No Matter What The Calendar Tells Us

It may be spring elsewhere in the US such as in Billings, MT where on Monday I saw green daffodil shoots sprouting. But, at our elevation of 5200 feet, we still have snow/snow/snow. We did have two days of beautiful 70+ degree weather which caused the creeks and rivers to rise out of their banks from rapid snow melt. The weather then cooled again, it snowed again, today and yesterday was warm and sunny again–it’s spring in Montana–very typical weather. We did this to ourselves coming home this early but after my doctor’s appointments Monday–I’m glad we came home!

These two photos were taken in our backyard several days after we came back to Montana. When we arrived the two shrubs in front of the spruce tree were not visible at all–totally buried with snow. The snow is shrinking but in our backyard, the snow is still at least a foot deep, maybe more.

In May of 2022 I had the bursitis in my hip injected giving me almost six months of total relief! In November after my knee replacement in October and right before we headed to Arizona I had the hip injected again. Billings Clinic would not let me chose the provider who injected the hip the previous May so I got this arrogant dude who injected my hip and I had ZERO relief. I explained all this to my ortho surgeon who said, “can pick the provider.” When deciding to come back to MT a month early I called the orthopedic surgeon’s office and they scheduled the injection with the correct provider. Why does everything in the medical world have to be so difficult??

My other physician’s appointment was exciting–I was totally misdiagnosed in Tucson by a nurse practitioner who claims to be a specialist in the problems I was experiencing !! It was a relief to walk out of that office, find the Cowboy and say, “no surgery this summer!!”

The Cowboy has been puttering and I’ve been taking it easy allowing my hip injection to work–knitting, reading and keeping us fed. We’ve done a bit of socializing–coffee with Jeane in town on Thursday was awesome, catching up from a winter away while the Cowboy ran errands.

On Friday we made a trip to the Chico area–over near Yellowstone Park to visit friends. Sarge is temporarily under the weather and we felt maybe a little company might lift his spirits. Sarah had a delicious beef stew and dessert prepared, I took Mexican cornbread and a salad. We spent a couple hours eating and visiting. They have a high energy lab–Callie–Sarah and I took her for a walk which Callie seemed to enjoy–it was dang cold/breezy so we didn’t walk far. Sarge and Sarah live near the little community of Emmigrant, Montana–literally if you blink you will miss it on the way to Yellowstone. There is a gas station/community store at the flashing red highway light. I had never been in the store until Friday–it was amazing!–huge and stocked way better than our community grocery store!!

The next two photos show the river roaring after our two days of 70 degree temps with sunshine.

The Cowboy has started on one of his major projects in between doing honey do’s for me. We usually take an early morning walk with Emmi–she still loves to go for walks, kill her “sticks” and chase balls. Her hearing is deteriorating so we don’t let her stray far from us. Emmi was taught to “come” quite early in life and has always been so good at obeying until she started loosing her hearing.

So, it’s been six days since I had the hip injected and the injection didn’t work. It isn’t a surgical fix so I’m in deal with it mode.

The birds are hungry and happy we are home. I’m seeing birds which normally don’t appear until mid May–gold finches, rosy red finches.

And a couple fun photos–a favorite of our little girl wearing the dreaded goggles with her crooked little teeth.

I was searching old photo albums today for photos of our Grand Canyon hiking trips in 1997 and 2001. I found those and also this photo below of my Dad and Mom with me probably taken in about 1993.

The 2001 trip, from left to right–Gerda, Jill, Jeane, Mom and Ann (my sister). Mom and Ann drove from Arkansas, the rest of us flew from Montana to Arizona. It was much warmer on this trip than our 2001 trip!

From left, me, Ann, Jill and Mom in 1997. You can see by our attire that it was a much cooler hike! Trips of a lifetime for sure!


18 thoughts on “No Matter What The Calendar Tells Us

  1. Well we have terrible 70 to 80 temps and the snow is so deep! Sure wish your injection would of worked! Maybe some wine will help!


  2. Snow or not springtime in Montana is breathtaking in those mountains. Hope you find some relief for your hip soon.


  3. Gosh, your region is just stunning but I share your dismay at the effort it took Mike to manage getting y’all to your home then clearing the lane way.Sory to hear about your continued difficulties with your hip & bursitis.For what it’s worth,mine was somewhat alleviated by change in diet- had to stop eating potatoes & tomatoes ( night shade family)— al that I really liked.All the best,hope a possible new injection may be possible.


  4. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that the injection didn’t help with your hip pain. :-(( Is there anything else that might help? I loved your flashback photos of you with your folks and your Grand Canyon hike. I didn’t know that you hiked the Grand Canyon! Many years ago I hiked to the bottom of the canyon and back in one-day. It almost killed me, LOL.


  5. Hi Janna, great news that surgery isn’t needed and bad news that your hip isn’t better. For what it’s worth, the book, How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age, has info about joint pain and inflammation. Unfortunately for me, I discovered sugar is my enemy…my hands hurt really bad and I can’t bend my fingers if I indulge. Sometimes it’s worth the pain! Your snow pictures are gorgeous. Emmi is adorable sporting her sunglasses. And I love the photo of you with your mom and dad. Can’t wait to find out what a Mike’s major project is…Gay


  6. I had cortisone injects in the sciatica area twice. The first time gave me many months of relief. The second time it not only gave me to relief, it caused additional pain for weeks. So sorry it didn’t help you this time! Sending Froggi hugs your way!


  7. Definitely doesn’t look like Spring yet! It sure helps to get medical help from people you trust. Bummer about the injection but great news that you won’t need summer surgery! I’m sure you have much more fun things to get up to during your Montana months. Tessa too is experiencing loss of hearing so we’ve had her on leash more than usual.


  8. A high energy lab. Is there any other kind? Actually, our Dakota is pretty mellow. Sorry to hear your injection is not working.
    Love the pictures of the river, makes me want to go trout fishing!


  9. So sorry to hear the injection didn’t work. Darn! Hope you can find some relief from something. Getting old is the pits. You definitely have lots of snow left. But…we do need the moisture everywhere. The rivers are flowing like crazy, aren’t they. Hope you start to get more warm days than cold days soon. Love Emmi in the googles. So cute. Finding old photos sure makes you smile and bring those accomplishments of younger days. We are doing the memory thing here in Capitol Reef remember a few of the killer hikes we did ten years ago. My “let’s kill ourselves today” days are over. Just to make you feel a little better, our high here in Torrey tomorrow is 41 with wind!!!! Low 20’s at night! Stay warm!


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