Less Than A Hour

In less than an hour from home we can be here, camped alongside the Boulder River enjoying dinner with Lonn, Katie, Mike and the kiddos. Our site wasn’t on the river but we were on a little creek which kept the kids entertained. Campsites during the week are usually obtainable in this first come first serve campground–on the weekends it’s the luck of the draw. Several of the campgrounds on the Boulder are closed due to damage from the June flood. The Cowboy and I left home shortly after lunch so we could take an ATV ride before the gang arrived for dinner.

Dinner was burgers on the grill, potato salad, mac and cheese for the kiddos, two salads and the other half of the divine chocolate cake I baked the other day.

The flood in June changed the course of the Boulder River and left it filled in places with debris–trees, boulders in different places and lots of new sandbars.

These two–the Cowboy and his son Lonn stayed up half the night solving the problems of the world and continued their conversation over morning coffee. Our RV developed a propane leak in one of the lines in the stovetop. We shut off the propane for the night, turned it on just long enough in the morning to perk coffee–with lots of windows open–and then took the coffeepot out to the grill to keep the coffee warm. No propane meant no refrigerator! I had made potato salad for our dinner and what we didn’t eat I tossed–most everything else in the refrigerator was OK but I don’t want to take chances with potato salad! So, Lonn had to leave this morning to get back to work and we followed right behind due to the propane issues and no refrigerator.

Early morning on the Boulder with a bit of smoke haze I would say.

Lonn travels light–he has more “light” gadgets than a REI store! His tent is super lightweight, he has a Jetboil stove system that will boil water so quick, light weight folding chair and table–traveling on a motorcycle requires lots of “light” gadgets!

Our oldest great granddaughter is a third grader this year–

There are three youngster grouse hanging about in our yard. Emmi and I went outside first thing Thursday morning, she caught sight of the “chickens” and gave chase putting one up on the roof cap, another on top of the RV and another who knows where. On another trip outside today I saw the birds before Emmi did and distracted her so the birds could find a place to hide which they did making tracks out behind the RV.

Friday evening we had friends/family visiting and enjoyed another fabulous meal! The Cowboy requested a repeat of the birthday meal I prepared for friends a couple Sundays ago–brisket, calico beans, salad and because Lonn requested it I baked another strawberry/rhubarb pie.

After tasting the pie I was wishing I had started with pie and skipped the rest–it was that good!! Failed to get a photo of the finished pie.

Saturday afternoon a thunderstorm decided to drop some rain–the storms have just been rolling around us with no moisture. This one gave us eight tenths of welcome rain. And the best part–the temps dropped from 88 degrees down to 64 degrees!

Sunday morning Emmi and I took a walk up into the hayfields. With the cows here we have to change our route some mornings to avoid them but this morning the cows and calves were off somewhere else and we could walk our regular path.

It was a zoo up there–first I heard and spotted the sandhill cranes then spotted the coyote on a direct path toward the cranes but the coyote took no notice of the cranes and continued on up the hill. This is a poor photo, very zoomed but the sandhill cranes are right above the coyote.

Just the coyote
Coyote and Sandhills

Then as we walked I heard more sandhill cranes, much closer–there were four of them in a group–they were too far away for good photos. We usually only see pairs so it was exciting to see four cranes in a group.

If I stare at that door long enough someone will open it to let me in–I just know it!

While knitting last night I noticed this little bugger dining on my petunias!!

Tasty petunias!

The Cowboy has always said that when the crows begin to gather, fall is fast approaching–

Crows gathered on the dead limbs of a cottonwood tree

And work on the flatbed continues–the Cowboy took a break for a while but was back at it today.

Life is good!

22 thoughts on “Less Than A Hour

  1. Ahhh, Montana life. Sounds just about perfect. I know you talked awhile back about learning to make really good pie crust. I do pretty well too, but I l I very that large fluted crust edge. Mine is like my mom did with just a pinch with two fingers of one hand and one finger of the other. Point me to your blog post about the pie crust story.


    1. Not sure this is the post you are referring to but it’s about pie making–https://restorationcowboystyle.com/2022/05/01/just-a-few-more-sleeps/ This time I used one hand for making that bigger flute–stuck my index finger under the crust and pinched with my thumb and third finger.


  2. I’m so glad the Cowboy and his son have solved the problems of the world…..that’s a huge job, no wonder they stayed up half the night! Your pie looks delicious and so does the sound of that chocolate cake!


    1. You make me laugh Susan!–I wish solving this country’s problems could be so simple don’t you! That pie was divine as is the chocolate cake. The cake has become a family favorite–Millie (the great granddaughter) inhales that cake–of course she is only four and skinny!


  3. Bravo, you got some rain, we are still waiting, with faith! Lol
    Your pie is beautiful. I finally made the Pioneer Women’s Choc pie
    that you have made. Was really a winner.
    Your pictures are so nice as usual!


  4. So fun to have that lovely camping spot nearby and to have family to share it with! Sounds like more good eats, your peeps are lucky that you love to cook and bake. Love that you have cranes on your property! Emmi always looks so intense :-))


  5. Its so awesome to have get always so close. During working years we would go camping at the lake for the weekend…literally 20 minutes from our house. Folks would ask why…our answer was always the same, “ If you have to ask, you just wouldn’t understand!” I’m with Sue, glad Mike and Lonn are busy solving the worlds problems…a whole chicken was $18.00 at Fry’s last Friday! Your pies always make my mouth water! Your backyard is heaven on earth! Gay


  6. Your pictures are always pleasing. I wil have to show farmguy your Cowboy’s skid steer crane. He needs something like that.
    Sounds like a fun time camping. We have been doing that more too.
    Kids grow so fast, it is hard to have enough time to enjoy the “littles”. Have a really great week.


  7. What a beautiful spot you have for camping adventures…and almost in your backyard! You always make the MOST delicious sounding meals. Now I want chocolate cake, LOL. And everything else you make. Is fall really on the way….already???


    1. I always say we have the most beautiful backyard–the Boulder, Yellowstone Park, etc. On Labor Day weekend of 2020 we had six inches of heavy, wet snow–so yes, fall is coming and maybe winter! Summer is a short season in Montana and to be honest, I’m ready for fall, I don’t like August!


  8. Love seeing the rushing mountain waters. Montana is such a beautiful state. Great meeting spot for the family. Sorry to hear about your propane leak. I know Michael will have it fix quickly. Beautiful pie!! Emmi is working hard to will that door open:)


  9. What a beautiful job on the quilt, I do some quilting my self and I have always hand stitched the binding, my way to relax in the evening. What a pretty place to live in!!!!!


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