff received 36 inches closing I-17.  By this time next week we should be seeing temps in the 70’s.

Friday night Louanne and Dan joined us for homemade pizza and because it was National Margarita Day we also enjoyed margaritas.  We had a great evening!

Saturday morning dawned clear and very cold–

I belong to this Cochise County and Its Wonders Facebook photography group with 11,000 members.  Some of the members are amateurs such as myself and others are outstanding professional photographers.  There are several administrators and periodically an administrator will pick a photo to use as the groups header photograph.  My photo was chosen Friday–I was so excited as it’s not even the greatest photo–taken from a moving truck, it’s not quite in focus but I still liked it enough to post the photo to the group page.

Saturday the Cowboy finished hanging the interior drywall in our new half bath and also taped and mud-ed the seams.  We are hoping we can convince Pam to come down and do the sanding–;) 😉 Seriously, the Cowboy is going to try his hand at finishing the drywall in the main house–we aren’t too pleased with the finishing job we paid to have done in the guest house!

Saturday evening we enjoyed dinner at the Sunsites Community Center with friends Dan and Louanne and Ted and Jeanne.  It was a fundraising event for the parks of Sunsites and the food–ribs–was very good!

It’s cold, beyond cold in Montana!  The town of Antelope, Montana had a recorded temperature of minus 50 Sunday morning–the coldest temperature in the lower 48!  The following photo was taken by Mark Demaline and shared on the KULR8 news station in Montana–this is Natural Bridge Falls located not too far from our Montana home–I’ve shared many photos of these falls over the years but never one of the falls in this frozen state!

Taken during warmer times–if you look closely at the top of this photo you can see the bridge which the frozen photo clearly shows.

Sunday was a glorious day–warm and sunny.  In the afternoon I was outside removing the tumbleweeds which had attached themselves to all our tree cages.  The Cowboy removed all the ones which had attached themselves to Sergio’s trailer and stack of stuccoing supplies.  He also applied another coat of mud to the walls of the little bathroom.  We even took a CanAm ride–better weather ahead!

I finished another little sewing project and I even remember where I purchased this pattern/kit–at Fort MacLeod in Alberta, Canada in August, 2014 just after our first great granddaughter Lora was born in Great Falls, Montana.  We were on a trip with Larry and Geri–we loaded trucks and campers onto the Alaskan ferry system spending a month here and there in Canada and Alaska.  The Fort was having a quilt show that particular day and there was a quilt shop vendor who had this piece displayed.  I need some green buttons and then it will be ready for the longarm when we return to Montana.

Larry even got in on the quilt show when he volunteered to help rehang this quilt after the ladies discovered it was hung upside down.