We Take A Little Trip

I hit the jackpot once again in my selection of a physical therapy clinic, this time in Arizona. The physical therapists at the clinic in Big Timber, Montana were awesome and I give them much of the credit for how far along I am in my recovery. My last therapy in Montana was on November 17 and we flew to Arizona on November 22 so I had gone three weeks without therapy.

The clinic in Benson, Arizona is huge and busy. They have an amazing gym with so much equipment, some of which was used to torture me on Wednesday. I have great range of motion, now it’s time to work on strength, balance and stretching–and work we did! I was sweating!! The therapist said to me as I was leaving, “you are probably not going to like me tonight and tomorrow.” He was right!! I am now eight weeks post-op and feeling great–is my knee stiff, yes at times, does it hurt, yes at times but it is so, so much better I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ve always loved the Mexican food restaurant Mi Casa located in Benson, AZ–the Cowboy not so much. We have a dining out rule–the Cowboy gets to pick the restaurant once then it’s my turn and we rotate each time we dine out. I picked Mi Casa and was so disappointed this time. The rice was horrible as if it had been scorched, the food was not really hot, the Cowboy did not like his chile relleno. But–note the photo above. We were sitting at a table beside the entry door but separated by a screen. The man entered with two other people and was standing with his back to that screen when I noticed his t-shirt. I grew up in Sheridan, Arkansas. I got up and accosted the man asking him about the t-shirt. Seems his friend moved from California to Sheridan, opened this business which provides recreational experiences for veterans–and sent this man a t-shirt. Small world!

On Saturday we drove to Wickenburg. Our dear friends are back home in Montana dealing with some serious health issues. Their home in Wickenburg needed a checkup so we volunteered. An irrigation leak is fixed, the truck battery is charged. I’ve done a bit of cleaning–bugs and other assorted critters find their way into our Arizona homes. And we’ve made ourselves at home.

Relaxing in Wickenburg.

On Sunday we finally met Susan and Dave. Susan writes the blog Beluga’s Excellent Adventure –I read her blog, she reads mine, we exchange the occasional email but we’ve never met until today. We joined them for the most lovely lunch on the patio of their home in Wickenburg. As is so often when meeting like minded people–we never stopped talking except to eat the excellent meal they had prepared. That North Carolina Lemon Pie was to die for!! And we got to meet Lewis–the standard poodle who is simply adorable! A perfect Sunday afternoon except I took no photos!

Leaving Susan and Dave’s I texted Larry and Geri–they were home so we drove out and visited for a bit. Their adopted dog–Emmi–was so glad to see them again.

Not the greatest photo but Friday evening we were sitting on Dan and Louanne’s porch and I spotted these two gigantic hawks in a tree on the defunct golf course. Louanne feeds the quail and as they were coming in to feed we all kept saying–“hide, hide, look up!!!” But no murders were committed while we watched.

Our sleepy little Emmi.

A  perfect December Sunday–warm enough for lunch outside–we will take it as our weather is about to change and not for the better!




14 thoughts on “We Take A Little Trip

  1. It was so great finally meeting…we did talk alot didn’t we! And, you’re right, eating lunch outside in the sunshine in mid December isn’t half bad! Too bad neither of us remembered to take a picture though…..


  2. Excellent news about your new PT! And that you continue to be the perfect client, so motivated.

    Emmi is adorable, she really has such an expressive face and body language.




  3. Great news about the PT clinic. It’s always a bummer to go back to a restaurant that you enjoyed and find the food/service isn’t so good any more. And what fun to finally meet Sue and Dave and Lewis. Meeting new folks and making friends from all over the country has been the highlight of our traveling adventures. Joe and I both enjoyed the times we visited with Sue and Dave and Lewis is so awesome! Hoping to meet you and Michael this winter…


    1. Yes, we are going to make a meet up with you guys happen this winter! It is a bummer–we have a favorite restaurant in Billings, Montana–we’ve gone there for years and now no more. The food has gone downhill and always seems to be cold. It was a highlight meeting Sue, Dave and Lewis–we too have met so many new friends while traveling!


  4. Good for you, Janna. You may have good PT therapists but it wouldn’t matter a bit if YOU weren’t motivated to do the work. Congrats on your success. Such fun to meet RV friends after being online friends for so long. We know how much fun that can be. Even if you don’t meet often because of the distance and the timing, the fact that we have met in real time somehow makes a huge difference when reading blogs from each other I think. Hugs to you both and have a great Arizona winter! We are getting as far south as Desert Hot Springs and maybe Quartzsite but probably not all the way to Tucson this year.


  5. So glad to hear you’re continuing to do so well in your recovery, Janna. I agree with Sue M, it’s helpful to find good PT’s, but it’s your motivation that makes all the difference.

    How great that you met up with Sue, Dave, and Lew! We love those guys. I can see how you would all be having so much fun that it would be easy to forget to take a photo. 🙂


    1. I am totally motivated–I want a knee that will allow me to walk and hike without pain. I want to do gardening work–on my knees, etc. We were amazed that Dave and Sue had met all of you–we knew they had met Jodee and Bill plus Pam and John but they know a lot of people including you guys!


  6. I’m once again caught up and so glad to see your rehab is going better than you expected! I knew you’d do well 🙂 And you’re back in AZ, yay!! Wonderful that you guys finally met Sue and Dave and got to see their new casa :-)) That blanket is gorgeous and the simple nativity is so cute. Happy Holidays to you and Michael and Emmi.


  7. Sorry I haven’t been around much in the blog world. I’ve taken a bit of a technology break. It was taking too much of my time. I have so many books that I want to read and a stack of puzzles that were calling my name. I try to limit checking the phone, too. I rather enjoy letting it all go. But I decided I would sit down and give 45 mins. to catch up on few friend blogs that I really do enjoy. So glad to hear all is going well with your knee surgery and the PT. Having a good therapist makes all the difference. I was very excited when Sue said you were coming for lunch. It was definitely time for that meeting. Sounds like you are all settled back in AZ. Merry Christmas to you, Michael, and Emmi!


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