Christmas Decorating and Visitors

The days are blending together and disappearing so quickly. December is here and we had unexpected visitors this week–most welcome visitors! Larry and Geri have spent the month of November in Florida visiting their daughter and family which included a beautiful new grandchild. They stopped to visit us on their way home to North Ranch and we are so glad they did. I wish I had videoed their arrival and our Emmi realizing who had come to visit. Emmi loves Geri and Larry–they are some of the very few people she will tolerate.  She yipped, jumped and begged to be picked up. Emmi is 13 years old and hasn’t been doing well lately–it was so fun to see her excitement!

Sunrise in late November

They spent two nights parked in our full hookup spot. We enjoyed great meals and so much fun conversation catching up–very glad they took the time to get off the road!

Last Tuesday we made the trek to Tucson to purchase a new to me recumbent bike–an older model but works very well. We also broke the bank stocking the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. It was cool enough to take Emmi along and we dined on a restaurant patio that allowed us to have her with us.

The Cowboy has been changing oil in vehicles, replacing tires and batteries, and trying to catch critters.

For me it’s the same ole thing–exercising, feeding us and friends, laundry–nothing very exciting. I’m now at 7 weeks post knee replacement surgery. This coming week I have an appointment to start physical therapy in Benson, about 30 miles from our home.

The Cowboy hung the outside Christmas lights–no ladders for me and I decorated the inside of the house–simply. A tree, the angels that belonged to the Cowboy’s Mom and that survived our fire in 2000 plus three nativity scenes that are my favorites. One nativity scene I purchased at a shop in Bandera, Texas when we were staying at Lake Medina RV Resort for the winter. Another I’ve had for probably 45+ years and the best of all–one my dear sister sent me a couple years ago from a little shop in Arkansas.

Saturday we had a bit of rain–there is no other smell like the smell of rain in the desert–clean and sweet. The entire day was cloudy, misty and cool. Sunday dawned with dense fog.

Look how much our trees grew this summer!!!  We’ve heard from various sources that this area of the county received 25-30 inches of rain during the summer monsoons. That’s almost three times the ANNUAL rainfall in Arizona!

Sunset one cloudy afternoon

As I post this blog it is still raining having rained most of the day. The Cowboy checked the rain gauge and we have had half an inch so far–good stuff!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating and Visitors

    1. Sandi–I can’t see your email address. Send me an email through this blog and I will send you a photo of mine. Or you can Google “recumbent bike” and lots of photos show up. The seat is a real seat, not a bicycle seat and your feet are out in front of you, not under you as on a regular exercise bike. The seat moves forward in increments which gives your knee more bend. Good luck with your recovery!!


  1. Days blending definitely describes my days. The rain was wonderful. A steady soaking rain which was so desperately needed. Love the nativity set. I use the one my mother made me about 40 years ago. Sounds like you are doing good with the knee. Keep up the hard work.


  2. Please send any rain you can spare to the Okla. Panhandle!! We are starting to have some big winds and the dirt is really rolling!! A lot of the wheat has already blown out!
    I sure enjoy your blog.
    Don in Okla.


  3. Your nativity scene that your sister gave to you is darling! Your trees look great (yay for all of that rain!) and your sunrises and sunsets are as beautiful as always. So fun that Emmi had some of her favorite people come to visit. :-))


    1. I love that little pottery nativity scene–it’s so simple yet covers all the bases. Emmi is a cranky old lady at 13 and does not allow anyone to touch or pick her up other than us plus Larry and Geri. They adore her almost as much as we do.


  4. I wish I could post photos as a comment. I think I have a photo of those big trees when they were a foot high. I remember all the trouble with the rabbit thing when you first planted them. So good to hear that you are recuperating so well. Kudos to your commitment to the PT. Great to have good friends visit, for sure. Love the Christmas lights against the sunset too.


    1. I wish you could post that photo too! I’m sure somewhere in Lightroom I have a photo of when we first planted the trees–need to work on my photo tagging!:) 🙂 Good friends are one of life’s greatest gifts. We will see if I like this new PT clinic–I hope so–the one in Montana was so awesome!


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