Hawk Attack Scare

Cochise County is known for its bird population and bird watching activities. We see lots of hawks sitting on power poles and yucca stalks and swooping through the air in search of prey. We were walking yesterday morning–Emmi was about 20 feet out ahead of us when a hawk flew over our heads and swooped down over Emmi. She dodged and then began barking at the hawk who took refuge in a mesquite tree. Emmi continued to bark at him but the hawk was undeterred. The Cowboy walked very close to the hawk who had flown on a little farther and was sitting on a fence post–he/she finally flew away. We have always worried about the owls getting Emmi and keep her close to us when they are around but have never thought much about a hawk bothering/hurting her!

I was in Tucson again on Monday taking our friend Louanne to the airport. It snowed (yes it snowed) at our house early Monday and the local roads were actually slushy!! By the time we reached the interstate, the roads were dry.  I attempted to do a little shopping after dropping Louanne at the airport but just couldn’t get excited–bought a couple things and headed for home. The season is wrong–it’s chilly in southeast Arizona and I was looking for long sleeve, warm clothing. Everything in the stores is spring wear–short sleeves, short pants. I did take this photo through the windshield while at a stop light.

Snow on the Catalina Mountains

While it’s been sunny, it’s dang chilly and usually windy so lots of inside time this week working on those jigsaw puzzles. We finished the one borrowed from Louanne.

We have a great little library/librarian and used bookstore in our community. On Friday we made a stop at both picking up some seeds for herbs from the seed exchange in the library and finding three new to us jigsaw puzzles at the bookstore–so expensive–fifty cents each! We’ve discovered a new addiction.

The before and after project I’ve been working on came this week–we are pleased with the finished project.

Snow on the Dragoon Mountains Monday

While Louanne was away Dan came for lunch one day and on Friday evening we had the pleasure of dining at Janice’s along with Dan and Linda. Good food and great company.

The Cowboy’s plants continue to thrive in the grow box in spite of our chilly night time temps. The blanket he throws over the box and a light inside seem to keep them from freezing.

And that’s about it for this week in Arizona. I’ve said several times this week–“it’s so good to NOT have to do something–such as move a wall, lay tile, paint!” I have a little magnetic plaque hanging on our refrigerator which states, “How beautiful it is to do nothing, then rest afterwards.”  Physical activity is good for us but so is taking pleasure in being relaxed.











22 thoughts on “Hawk Attack Scare

  1. Your before and after project looks fascinating – such an accomplishment, both the house and the book. Glad to hear the grow box continues to flourish.



  2. Glad the hawks didn’t get little Emmi! I’d love to see that book too! I’m addicted to puzzles also, I’ve set up a dedicated table to work them on…. I agree, it’s great to not HAVE to do anything, to have a schedule only if we want a schedule….


    1. You will get to see the book soon. We may have to get a dedicated table–it’s making my dining room look incredibly messy! 🙂 I even resent the days we have an appointment–especially an early one!


  3. Good thing Emmi is safe! You’ll need to leash her to keep her from being air born! It’s been cool here, should warm up this week!


  4. So glad Emmi was able to scare off the hawk. It does snow once in awhile in Az but does’nt last long as I remember from our workamping days at Boyce Thompson Arboreteum in Superior. Your before and after photo book is a beautiful tribute to your hard work.


  5. Yikes! From the picture your hawk looks like a Harris’ Hawk. They are known to eat medium sized mammals like rabbits. I’m glad Emmi barked and the hawk flew to the tree. That was quite the scare. We have had a few scares here with the coyotes, snakes, and raptors. Joe and I used to do jigsaw puzzles, but haven’t in awhile. We do love to play games…Acey Ducey, Scrable, and Yahtzee mostly. I look forward to looking/reading Before and After and seeing our beautiful home. Your view from the porch is gorgeous!


  6. We are so looking forward to the day where we have nothing left to do. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is very dim. I have often thought of putting together a book of our house building from start to finish.


  7. So glad Emmi scared that hawk away. A couple of tense moments. It’s good to see you two really relaxing. John and I have always said we are the perfect retired people. We love not being busy. Good to see you puzzling! Hopefully, we will get a chance to see your book. Great idea.


  8. Emmi looks like she’s giving that hawk the evil eye!

    I’m so glad you’re taking pleasure in being relaxed. I’m looking forward to doing the same SOON. (Can’t come soon enough!) How delightful to have a wonderful library and used bookstore in town. Nice to have a place where you can indulge your new addiction, haha.

    Your ‘before and after’ book of your home remodel is so cool! I’d love to see the entire book. Maybe you could post more pages of it on your blog? I’m betting a lot of your readers and friends would enjoy it!


    1. Emmi wasn’t happy with that big bird! And I bet you are looking forward to some down time–soon! This little town doesn’t have much–no gas station, no grocery store, no bank but we do have a great library and a really active “friends of the library” group conducting fund raising events.


  9. Pretty bold hawk to come so close when the two of you were there! Emmi may need a new jacket with spikes on top 🙂 I hope we get a real spring and don’t just go right to hot this year after all these cold weeks. The book is a great idea and a wonderful opportunity to look back at all the work that you’re no longer having to do!!


  10. I read that hawks cannot carry off more than their weight, but there are eagles, junior eagles and falcons in many areas and they are plenty big enough to carry off a large domestic cat. We had one “land” next to one of us, but on the other side of a fence, and carry off a skunk. We had mixed feelings about that….


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