Those happy cows which arrived a week ago have made us two unhappy land owners–at least for a few days–we are back to being happy again and enjoying the “mooooo’s!”  Our house sits down alongside a creek and the land rising up from the creek is dang steep. I spoke in a previous blog about the one section of fence damaged from falling trees that we repaired–it was treacherous work, ridiculously steep. The Cowboy had to cut a couple roads into the steep terrain just to give us room to navigate with the ATV.

Four calves decided our yard grass looked better than those acres of lush pasture awaiting their dining pleasure. We chased them out and the Cowboy reinforced a bit of fencing where we thought they had entered and reinforced the cattleguard wings.  The next day we came home from town to find the brats back in the yard, they were crawling through the fence and wrecking it in the process.

The Cowboy was NOT happy with our charges, deciding to run an electric wire UP that fence line. “UP” is the key word. This section of fence which borders our yard is even more steep. The slope was covered in thick grass and vegetation. I changed clothes donning long pants and hiking boots–might I add it was almost 90 degrees–and started up that slope with the weed whacker while the Cowboy gathered supplies. Some of the vegetation was too much for the weed whacker and had to be cut by hand. Parts of the sloop were so steep I had to push the weed whacker ahead of me and crawl upward on my hands and knees using weeds to pull myself forward. It took us a couple hours and the fence now had an electric wire. And obviously the calves have come into contact with that wire as there have been no more intruders in our yard. Just nice, behaved, pooping (I had forgotten how much poop a cow generates) mooing cows/calves munching on the grass they were supposed to be eating!

Fixing the fence where we thought the calves were escaping.

Yet another trip to Billing this week, our car gets about 23mpg and we are spending way too many dollars on gas!!!

On Thursday evening Lonn and the gang came for dinner. It was a perfect Montana summer evening and we decided to dine outside letting the munchkins run wild in the yard. We dined on smoked tri tip, oven baked risotto, a salad, chocolate cake and coffee/almond ice cream. Burp!!!

It’s very dry and our humidity is in the low double digits. Fires are starting all over Montana from lightening strikes–it was good while it lasted, no smoke–but it was just a matter of time. We’ve been in the 90’s for the last week–it’s a relief when the sun goes down! So thankful for the air conditioning the Cowboy installed last summer!

Today is my dear friend Jill’s birthday. Jill and Terry, Steve and Jeane came for Sunday lunch to celebrate Jill’s birthday. Once again we dined well–beer braised brisket, potato salad, a green salad, asparagus and baked beans. Dessert was that divine strawberry cake. I so enjoy preparing food people love and today was one of those days!

The Cowboy has been working on various projects in his garage which is not air conditioned. He is a water drinker which is good and he comes inside to cool down frequently. August is always a miserable month–it and July are my least favorite months of the year.

But life is still good!

















17 thoughts on “MOOOOOO

  1. Time to get those cows outa there! You both have enough work without fixing their indiscretions! Your meals sound really good, made with love it seems!


  2. That cow fence story just made me cringe! NOT gonna be hauling anything up a steep grassy slope ever again…ever. Loved the sound of all those great meals you share with your friends. And yes, I will take winter over August any day, but it seems I no longer have a choice, since I am really not ready to move back into snow country and have to fall on ice all the time, shovel snow, which I don’t really mind, but I hate falling on ice and breaking things.


    1. I too don’t want to live where there is winter–it’s so easy at our age to fall and break a hip!! If I have my way there won’t be any more hiking up steep slopes–we were both so exhausted that day!!


  3. I always enjoy reading your posts about meals…not only do you sound like you enjoy cooking and serving meals, they make my mouth water. Wish I could say the same about myself, but cooking around our house is very dull. I’m embarrassed to admit I have never had tri-tip or brisket and assume they are both beef. I do, however, know all about those side dishes…yummy! Glad the cows are contained outside your yard…what a headache that was. I, too, always dreaded July and especially August back in Georgia…the humidity was horrible. I do feel differently about those months here in Arizona though. Have a great week Janna! Gay


    1. I will send you my brisket recipe Gay. In Arizona at Costco they sell “flat briskets” which are just the really good end of a whole brisket and take much less time to cook. I too dreaded July and August when I lived in the south–at least here we don’t have the humidity!


    1. When I was chasing calves/cows away from the fence before we got the electric wire installed I told them ALL exactly that–“I am going to make hamburger/brisket/steaks out of all of you if you don’t knock it off!!”

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    2. When I was chasing calves/cows away from the fence before we got the electric wire installed I told them ALL exactly that–“I am going to make hamburger/brisket/steaks out of all of you if you don’t knock it off!!”


  4. Interesting how the calves decided that your lawn grass was better than the pasture. I could see crawling through the fence if they didn’t have anything to eat in there area. But gheesh! Glad the Cowboy find a fix. Hope it holds. Your friends and family were feasting royally again. Yum!!


  5. Hope your cattle have learned which grass is theirs! Your summer evenings look so pretty, bummer the smoke has begun again. Seems it has its own season now 😦 Sounds like your family and friends continue to eat well during your fun gatherings.


  6. Oh, I’m so sorry that you had so much trouble with those misbehaving calves! But the way you tell the story is hilarious. I knew it was going to be good from your blog title, LOL. Your description of crawling on your hands and knees, pulling yourself along by grabbing onto weeds and pushing the weed whacker in front of you…that’s quite an image! Glad you have that problem solved and the cows are back to mowing where they are supposed to be mowing.
    Your meals always sound so delicious! Your friends and family are so lucky that you enjoy cooking for them. 🙂


    1. Dang cows–they were intent on making us regret our decision to have cows instead of cutting hay! We have friends who live full time in AZ and they complain loudly when “the good cooks leave”–meaning myself and our friends Louanne and Dan. They rejoice when we return in the fall!!


  7. Boy, that fencing story, made me laugh! Been there! Not fun in hot weather!
    Hope no fires in your area!
    The food sounds delicious!


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