Happy New Year

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with the birth of another great–our family’s newest member, Hattee Rae was born a few days ago and the family is now home.

What have we done this week?? The Cowboy decided my cabinet which was once a TV cabinet in another life needed shelves–I was in agreement so off he went to work. And while he was making those shelves he added shelves to some of the cabinets on the porch–every cook always needs more storage!

Our caretaker had a bit of problem with the lawnmower this summer and the Cowboy had to change out all three blades. This isn’t your average riding lawnmower–it’s a John Deere 445 with a 60 inch mowing deck. The backhoe was pressed into service to lift the mower from the mowing deck. It was a day long project for the Cowboy!!

Having seen a recipe on the internet for apple cider donuts, I invested in a couple doughnut pans and made baked apple cider donuts. We were not impressed–almost no apple taste and way too much sugar. Back to the drawing board since I now have two of these strange looking baking pans!

We’ve had some nice weather and some not so nice–tonight we could have rain/snow. Not so nice weather makes for moody skies and good photos–

Two sessions of physical therapy this week leaving me with only three more to go. Stairs are an issue for me–in Montana I had a whole flight of basement stairs for practice, in our Arizona house we have no stairs. The PT clinic has practice stairs but I’m only there twice a week. Cowboy to the rescue again–he built me these steps–they may look a little rough but they are level, sturdy and work quite well!

Sunday morning, New Year’s Day, we enjoyed a great pancake breakfast and took a long walk with Emmi–a breezy walk. We wish all our family and friends a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year! Happy New Year!!

23 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year! The blacksmith made apple fritters several week ago. They were really good, but next time I need to dice the apples smaller. Dint think I’ve ever had apple donuts.


    1. The round thing is a wheat weaving done by a local friend. We both love the colors I chose for this house–that wall behind the cabinet is actually yellow, it just appeared orange in the photo. We do have some orange walls also. That cabinet is by far my favorite piece of furniture we have purchased from Craigslist.


  2. Happy New Year to you both!
    Can’t get over how much your trees have grown.
    Bet that makes you happy🤗
    I’m still unable to see my writing….only the very tip tops,
    So please excuse errors. Must be my account.
    Baked or cake donuts are my favorite. If you get
    a good recipe, please share.
    Better stop…. cannot see what I’m writing. Lol


  3. I’m with Al…the repurposed TV cabinet is beautiful, the wall color is perfect, I love the wheat art piece and Hooty keeping a watchful eye. I noticed the brown chest/box on the new shelf…looks just like one my grandmother had for her silver. I always enjoy the rain in the desert…was not a fan of the rainy days that went on and on and on and never ended in Georgia. I liked your word choice….moody… to describe the skies. I love the skies here no matter what the weather. Have a great week! And Happy New Year to you three.


    1. That is exactly what is in the box–stainless silver purchased at a yard sale–an entire set for $25!! The wheat art is made by a local friend/artist who sells at several large venues in Arizona–Tubac, the Tucson 4th Street Fair, etc. I too LOVE rain in the desert. Happy New Year to all of you! That cabinet is my favorite piece of furniture we’ve purchased for this home–from Craigslist.


  4. How lovely to start the new year with a new baby in the family – great name too! I will be watching your baked donut project with great interest – apple cider donuts are a fabulous indulgence when we travel in Maine, and being able to make them at home would be maybe wonderful (or maybe disastrous for the healthy eating resolution?).

    Your steps are a great addition to your home therapy tool kit.

    Best wishes for ’23.



  5. I have a really good recipe for apple cider donut bundt CAKE, I wonder if it could be bastardized into donuts without sacrificing texture? I just put my mom’s sterling silver flatware back into a box just like that one after New Year’s Eve dinner!


    1. I’m not much of a recipe adapter so I better look for an actual doughnut recipe! 🙂 That sterling silver was one of our best finds at a garage sale in this community–for $25!!


  6. Congratulations on you new great!! Love your cabinet. So southwest. Good idea to add shelves. As you said one can never have enough storage. I see how big your pine trees are in these photos as compared to when first planted. Love the steps!! Great idea. Sorry the donuts didn’t work. Darn! Happy New Year!


  7. Concentrate / reduce the apple cider to intensify its flavor: one quart reduced to one cup , ie a ratio of 4 to 1 or 3 to 1. And because the cider/ syrup will be sweeter reduce the sugar. You might also consider substituting some applesauce for a part of the oil. The idea to sub apple butter sounds good ,too!
    PS The new abode is amazing.


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