An Unexpected Trip

It’s been one of those busy weeks in mid July with hot temps and lots of afternoon thunderstorms which bring just enough rain to keep the Cowboy from finishing the haying. Changes are in the works to eliminate haying from the Cowboy’s ongoing list of chores.

Tuesday the Cowboy had an appointment with a new to him doctor. We’ve both been impressed with the professionalism of this office from the minute I made the appointment to his seeing the doctor. Quite a different experience than the one we had at SCL Healthcare.

We had a whirlwind, busy day in Billings Tuesday with way too many stops for one trip. The doctor’s appointment, a haircut for me, pick up the cleaned and re-shaped hat from Law Dog, the hat maker, pick up the new tracks for the skidsteer, Costco, and lunch at a new to us burger place–delicious–better than Five Guys! Whew–what a day and once home there was a very happy little pooch ready for attention.

Wednesday we had a text from friends Peggy and Charlie asking if we would like to ride ATVs on Saturday and camp with them if we could. Of course–the haying and fencing will have to wait.

Friday just after lunch we were on the road heading for a fishing access campground along the Stillwater River outside of Nye, Montana, Castlerock.

Castlerock rising above the campground.

A thunderstorm just as we arrived made everything wet and muddy. But we soldiered on enjoying happy hour inside the rig. The skies cleared letting Charlie grill burgers which we ate while sitting outside beside the Stillwater River which is still running high due to the Yellowstone flood a few weeks ago. After dinner Charlie and Peggy took us on a short ride–seems Charlie spent some of his younger years in this valley and attended a one room school just up the road from the campground. We also saw one of the bridges with its approach washed away leaving a ten foot gap between the bridge and the road. It may be a while before folks can access their homes with having to go around the long way.

Saturday we rode up into the Beartooth Mountains to Placer Basin. Million dollar views at 10,000 feet elevation, beautiful creeks, and even snow. And a gazillion mosquitoes!! Ken, Lesley and John came over for the day to join us. It was a great day with such good friends–we are so fortunate!

The East Boulder River


Lacy photobombing!

We enjoyed our lunches at a cabin owned by friends Donna and Dennis–the mosquitoes tried to share our lunch and we all weren’t so sure we didn’t ingest a few mosquitoes as we ate!

The Cowboy and I were on the road early Sunday morning–fencing work was calling. This fence being built is to replace a section destroyed by that awful wind storm we had a few weeks ago. And of course this fence is on the steepest part of our ranch–the Cowboy had to cut a road with the mini excavator so we could get to the top of the ridge. My help was requested and when I heard I would be riding on the front of the 4-wheeler so the heavy roll of wire wouldn’t tip us on this steep road he cut, I almost declined!! It was my job to ferry the Cowboy up the hill, he would then walk down, stringing wire, pounding posts, etc. My job was to ride the ATV to the bottom, retrieve my dear husband and take him back to the top for the next stage. And I pounded three fence posts for him–I can still do it! It’s HOT, the bugs are awful and my poor husband worked so hard today.

So, it’s been an incredibly busy week and the next week does not appear to be shaping up any differently!


16 thoughts on “An Unexpected Trip

  1. Those mountains are just so spectacular. With all my travels, I don’t think I have ever actually made the Beartooth Highway route, on my bucket list. OF course you took a day off. When in Montana it is imperative to play in the mountains. Then again, I really don’t miss all those mosquitoes. I remember working in them in parts of Northern Idaho that were horrendous. They love the big timber, and not the kind that is in Arizona! Enjoy your Montana time, you know it will be over too quickly, or maybe not quickly enough?


  2. Beautiful pictures. Good for us hot, dry folks to see!
    What are you camping in now… ha…lost count.
    Fencing is hard work. Hopefully your Cowboy doesn’t have
    knee or hip problems. Cheers for a cooler rest of summer❣️


  3. I love that you took off spontaneously for a trip with friends! You work hard, and you also know how to playl. That’s the best balance in life. Your photos of the mountains are just gorgeous. But the heat and the mosquitoes make for tough working conditions. We’ve been using a natural insect repellent called Ranger Ready that has worked well in Florida and now in our travels in the Great Lakes. I was dreading the mosquitoes here, but so far, so good!


  4. Sounds like a fun spur of the moment trip. Beautiful photos. but….mosquitos, ewww. I have a very low tolerance for them these days


  5. Amazing views in your neck of the woods! spur of the moment trips are so fun and much easier….all the fun with very little planning and preparing. Three fence posts…were you sore? You go girl!


  6. Your photos from the ride are spectacular!! I do miss that part of the country. Guess it’s time for a return visit. Love, love anything Beartooth! Oh, but mosquitoes…no! Glad the fencing workout and you survived to tell us about it.


    1. The Beartooth highway is still closed for flood damage work. It’s incredible how much damage that flood caused–houses in Red Lodge, Montana with flood waters up to the ceilings! We seldom have mosquitoes at home but get out into the mountains where there is standing water and snow banks–the mosquitoes come out in force!


  7. It will be nice if you can move the haying off the summer chores list! Sounds like the fence repair was more than enough work for the whole season – eesh. Glad you had a fun spontaneous mountain adventure with good friends. Just the thought of mosquitos ruins a trip for me, they love me and nothing seems to keep them all away. Beautiful pics.


    1. WordPress is doing squirrelly things–I know I replied to your comment–we will see if this makes a double reply! That fence building was more than enough work for the entire summer!!! I have to use a deet product, the natural repellants I’ve tried don’t work for me.


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