A Wedding

It was so hot and smokey in our neck of the Montana woods the first part of this week but Wednesday after a 96 degree day and high winds brought cooler more fall like weather. Saturday morning the Cowboy saw a temperature of 29 degrees and frost. I flew to Arkansas on Thursday to heat and humidity. Mom has been a bit under the weather and my oldest nephew was getting married so a trip was in order.

It’s been all about the wedding this weekend–and rightfully so! Friday evening there was a short rehearsal followed by dinner at Ross (my brother) and Vicky’s.  Trent and Addisan were married Saturday evening in a field near their house under stormy skies–

Just as the minister (Danny, my brother in law and uncle to the groom) said “you are now husband and wife,” sprinkles of rain began and then it really rained. People took shelter in any vehicle available, under the raised tailgates of vehicles, etc. The reception food was retrieved from Addisan and Trent’s nearby home after the rain had stopped. The sprinkles continued and the decision was made to abandon the idea of dining outside and head for the church just up the road.

It was a beautiful wedding–I don’t know Addisan very well as of yet but I sure love the smile she puts on my nephew’s face! Here are a few photos I took with my phone–

Mom and her granddaughter, Niki.
Danny, Niki and husband Eric.
My brother Ross and his wife Vicky–parents of the groom.
Vicky and her granddaughter, Magnolia.
Niki and myself.

And the next two photos I did not take.

Clayton (groom’s brother and my nephew) wife Hannah and adorable child, Magnolia.
Trent and Addisan, bride and groom

Sunday we all gathered for a potluck type meal at Danny and Ann’s–they have the most seating capacity thus they host most of our family gatherings. Lots of laughter and love.

The Cowboy continues to work on that flatbed–the end is near. It’s been chilly in Montana–finally!

Life is good!


14 thoughts on “A Wedding

  1. You sure look like your momma. Beautiful ladies. I’m glad the Cowboy has had some cooler weather to work in. Send some this way. Too bad about the rain. They are a good looking couple. Congrats to them.


  2. Awesome pictures Janna. I just love weddings! You have a beautiful family. The bride and groom look so happy, Magnolia (I love her name) is a doll, your mom and Niki seem so happy and content , you and Ross sure do favor one another, and I love the photo of you and Niki…your smile says it all! Sorry it rained, but the first photo with the rainbow is so pretty.


  3. From 96 degrees to 29 in Montana?! That’s a huge drop! The wedding looked like a lovely celebration, glad the rain held off long enough for the couple to exchange vows. At least they got a rainbow out of the rainstorm. 🙂 I sure hope your mom is feeling better.


  4. What a beautiful family. Love the rainbow for the wedding. Sounds like all worked out perfectly even with rain. I’m sure your mom appreciated your visit. Magnolia is precious with her big bow.


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