Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company

Sunrise on Saturday

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know  I taught my Mom how to knit in 2020 when she spent a month in Arizona with us. At the time she was 83 years old which lays to rest that old adage about teaching an old dog new tricks. She has embraced knitting and taught herself so much about knitting by watching YouTube videos on her iPhone. When I was last in Arkansas with her in September, 2022, I asked her to knit something for me. I purchased the yarn, a gorgeous Malabrigo Rios 100% merino wool yarn. And on Thursday, the small blanket arrived in the mail–it’s beautiful!!! I need to wash and block it but that will have to wait a bit.

On Friday I passed a milestone. I am now four months out from my knee replacement. I am walking well with no limp, having way less pain and swelling–life is good!

Have you heard of billionaire Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs?  When friends Geri and Larry told us about Mark Cuban I was skeptical. A few months went by and we started reading and hearing more about him. We watched an interview with him where he declined to tell the person doing the interview how much this plan to reduce drug costs in the United States was costing him. He only said, “it’s costing a lot, but it’s worth it.”

One of my medications is a slow release pill, Diclofenac, taken for arthritis. The Diclofenac costs $120 for a three month supply through my Medicare drug plan. Through Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs it costs me $24.20 for a three month supply which includes a $5 flat shipping fee. I simply could not believe it!!

Is it more difficult to get medications through Mark Cuban’s company–the first time, not really difficult but different. Cost Plus Drugs does not have all medications, in fact they have few of the millions of medications out there but every time I check out of curiosity, they have added new drugs. The first time I had to create an online account, print a form and take that form to my provider who was able to electronically search her pharmacy data base finding Cost Plus Drugs with no issues. My order was placed, I paid for it online through the account I created and the meds have shipped.

Wednesday was a Tucson day and we left the Emmi girl at home, snoozing in her bed. We left early arriving at Costco just as they opened but it was still a zoo. Our list wasn’t long and we were soon out the door on our way to meet Gay and Joe for lunch. After two lunches together we feel we know these two as if we’ve been friends for years! We whiled away at least an hour, probably longer talking and solving the world’s problems. A stop to pick up our Walmart order and we were on our way home to Emmi.

Thursday I had an appointment in Willcox with my nurse practitioner, the one who filled the Cost Plus prescription for me. I like her, she listens and comes up with a plan. The Cowboy has also seen her and likes her–that’s another plus!

Dan and Louanne also were in Willcox on Thursday and we met them for lunch at Isabel’s. Good Mexican food!

When we began looking for property in this area we contacted a realtor, Pam. She showed us several properties, we made an offer on one which was rejected and eventually we purchased this property with Pam’s help. We’ve communicated over the years and have met her husband Robbie who has lived in this county all his life. They have a ranch out near the Chiricahua Mountains. Saturday evening they came for dinner and we had one fabulous time! And of course we ate well! The conversation flowed and flowed. I grilled a tri-tip, baked potatoes and made a caesar salad with homemade dressing. For dessert I made a dutch apple pie. Pam and Robbie brought the wine–a really good red blend.

Another view of the gorgeous sunrise we had Saturday morning.

And here is another page from the Before and After book I created–

We have a few birds coming to our suet feeder–what we think is a mountain chickadee and some other small birds I haven’t identified. They also like the bird bath–there is so little water in the desert.

Sunday afternoon we all journeyed to Linda’s for Rummikub and dinner. Some of the guys gathered elsewhere to watch the game joining us for dinner. There are lots of us in this group, men and women who could care less about the Super Bowl–so we played Rummikub, talked and laughed. The food was delicious–pulled pork and chicken, homemade rolls, beans, coleslaw, deviled eggs, brownies–we ate well once again!

Life is good!

15 thoughts on “Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company

    1. The old adage–“if it’s too good to be true…..” makes one skeptical. A billionaire wants to solve the pharmaceutical problem in the US–hmmmmm! But it works and I thank you for telling us about it!


  1. What a nice post Janna! The blanket your Mom knitted for you is beautiful and truly a treasure. I keep saying your Mom is my hero! Lunch was way fun and Joe and I hope there are many more in our future! I added Isabel’s to my list for when we visit Wilcox. I love your book…it is also a treasure. I’m sure your realtor was more than just a little excited to see your beautiful home after selling you the property. That’s an interesting read about Cost Plus Drugs and I will definitely be doing some googling about it. Thank you for sharing! I’m happy you are having more feathered friends visit and the sunset is gorgeous!


  2. Such a beautiful sunset! I can sort of see a face looking out of the bush… It is so nice to have lots of friends you like to talk to. Thank you for sharing!


  3. You are a wealth of info ! Thanks so much for sharing,everything especially Marc Cuban’s drug prices!! Hope you keep having that “good life”


  4. Phil finally made an appointment to see about getting his knee replaced. I tell him of your progress and how well you are doing to encourage him. I am a non football fan and watch the commercials during super bowl but read or play cards on my kindle during game.


  5. The blanket your mom knitted for you is absolutely gorgeous. The colors remind me of your Arizona sunsets. I would like to learn to knit. And I wish you could teach me. 🙂 You have really expanded your circle of friends in Arizona! How wonderful!


  6. is also good. They don’t mail, you put the “coupon” on your phone and give it to the person ringing you up. Yesterday we had a script for $130 (that’s with insurance) and by paying cash with the coupon it was $25.


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