Taking A Trip

Tuesday morning way too early for this retired person I was on my way to Tucson. The Cowboy was awake, dressed and outside starting the truck and loading my luggage, Emmi declined to move from the heating pad in her bed.

My travel day was uneventful, an endless four hour layover in Denver but uneventful. My sister retrieved me from the Little Rock airport and soon we were walking into my childhood home. Mom hasn’t been feeling well the last month or so and I came home for a bit to see if a visit from me would perk her up!

It’s almost spring in Arkansas and the weather can be stormy. It was much too warm on Wednesday and a thunder storm briefly charged through in the early morning making the skies moody and golden.

On Thursday Mom and I headed to Little Rock where she had an outpatient cardioversion procedure. Resetting her heart rhythm made all the difference in the world in how she feels—way more energy now.

I’ve been walking and am now up to more than two miles. The scenery along my walk is a little different than the Arizona scenery.

An old house sat in this field and these daffodils have bloomed in the location for as long as I can remember. It’s now one of my brother’s hayfields and he sort of tolerates the flowers!

Lots of time visiting with family and enjoying some great meals! Sunday after church the entire family gathered at Danny and Ann’s house for brisket, smashed potatoes, salads, Pioneer Woman apple crisp, chocolate pie, etc. We always eat well in Arkansas!

This is a common tree in Arkansas, a sweet gum which drops these sweet gum balls. The balls aren’t as lethal as they look!

After lunch my sister and niece decided we needed to take another walk—two miles again, the knee is doing well! I’m here a bit longer then it will be time to head back to the Cowboy and Emmi girl. Life is good!

15 thoughts on “Taking A Trip

  1. Sweet gum balls… Kathy and I were alone for a Christmas in Missouri in the first year we were married. We hopped a fence (embarrassed) to cut a Christmas tree and picked a sack full of sweetgum balls. We had an idea to use the hot glue gun and the balls to make miniature Christmas trees for family. We did make many trees with tiny ornaments as presents and we still unpack ours every year for a table top tree. decoration.


  2. So glad your mom is feeling better. I’m sure a visit from you perks her up! You’re doing great walking four miles in a day! The field of daffodils is wonderful…it’s amazing how they naturalize. Nice that your brother tolerates them. 🙂 Enjoy your time with your family!


    1. We too are glad Mom feels better. No, no—not four miles in one day—I can barely do the two miles in one day! We all love those daffodils and might mutiny if the brother didn’t tolerate them!


  3. What gorgeous photos Janna. I LOVE daffodils! Enjoy your warm weather, it’s way to cold in our neck of the woods. So happy to read your Mom is feeling better and I know she ( and the rest of the family) is so happy to have you there. You go girl…I have missed walking the past few months. We had sweet gum balls in our GA yard. Joe’s foot rolled on one years ago. He landed on his hand and dislocated a finger. I watched him put it back in place & almost threw up! Oh the memories! Hoping your trip home to Mike & Emmi is also uneventful. Gay


  4. Pretty sure you eat well with family and friends no matter what state you are in. So glad the procedure helped your mom feel better, and that you were able to jump on a plane to visit her. I am sure that helped as well. Loved those daffodils. Our spring here is later than usual, with a lot colder temps than we often have this time of year. No daffodils yet.


  5. I’m sure your mother was thrilled to have you visit. Glad to hear the reset of her pacemaker helped her energy level. That field of daffodils is beautiful. One of the things I miss about the east…spring flowers. Gorgeous photo after the storm passed:)


    1. Yes, I’ve always missed the spring flowers–we don’t have spring flowers in Montana until late May, early June. In Arizona at our elevation we don’t have early spring flowers so getting to see all those daffodils was special!


  6. Glad your mom is doing better. I always thought those gum balls were pretty bad til living with the grass burrs in Texas.

    The spring flowers are so pretty. They haven’t quite arrived here in SW MO yet but it won’t be long.


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