The Chiricahua Mountains

As of last Sunday’s blog post, I had three more physical therapy appointments scheduled. In the previous three appointments the therapists had me performing the same exercises, nothing new was added to my therapy. They were having me do only one exercise I could not do at home–one that utilized a huge piece of equipment. So, I decided it was time to stop therapy. When I called to cancel the appointments the therapist asked if I would consider coming in one last time for measurement and discharge paperwork. I agreed and I’m glad I did!

I graduated with full honors!! I have a 132 degree bend in my knee and with a little pressure from my hands I have a 137 degree bend. The surgeon initially told me most people achieve about a 120 degree bend with a few people achieving a 130-135 bend.  When straightening my leg I am at 1 degree (goal is zero degrees and I started at 5 degrees). I am thrilled! Beyond thrilled! The therapist doing the measurements said she didn’t think she had ever seen a 137 degree bend!  I now need to work on strengthening and stretching the muscles around my knee–I can do this at home. We are walking a mile and a half a day and could easily increase that distance plus I have the recumbent bike. The therapist has given me a list of strengthening exercises to do. Friday I was at eleven weeks post op and couldn’t be happier with my progress!

We’ve been doing a bit of entertaining–Friday Dan and Louanne plus Linda and Janice joined us for a casual supper. Thursday I made a huge pot of chili and pre-baked a pie crust. (It’s funny how even thinking about making a pie crust would cause me stress in the past until I took lessons from Louanne–now I just make a pie crust without even thinking about it!)

Friday I used that pie crust to make a lemon meringue pie that was so good! And right before the guests arrived I popped a pan of Mexican cornbread into the oven–that’s an amazing recipe (thanks Jeane!)–even the Cowboy likes it! Growing up in Arkansas cornbread was on our family table almost every meal and I love the stuff. When the Cowboy and I married I would serve cornbread often. After about 2-3 years of marriage I offered the Cowboy cornbread during a meal and he said, “no thank you, I don’t really care for cornbread!” WHAT!! How in the world had I married someone who doesn’t like cornbread????  But he likes this Mexican cornbread!

The Cowboy has been busy changing the oil in our gas golf cart, fixing a broken cord on my heating pad and various other little chores. Dan and Louanne acquired electric assist bikes and the Cowboy has helped assemble the bikes. I’ve been working on a before and after project, playing with the Emmi girl and exercising. It’s amazing how much time exercising can consume!!

This evening we enjoyed the company of our neighbors–Sheryl and Tom, Barb and Matt. It was a great evening getting to know these couples. I baked a Costco ham, made cheesy potatoes and a salad. Sheryl made an amazing apple pie and Barb brought the ice cream to go with it. A fabulous evening! We do eat well.

Life is good!

29 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Your pie looks delicious!
    Kudos on your knee…..such good news👏👏
    Making the pie crusts still gives me fits!
    My mother always said if I did it often
    enough that I could be good at it.
    Guess that’s my problem. Lol
    Still unable to seee what I’m typing.🥴


  2. While the 11 weeks since your surgery may have seemed like an eternity at times, it sure has to seem like a rather short time now that you are doing so well and have a new, healthier knee. I know you are doing much better with all the time you spend in the kitchen cooking:) Great job with being persistent and so diligent. Good to hear you are doing a mile and half daily and could do more. Awesome!! Your pie is beautiful. Yum! What is different about Mexican corn bread?


  3. Wow, congratulations on those amazing measurements. Hard work pays off. I sure hope I’m talking about the same thing in a few months-no surgery date yet!


  4. Excellent news on the knee! You are the poster girl for follow through and deserve all the ensuing benefits. How can anyone not like cornbread? I worked in a building with a big government cafeteria that had the BEST cornbread, used to get it once a week (with a companion bowl of cooked greens, also delicious). Now I’m hungry for greens and cornbread.




  5. Omigosh. That pie looks perfect! I am crust nervous too but this past holiday season, we ate the pie anyway… i just need to remember that it might look unusual , but they dont complain as they eat every crumb!


    1. That’s right Emjay–even if the crust is not perfect, we still eat every bite! I haven’t mastered Louanne’s art of making the crust look “pretty” but I’m working on it!


  6. Congratulations on your graduation! You go girl! Just like you, this southern girl had homemade biscuits or cornbread every night for dinner too. My grandma made the best biscuits. Did you ever have cornbread and buttermik with left over cornbread? Now that made my mouth water! We had greens & cornbread last night with black-eyed peas because I didn’t make them New years Day! Looking forward to seeing the before & after project.


  7. Congratulations, Janna! That is such great news about your progress…which of course, wouldn’t have been as spectacular without your dedication to your rehab. I know you’re thrilled, and for good reason. :-)) And how fun that you’ve met new friends in Arizona! Life is good, indeed.


  8. Congratulations again on your amazing progress, Janna, and I would bet it is great to be done with the rehab thing! Cornbread…yum. I don’t make it nearly often enough, my southern roots only go as far as southern california, and an outsider’s love of the true south and southern cooking. Stay warm down there. It is only in the 60’s here at Catalina, but feels great compared to what we left behind.


      1. Just a sideline here, I know how much it takes to make sure that you reply to everyone who is thoughtful enough to comment on your posts. Some bloggers do, some don’t. I try, but sometimes miss, and probably I miss a lot more than you do. Many people read and never say a word. Just the way it is. Thanks for your consistent efforts and weekly blogging! I can’t manage that ever.


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