Beautiful Weather–Finally

The moon going down over the Dragoon Mountains Sunday morning.

I swear my next laptop is going to be an Apple product! In spite of the cost! Like many of us, I am set in my ways about the methods I use to process photos, write and send email, move documents/photos around on my laptop and write blog posts. Quit messing with my stuff Windows!!! I downloaded photos from my iPhone this week and tried to move them into my Photos Go Here/2023/January in File Explorer. YIKES–nothing looked the same! Files along the sidebar would not expand so you could drag and drop photos into those expanded files. This was a serious problem–at least to me! I finally sat down Sunday morning and attempted to solve the issue, Googling the problem–Google tells me I’m not the only one with this problem–finding one solution–it didn’t work. So, I took matters into my own hands and told Windows to restore my computer to an earlier “build.” Problem solved–my File Explorer appears as it always has since I first started working with computers!! Who sits around in these software development places and comes up with ways to drive us all crazy???

Same old weather pattern this week, temps only in the 50’s and windy, freezing every night. Folks who have lived here a long time such as our friend Linda say this is the coldest winter they have ever experienced in southeast Arizona.

On Tuesday and into Wednesday Montana had some awful weather too. Interstate 90 was closed from Big Timber, MT to Livingston, MT (a stretch of about 36 miles) for over 24 hours!! Friends posted photos on Facebook of semi trucks parked everywhere in Big Timber. The high school did not have school on Wednesday as the parking lot was packed with semi trucks. The motels were full to the brim with people sleeping in the lobbies and hallways. Restaurants opened up and stayed open for extended hours to feed people. The folks who purchased Nat’s (the Cowboy’s Dad) house took in a stranded couple from Alaska along with their two puppies. I told them Nat would have approved! This is a photo I’m not sure who took of trucks bumper to bumper once the freeway opened on Wednesday afternoon.

So what have we been doing while the weather is icky–eating! Thursday Louanne and Dan made breakfast for us–sourdough pancakes, bacon and eggs. So, so good!!! Thursday we went to the VFW and had tacos–again, very good! I don’t know where the VFW gets their salsa but it’s dang good!

More Cowboy created stained glass

Saturday the weather changed and we had a glorious why we come to Arizona day. We celebrated by taking a side by side ride up to Soren Pass in the Dragoon Mountains. We didn’t see any critters but did see some of that lingering white stuff and a whole lot of people. There was a jeep-ing group of about eight rigs, an ATV group of about eight rigs and a single jeep that we followed part way to the top. Such a beautiful day everyone was out and about.

Standing in the abundant sunshine we enjoyed our lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches plus chocolate cake then headed back down the mountain. Along the way we spotted this saguaro. This is not saguaro country–too cold in the winter but this cactus is so large and in the middle of an open field, it must be native???

Our friend Janice is celebrating a birthday this week and we had a party for her on Friday evening. We dined like kings once again–what else is new–right! Prime rib that Dan and Louanne found for a truly bargain price around the holidays, Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes (you really need to make those) and a salad with dressing homemade by Dan. The best chocolate cake was served while we sang to the birthday girl. A special evening!

This sign sits along side the road going up to Soren Pass. We’ve been by it so many times never noticing one of the signs points in the direction of Butte, Montana telling us it’s 1035 miles away! But the mileage is off–Google tells me it’s 1270 miles to Butte, MT which makes more sense.
And the Produce Wagon has been gone for three years or more–sad–it was our only grocery store.

Saturday evening I played Rummikub with Linda, Mo and Janice. Mo won the most at 3 games but the rest of us all won one each–we all went home happy!

Sunday we spent some time with friends/neighbors at a local shooting range, enjoyed the abundant sunshine and just relaxed. Leftovers for lunch and pizza for dinner.

Life is good.


26 thoughts on “Beautiful Weather–Finally

  1. My dell laptop is still using windows 8 and I’m timed out…..Dave wants to convert to Apple, but I hate change and I know this system…..grrr. Time will tell I guess. Nice weather is here too, so appreciated! Your picture of the big rigs lined up on the snowy highway doesn’t look very appealing……


    1. I have Windows 11 and Mike has Windows 10–his laptop is ancient, mine is just a few years old and I will use it until it croaks. I too hate change–thus the rant over the Windows upgrade changing my “stuff!” It’s a beautiful morning here in southeast AZ.


  2. Glad things warmed up for you a bit. Looks lovely. Raining here and yet a bit warmer with the extreme cold temps of last week moderating a bit so it can ran. I’ll take it.


  3. I’m sure glad you guys are in Arizona…that weather sounds frightening! It makes me happy to read about the generosity of folks like your friends, neighbors and businesses in Big Timber. We sure don’t get enough of those stories! Is there anything Michael can not do? Beautiful art! Love the trail ride photos…gorgeous country you have in your backyard! Gay


  4. Joe says everything better than I; really great pics & Mike’s artistic talent is awesome.Of course after reading your blog I’ hungry.Thanks for sharing & all the best.


    1. Thanks! We have an iPhone and I have an iPad mini–I have produced blogs using just the iPad but typing on that tiny keyboard is a pain. Not sure how my photo editing software–Lightroom–would work with Apple products especially since I’m using a version I purchased on disc.


      1. Sorry Janna,don’t know anything about Lightroom & you’re probably correct,wothe disc would only be Windows.Also,the mini would be too small.You could call Apple support & ask them about Lightroom- I’ve found them very helpful.


  5. Oh,forgot to add,Apple all the way- gave up on Windows & android- found that besides the IPhone ,the later IPad negated the need for a laptop.


  6. I’ve used Apple everything for 30 years, and for the most part, it’s pretty much trouble free. Sometimes the updates do things that I don’t want them to do. But the free Apple support is fantastic and always helps me figure things out.

    Your moon setting over the mountains is gorgeous, and I love Mike’s stained glass—especially the chickadee! 🙂 That snowstorm in Montana looked wicked. I know you’re glad you’re in Arizona!


    1. Windows updates seem to have no rhyme or reason for the changes they make–sometimes. Other times I can’t even tell the computer has updated. Due to the weather, Mike has really been working on stained glass–something to keep him busy inside. We are so glad we don’t stay in Montana during winter!


  7. I got tired of Window’s crap in 2010 and spent the extra money for Apple iMac, later a MacBook Air, the tablets on phones. Took about 10 days to get use to the terminology, doc/pages, excel/numbers and how things worked. Best tech decision I ever made.


  8. Big Timber’s weather makes me feel guilty for commenting on our cold winter :-)) That’s a tiny town to take on so many folks but I’m not surprised they did so with such grace. Beautiful moon shots!


  9. While we’ve only been in BC for four years, this is the coldest winter we’ve had…and so much wind doesn’t help the temp at all. But Sat was perfect and our town was flooded with motorcycles. All the restaurants in town were crowded with folks eating outside. So nice to see so many people. Glad to hear you were able to get out for an enjoyable ride. Can’t wait to see all of Michael’s stain glass work.


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