Better and Better

The week started with a trip to Livingston for lunch with Sarge and Sarah before my physical therapy session. So many businesses including restaurants in Livingston have started closing on Sunday and Monday due to lack of help making it hard to find a place to eat. The last two PT sessions have been on a Monday. Sarah and I chose Neptune’s restaurant, open on Monday–not somewhere Sarge and the Cowboy would usually go but once I had eaten there with Sarah, I knew my guy could find something on the extensive menu he would eat. Neptunes is known for its sushi–and no the Cowboy and I don’t eat sushi but the restaurant also has so many other good menu items. The first time I went with Sarah I had blackened shrimp with grits which was divine! Monday the Cowboy and I both had burgers–also delicious.

And if going to Livingston wasn’t enough we went to Billings on Tuesday and that’s a long story–the story of why I still have laryngitis.

Friday of last week I dropped a bottle of red nail polish from a high shelf in our master bathroom. It hit the white tiles that surround our white tub, shattering into a million pieces spreading red polish literally everywhere–all over the white tiles/grout, in the tub, on the beige floor tile. A disaster! The husband went to the garage and grabbed a huge can of acrylic enamel reducer (which contains acetone)used for paint thinning–it smells like acetone. I had been dealing with an intermittent cough all week chalked up to allergies on my part. The acetone  smell really started to get to me in spite of having windows open. Friday evening when we came home from Lonn’s Cinco de Mayo party I suddenly developed laryngitis.  And I’ve been unable to talk since then.

We are finally seeing some green, leaves are sprouting slowly and the neighbor is “rolling” the hayfield–when it’s damp the roller forces the rocks into the ground so the haying equipment isn’t damaged by rocks.

I needed to be able to talk–for one thing, I’m a talker–for another I have a very important trip coming up and definitely needed my voice. I didn’t link inhaling the acetone to my laryngitis–Sarah, our retired veterinarian friend did at lunch on Monday. Mr. Google definitely said acetone inhalation was not good and the top symptom on the first article I read was laryngitis! So off to see my nurse practitioner in Billings on Tuesday–my lungs are clear but she said most definitely the acetone inhalation could have irritated my throat and produced the laryngitis. I came home with a whopping dose of prednisone–40mg daily for five days. Prednisone makes me feel like the energizer bunny–40 mg and I will be a whirlwind! And as I post this blog, I’m better, still hoarse and if I talk too much I get really hoarse.

Emmi doing one of her most favorite things–killing sticks.

Rain was in our forecast for all week but most of the moisture has bypassed us. The Cowboy was working on the RV roof all day long Wednesday before the rain was predicted–up and down the ladders all day long. The roof is now attached again–still more to do but at least the roof is back in place. And Saturday it really rained–more than half an inch of welcome moisture. The leaves and grass should really be popping by the time I return.

I hope to never discuss my cranky hip again! It’s better!!! Way better!! Maybe the cortisone injection I had just took longer to work than I thought it should have?? I do know the physical therapy I’m having for a different issue–which isn’t blog material :)–is definitely helping. I’m feeling better than I have in almost three years., walking better, driving, sitting–all without pain.

Not the greatest photo taken from inside the house–our little lazuli bunting birds have come back–we get so excited when our first one appears in the spring.

And–Happy Mother’s Day–this is an older photo of Mom and me but I’ve always liked it. Mom continues to perk right along, enjoying family visits, knitting, reading.

Mom and her great granddaughter Leah.

22 thoughts on “Better and Better

  1. Oh goodness, I can see all that red polish everywhere…ick. so sorry the cure was bad for you, but the red polish would have been worse if you couldn’t have removed it. Yummy meals out sound fun. We need to eat out more. Love that photo of you and your mom, I do remember it too. Lucky you to have such a great mom. Happy Mom’s Day! Did Emmi give you a mom’s day kiss? I hope so.


    1. No kisses from Emmi as I snuck out of the house in the dark Sunday morning heading for the airport. She growled at me when I dragged her from her warm bed to go outside. I am so fortunate to still have my Mom.

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  2. The bunting is beautiful…I truly understand why and how you get so excited to see the first one. So sorry for the polish fiasco…I don’t wear any polish unless I treat myself to a pedicure, but that hasn’t happened in a very long time. The last time I bought polish was probably in high school. Anyhow, I’m glad Michael could clean it up and sorry you got laryngitis. So happy to read you are feeling better and enjoying walks etc. Emmi does a great job killing sticks…such a sweetheart. Love the green in your photos. And that’s a great photo you and your mom. Your mom still has that wonderful smile! Have a great week Janna!


    1. Thanks Gay! I never wear polish on my nails but always on my toes. Sometimes I do my own pedicure—thus I have polish but believe you me all that polish has been moved to a drawer off that high shelf! Have a great week Gay!


  3. So very glad to hear you are feeling so well after several years. Glad the PT and the cortisone are giving you relief. Cortisone injections can be such a miracle. Hope you continue on this feel good path:) That Lazuli bunting is so pretty. Your mother is a beautiful lady.


  4. The Lazuli Bunting is stunning – I have always wanted to see one, but never managed to on our trips west. Mountain Bluebirds (which we did see in ND) seem to have that same pale blue/aqua iridescence. The laryngitis is frightening; a friend of mine developed it almost overnight and it has taken years to recuperate even partially. Not something to take lightly! I’m glad to hear you are recovering.



    1. I’m still slightly hoarse even over a week after the incident. When we lived in the former ranch house, it sat out in the open. We had so many lazuli buntings then—they seem not to like our aspen grove as much.


  5. Not being able to talk is a terrible thing. (Even though Jim always loved it) good thing for all of us to know about acetone. I cannot believe the difference that Physical Therapy has made in me. I’ll never be really strong but I can even open my own jars now. And hopefully this week I’ll conquer walking down the steps. You and your Mom are so beautiful. Hope you’ve had a good week.


  6. I’m finding I have to double check schedules to be sure eateries are open. Fortunately when they are open they have all been well staffed! It’s been a long time since I’ve had laryngitis but with all the phone calls I’ve had to make lately I’d be in real trouble! Hope your meds get rid of it for you. All the sticks in the area should be on the look out :-)) Cute pics of lovely women.


  7. Oh my, nail polish all over, RED nail polish yet! I always do my toenails and always worry about spilling those bright colors. Perhaps your hip feels better with the addition of the laryngitis prednisone? I’ve never seen a lazuli bunting before, you’re so lucky….. Your mother is beautiful, you have good genes!


    1. Hip was better before I started the prednisone. I’ve spilled bright nail polish before but never had an “explosion!” Mom has less gray hair than I do so yes, I agree, I do have good genes.


  8. Oh no…a nail polish disaster! Isn’t it astonishing how much of a mess a little bottle of nail polish can make? And of course it had to be red to make it even more of a disaster! So glad you figured out what was causing your laryngitis.

    I’m so happy to hear that your hip is so much better. Yay! And I agree, your mother is beautiful. You look so much like her!


  9. What are the odds that I was rolling a soy bean field as I was reading this? Well I was!

    I may have asked you this before, but do you have any good trout streams up your way? Barb and I often talk about heading over to Montana or Wyoming and hit a couple of streams.


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