Merry Christmas

Monday was a busy day in this household. The Cowboy had an appointment in Willcox way too early! After lunch at home we were off to Benson for more physical therapy torture. I feel great when walking out of the therapy clinic but as the evening progresses after one of these difficult therapy sessions my knee/leg really starts to bug me. I usually take some extra strength Tylenol and go to bed. Next morning I feel great again. Wednesday’s therapy session was not as torturous! The therapist gave me some excellent suggestions for improving my range of motion. Only five more sessions to go!

It’s amazing how many people have spoken up about their having had knee replacement surgery or are about to have the surgery. For those about to have the surgery I wish you well.

Sunrise in Arizona

Tuesday we decided to take a road trip with Dan and Louanne traveling to the Copper Brothel in Sonita. When Lonn visited in February we enjoyed a fabulous lunch at this restaurant with the Cowboy saying it was the BEST chili relleno he had ever had. Our food on Tuesday was just OK maybe not even OK–they had changed the presentation of the chili relleno–it looked as if it might have been purchased pre-prepared!  So disappointing! Dan and I had a very dry pulled pork sandwich which was less than OK. So–we won’t be making that drive again!

And my handy/dandy repair man strikes again. I cut the Cowboy’s hair using a pair of Wahl clippers–very small clippers. When it was time to cut the Cowboy’s hair the clippers wouldn’t charge in spite of being only a few years old and seeing little use. The Cowboy said, “what have I got to lose,” and proceeded to take apart the little clippers–and he fixed them!! Amazing!

When we visited Dave and Sue in Wickenburg we enjoyed lunch outside watching the birds that would come to their suet feeder, watering station and orange halves. All kinds of birds–it was amazing! So, we now have a suet feeding station, watering and oranges station–we will see if it attracts any cool birds!! The Cowboy has never wanted to feed the birds here in Arizona as we both feel regular bird feeders spill the seeds onto the ground attracting unwanted critters–pack rats and snakes. This is the reason Susan and Dave chose the suet feeder. (Update:  Not one critter has visited my feeding station and it’s been a week! 😒)

Thursday was spent doing a bit of Christmas Eve dinner prep work and in the afternoon we took goodie bags of cookies and candies to our neighbors and friends. Get those goodies out of the house before I eat them all!! Friday the Cowboy and I ate at TJ’s–the local bar establishment. We each had a hamburger (it is a bar) and fries–not bad food, the fries are “real” and very good. We have a new restaurant about to open and have high hopes it might actually be a good place to eat! The young couple opening the new place operated a food truck in the community back in 2017/2018 serving very good food.

Christmas Eve was celebrated at our house with Dan, Louanne, Janice and Linda. I prepared one of the best meals I think I’ve ever cooked! Roasted beef tenderloin cooked to perfection, Pioneer Woman make ahead mashed potatoes (if you haven’t tried these, do it!!–they are literally to die for!!), green been casserole with mushrooms and homemade sauce, a Caesar salad with homemade dressing and a from scratch Dutch apple pie. Dan made a baked tomato dish that was also so, so good! We dined like kings and enjoyed the company of such good friends. A very lovely Christmas Eve.

I took a photo of everyone seated at the table but that photo didn’t make the “must be flattering” rule so you get a photo of the table! 🙂

Christmas morning after opening presents we journeyed (about a mile) to Dan and Louanne’s house for brunch and conversation. It’s been a lovely Christmas season. Our neighbor’s stopped by bringing us more goodies–oh my–peppermint bark fudge–I’ve been wearing stretchy pants since having my knee replaced–soon there may be another reason for stretchy pants if I don’t stop eating fudge!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

We cannot for the life of us take a selfie–so here is a not so great selfie!





27 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I hope you’re getting birds at your “stations” now….I’m not sure whether you consider “critters” birds or those other undesirable things. Did you get Pam’s recommendation for those mashed potatoes? Looks like your Christmas was lovely and full of friends and good food. Happy New Year!


    1. No, critters are not birds and we still have not had one bird on the suet or oranges. Our neighbors have two owls which nest in huge trees by their house. Those owls come over at night and sit on our power poles. Mike thinks they do it because our 3 acres are mowed and the owls can see the moving “targets” more easily. Maybe the owls deter the birds?? No, I had been going to try the PW mashed potatoes because I don’t like the mess of having a potato pot, mixing bowl and paddle to wash after guests leave. Now I will never make mashed potatoes for company any other way–plus they were delicious! I saw that Pam was making the potatoes too–funny! Happy New Year to you three!


  2. Sounds like a delightful holiday season all around!! We’ve had 24 different species of birds here at our feeders, but this year we’ve had very few birds at all. After all the rain we figured we’d have more not less! Gorgeous sunrise. Bummed to hear about your brewery meal – Rebecca and I went a few weeks ago and our rellenos were as good as before so I hope your visit was a fluke!! Happy 2023 to you three!


    1. That’s interesting about the birds. Do you have traditional bird feeders? I wish I had taken a photo of Mike and Louanne’s rellenos–they were this little fried eggroll looking thing–literally–covered in a sauce.


  3. That’s a great selfie Janna! We also include the seed blocks at the feeder. Wild Birds Unlimited sells the “ no-mess” blocks. Your sunrise photo is beautiful as is your table setting. I’m sure you are excited to count down your last 5 therapy sessions! Gay


  4. Merry Christmas. Looks like you’ve had a wonderful week with friends and food. I’m hoping the birds find your feeder and spread the word. Wishing you a marvelous 2023.


  5. Sounds like an amazing meal. Those mashed potatoes are to die for. Thank goodness I only make them twice a year. Dave and Sue were introduced to them the first Thanksgiving in our house. Stretchy pants have a purpose this time of year!!! Wow! Only five more sessions left. That is awesome! We struggle so with selfies, too. That’s why you see very few from us. Young people pop them out all the time and they’re very good. I love seeing you and Michael. Thanks for sharing your selfie! Merry Christmas!!


    1. Those potatoes are amazing and that’s the way I will make mashed potatoes for company–so much less mess on the day of the special meal! Yes, stretchy pants are good this time of year. YES!–I see other people’s selfies and we can’t produce one–going to read up on that little issue! Happy New Year!


  6. I think the selfie was wonderful. All of us look at our pictures of ourselves and dont care for the image a camera takes . An uncaring camera sees us as we are in that moment and snaps a view that is true to the moment. Darn it.

    Merry Christmas . Thank you for sharing your happy , wonderful holiday.

    And now back to looking in drawers fir MY stretchy pants.



  7. Belated Merry Christmas 🎄Mike and Janna and of course Happy New Year too. Love reading your adventures. Was so good seeing you at Larry and Geri’s. Hope to see you again soon.


  8. Your Christmas looks so festive and joyful! And it sounds like it was delicious (actually, your meals always sound delicious!). I think that’s a cute selfie of you two. We haven’t perfected the art of selfies. I keep thinking we need a selfie stick, and then I forget until the next time I want to take a selfie. But I prefer photos of myself to be further away anyway, LOL. Happy New Year!


  9. Love the Christmas lights against the sunset. What a lovely festive Christmas. I think I said this somewhere else, maybe, because it seems it wasn’t here. LOL That is the problem with reading the stories on facebook and commenting there and then forgetting I haven’t gone back to the blog. Sorry Janna, I always appreciate your blog and want you to know that.


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