And Recovery Continues

Sunrise one morning this week

I’m sure you are all tired of reading about my knee replacement but as that’s the only thing going on around this house you will just have to be bored!🤕

Has therapy/exercising gotten any easier three weeks and two days post-op?? Yes to some extent. The pain is not as intense when I try to bend the knee. On Monday I was disappointed when the therapist measured my bend and I was only at 114 degrees. So, I called our friend Pam in Arizona (she had her knee done in early September) and got a pep talk. She told me her surgeon said that bending that knee was the most important exercise she could do and showed her an exercise my therapist had not suggested. Sit in a chair and bend your knee as far back under the chair as you can, stop and scoot yourself forward in the chair deepening that bend. OUCH!!

I’m thinking it helped! Then I fell down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos about knee replacement surgery finding this video which for some reason really, really helped!! For one thing, the doctor in this video laid out where you should be with degrees of bend at what week in your recovery period–I’m ahead of schedule and that made me feel much better!

The sleeping on my back is so not working. I can’t get to sleep then I am awake at least every two hours if not every hour–then I struggle to go back to sleep. I try very hard not to nap during the day, too.

Lots of snow flurries and WIND this week

Then on Thursday I saw my therapist again and told her the above saga–my disappointment at only 114 degrees of bend and she set me straight. I am doing very well according to her! She wanted me to ditch my cane which I was using only when outside our home. We went for a walk in downtown Big Timber and she was pleased with my gait and ability to walk without limp. So, three weeks out from surgery I am doing well!

So, with all that encouragement we decided on Friday to attempt a quick trip to Billings for groceries. A pickup order was placed with Walmart, we had lunch at CJ’s and did a quick Costco stop. I walked from the parking lot into Costco and all through the store without my cane or leaning on the cart. There was some swelling but that was to be expected with my leg hanging down in the passenger seat of the car.

The Cowboy heads out to the garage which is heated with a wood stove and works on various projects. He walks Emmi. Our little girl is aging and spends a great deal of time sleeping these days. But she still makes us laugh. Her blanket (a piece of flannel I hemmed) is fairly lightweight. When Emmi gets out of bed, the blanket sometimes hangs up on her stubby little tail–we find the blanket down the hallway, in the kitchen–wherever she managed to rid herself of the dang thing–

Winter has arrived in Montana–I don’t care what the calendar tells us and my recovery can’t happen quick enough so we can depart for warmer climates! The snow accumulation is not expected to be much but look at those temps!!

I have lots of time on my hands–so lots of reading and knitting is happening. And that’s another week of knee replacement recuperation.


25 thoughts on “And Recovery Continues

  1. Brrr. Hoping that it is warmer in Arizona when you do finally get there. Glad to hear you are recuperating ahead of schedule, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I haven’t had a knee replacement and am not doing as well as you are. I wake up every two hours most every night. LOL Take care and keep on keepin on with that good progress, Janna


    1. Whew–I hope it’s not 10 degrees when we get to AZ!!! I am usually a good sleeper–up once or twice during the night for a bathroom trip but right back to sleep. This back sleeping is a drag!!! Thanks Sue–I am really pleased with my progress.

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  2. That sunrise is stunning! We are below tree line and can’t get a good view of sunset or sunrise.

    Good luck on you rehabbing!


  3. All the shopping you
    did, you are surely doing very well.
    My husband swears by the therapy and
    the stationary bike. Three weeks and all
    your doing is great!
    Your trip south can’t come soon enough
    with your cold temps. One day at a time. Lol
    Still only able to see the top half of what
    I’m inputting.🥴


      1. I’m using an Apple I Pad.
        Never had this problem on any other site.
        Just a note; we are finally getting ‘some’
        rain here in central Calif. yea!


  4. Changing sleeping positions is very hard! I found putting a pillow so as to elevate my legs from about the knee down, just a couple of inches, helped some. But yes, sleeping through the night turns out to be impossible; on the other hand when I do sleep a bit longer at a stretch I get up very stiff and sore.

    Congratulations on your continued rehab progress!



  5. Good morning Janna! It’s always great to be ahead of schedule. I’m like you…I never think I’m getting well or healing fast enough. Joe says at our age, we don’t hurt more…just longer. The photo from your patio is beautiful with the snow and hint of yellow. Emmi is such a cutie! Love the look on her face…


    1. Joe has the right attitude I think–I’m glad I had this knee replaced at my age (67)–I would hate to be doing this at 77!! The snow is pretty, just treacherous! Emmi is a treasure.


  6. Silly Emmi! She is so loved! Your snow and temps look like December, but it’s not humid!! Keep up the hard work of therapy and enjoy you down time, you know you’ll be busy soon!


  7. You will get there! It will go faster now after those first few weeks. What is your anticipated departure to Az? Are you flying or driving? Emmie reminds me of a turtle carrying around her blankie😁. Wishing you a speedy successful full recovery. Safe travels, Chloe


  8. I for one am so glad that you are updating us on your recovery. Otherwise we would each be emailing you constantly for updates. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your therapy. I can only imagine your frustration with wanting to progress further faster. But, wow, you made a Costco trip!! That’s quite a lot of walking. Great job! Your snow is beautiful from my seat, but I’m sure you don’t look forward to seeing it now. Stay warm! Adorable photo of Emmi:) Keep up the good work!!


  9. I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing so well in your recovery (I’m just now getting around to reading my friends blogs from last week…been kinda overwhelmed with getting the house ready to put on the market. Sigh.) I sure hope you’ll soon be able to sleep comfortably! Wow, your temps are really cold. I know you’re ready to head south as soon as possible. Take good care and keep up your excellent progress!


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