July 4th Excitement

Last Sunday we spent the evening at Lonn’s with the rest of the gang enjoying a great dinner. The kiddos couldn’t wait until dark to light their fireworks and neither could the adults 🤩! It was fun watching Brooks and Millie’s excitement.

Watching from a safe distance! See how Millie is dressed,–socks, shoes, leggings under her skirt, long sleeves on top. Seems last year a sparkler attacked her and she is very wary of fireworks now–covering up any skin that might catch a spark!

Getting a bit more brave but still screaming, “run, run!”

July 4th we were invited to Nancy and Geoff’s house for a fantastic celebration–good friends, great food and oh my goodness does Geoff know how to put on a fireworks display! We played games on the lawn, sat by the fire, chatted and when it was dark enjoyed one of the best fireworks displays.

I’ve harvested 9 pounds of rhubarb so far–two rhubarb pies, two batches of rhubarb scones and three bags of four cups rhubarb each in the freezer. And there is more rhubarb growing!

Wednesday I had my third hyalgan injection in my knee–it’s a series of three injections, one each week for three weeks. We ran a few errands dropping off the Cowboy’s custom hat at Law Dog Hat Company for cleaning and re-shaping, stopping at Al’s Bootery to order new boots for the husband, a quick Costco run and a Walmart grocery pickup. There was little time for lunch so we had a Costco hot dog. While sitting at one of the tables in the food court another couple wandered by looking for a place to sit, asking if they could sit with us. They had been on an extended driving vacation from Boise, Idaho to North Dakota and Chicago–they were on their way back home to Boise. They said lunching at various Costco stores along the way is something they enjoy doing–who knew!!

The Cowboy has worked on the flatbed, changed the oil in various machines, sprayed weeds and even cut a bit of hay. I’ve done some usual and customary chores–laundry, cleaning, bathing the Emmi girl, and I even finished Louanne’s quilt. Still have to apply the binding–photos to come.

Oops–this isn’t going to work. He wanted to place the flatbed onto that heavy metal table then pick up both with the forks of the skidsteer.
Coming at the problem from a different direction–he crawls around on that equipment like a monkey–makes me nervous!

Sunday we made a quick run into Big Timber for gas and fuel for various vehicles and equipment. Our bright yellow Jeep Wrangler is our run around on dirt/rock roads vehicle. We take it to Lonn’s every time we go. The Jeep is hardly ever driven to town so the Cowboy uses this battery operated fuel pump to transfer gas from a container into the jeep. That gadget is a marriage saver! When the Cowboy would try to pour gas from a container into the jeep’s tank the gas would drip onto the sides of the jeep, the Cowboy’s shoes, etc. Then I would have to smell it during whatever journey we were taking. UGH! This fuel pump runs off two “D” batteries, a nozzle goes into the container and a hose with fill handle goes into the jeep’s gas tank opening. It’s quick and mess free–a marriage saver!!

This is Magnolia, my great niece, my brother and his wife’s first grandchild. My nephew Clayton asked his grandmother/my Mom is she would make Magnolia a dress, he wanted something for this little girl that his grandmother had made. My Mom is a seamstress extraordinaire! She made all our clothing where we were growing up, made my first wedding dress, has made wedding and bridesmaid dresses for other people and now when her grandson asks, she made a little dress and hat. Magnolia’s Vivy (my sister in law) took this photo. So sweet!



12 thoughts on “July 4th Excitement

  1. What a sweet keepsake for Magnolia…and I love her hat. I don’t think there is anything you and your Mom can’t do. Does your sister share in all this talent too? Millie is too cute…I’m a wee bit nervous around fire works myself. It’s good she is aware of the danger. I’m telling Joe about the battery operated fuel pump to transfer gas…the smell of gas makes me nauseous…thanks for that info! Have a wonderful week Janna…looking forward to seeing the quilt. Gay


    1. Crafting wise I think you are right–we can’t crochet but we sure can knit–it’s satisfying to create. And no, my poor sister was left out of the creative genes–but she can cook, loves her chickens, is an amazing pastor’s wife, works so hard, is so giving/loving and I love her to pieces. My brother is like Mike–can do anything, fix anything, build anything and I love him to pieces too! And yes, the smell of gasoline–instant headache, nauseous!


  2. Love it when the littles are good at problem solving, like Millie’s clothing choice for fireworks! Lonn’s place is just gorgeous. Sounds like you had a wonderful time for your 4th. Then back to busy, busy!! Oh yeah, I’d be nervous watching him with that project!!


    1. Lonn does live in a gorgeous area just about 15 minutes from us as the crow flies, about 45 minutes by road. Some of the things my dear husband tackles give me more gray hair!


  3. I was thinking the same as Jodee, that Lonn’s place is beautiful. How wonderful that they are only 45 minutes from you! Looks like you had a festive Fourth of July….I was laughing at your description of Millie yelling, “Run, run!” LOL

    That photo of Magnolia in her little dress and hat is darling. It’s so sweet that your mom made that for her. I have wonderful memories of my mom making all of our clothing, too. And upholstering our furniture! I kind of got stuck when it came to putting in zippers, and my sewing career ended there. Honestly, I think it was just easier to rely on my mom!


    1. Mom never taught me to sew or cook–I did learn a lot by watching her. I bought a sewing machine when I was about 19 and was off and running. Learned to quilt when I was about 37 years old and learned to knit during covid. I still hate to insert zippers!!


  4. I did notice Millie’s long skirt. Now I understand why. Smart girl. I love the long necked sparklers. I’ve never seen it before. The stick was never that long back in the day. What fun for the kids. Glad you had a nice 4th with friends. I noticed Magnolia’s outfit before I read your narrative. How sweet that your nephew asked your mom to make the outfit. Love the daisies. I, too, had a wonderful seamstress growing up that made most of our clothes including my wedding dress and veil, as well as, most of the bridesmaid dresses. The gene didn’t pass to me…haha!


  5. Boots and a custom hat…what better description of the Cowboy could there be. I loved seeing all that green green grass as a backdrop for the home fireworks show. Such fun. The kids looked so happy, and I think the adult kids were happy as well. Great story for a family Fourth of July, Janna. Loved reading about it.


    1. We have to worry about fireworks and fires most years but not this one–still very green in Montana but with the temps we are having now, it won’t stay green for long.


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