All About Chiles

This week while my friend Shawna and I were out and about she mentioned that the owner of Curry Farms–Ed Curry had invited members of the church to tour the farm and have lunch. The Cowboy thought it was a great idea so off we went. Curry Farms grows 85-90% of the chiles for seed in the world. The farm can process a semi load of chiles per day. Some of these chiles are grown here in Cochise county, the majority are grown on farms in Mexico. Ed told us that in the beginning stages of Curry Farms, they sold seed to small farms. Today most of the seeds are sold to huge farming operations. They also grow other crops–garbanzo beans, baby lima beans, rosemary, etc. Did you know they plant corn between rows of crops to keep the bees from cross pollinating?? It was such an interesting talk, I wish I had taken pad and pen so I could have recorded some of the things Ed said.

We were then invited to Ed and Jeanette’s home for enchiladas New Mexico style–with an egg on top! And chili rellenos. I am so glad Shawna mentioned the tour and so glad we went!

These chili growing folks love their dogs which is OK with us–this big guy, a great Dane was incredible. I think he wanted back inside!

Gay and Joe were heading to Whitewater Draw on Monday and we decided to tag along. The two of them had never been to see the cranes and were we all disappointed! In all the times we’ve been to Whitewater Draw we’ve always seen cranes. There were no cranes and very few other birds–I guess they’ve all flown north??? As we were about to have our picnic lunch a flock of about 25 did fly in and land–latecomers to the party I guess.

That camera lens is almost as big as Gay!

On Tuesday I took a friend of ours to her doctor in Willcox and on Thursday accompanied a friend to Sierra Vista so she could have her car serviced before headed back home to Wyoming for the summer. Gay and Joe are staying in a RV park in Willcox and invited us to join them for lunch on Thursday. Our wheels have been turning! Friday was a garage sale day–I found a beautiful handmade cutting board and the Cowboy was lucky in finding some colors of glass he had been searching for to use in his stained glass work. And speaking of stained glass–we have a flock of hummingbirds–

We’ve gone from wintery like weather straight to summer. Warm days and nights with wind and clouds which makes for beautiful sunsets.

Ragamuffin Emmi getting some early morning loving!

Sunday we enjoyed a fabulous day at Pam and Robbie’s ranch out near the Chiricahua Mountains–more on that trip next week!

10 thoughts on “All About Chiles

  1. Good morning you two! What a treat it was to see you both while we were in Wilcox. We will definitely return for another visit to the area. What a cool tour on the chili farm and enchiladas and chili rellenos to top it off! Love the photo of the Great Dane and the cowboy hats! Beautiful colors on the hummingbirds Mike…you are quite talented! And who would have ever thought to buy colored glass at a yard sell. Sweet photo of Emmi.


    1. We were so pleased to have you two close by! The garage sale woman had some stained glass pattern books for sale and Mike asked her if she had any glass. They are in the process of moving and she would be selling out her entire glass studio. Mike asked her if she had any of the specific colors he was looking for, she took him in the backyard to her studio, found some colors and charged him a very reasonable amount–he was a happy camper!


  2. That chili tour sounds interesting…and followed by a lunch of enchiladas! Yum. Love those stained glass hummingbirds Mike created. And your little ragamuffin is adorable, as always. 🙂


  3. You certainly have been busy. That chili farm tour sounds so interesting. I do enjoy learning about anything with this type tour. What a unique find for a garage sale. Who would have expected to discover someone with a glass studio! Michael’s birds are beautiful!! Adorable Emmi photo.


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