What A Week

As I type this post on Sunday morning I am weary but happy! It’s been the best of weeks!! Friends visiting, ATV trips, visits with family–the best of summer!

On the 20th, I realized my husband was going to be gone for a few days the next week and came up with an idea texting my friend Kelly asking if she was up for a last minute trip. With temps in her hometown hovering near 100 degrees and us still using the heating in the mornings, Kelly said “yes” very quickly!

I had another knee injection appointment this past Monday, the 27th, retrieved Kelly from the airport, had lunch and headed home to the mountains. We enjoyed a dinner of carne asada tacos and homemade ice cream. When Kelly and I are together Dairy Queen blizzards are a thing. With no Dairy Queen in sight for over 50 miles, we compromised. Homemade ice cream sprinkled with Butterfinger crumbles–mighty good!

Tuesday morning Kelly, Emmi and I headed for our closest tourist attraction–Natural Bridge. Over the years readers have seen so many photos of this attraction but oh well–it’s still a beautiful spot. Remember I posted a photo taken by a local resident on June 13 when the flooding was happening–

When Kelly, Emmi and I were hiking around on Tuesday, June 28, here was how the falls appeared–

Quite a difference in water flow over a few days! The river only “went over the top” as we locals say for less than 24 hours then it was again flowing through the hole–

When we returned from our sightseeing expedition, the Cowboy was packed and ready to go. He was joining several high school friends in White Sulphur Springs for a little getaway. Kelly and I gathered our knitting supplies and made some progress on those projects we started last summer when she visited. We chatted and laughed, catching up on life. Good friends are a blessing–you can be away from each other for a year and pick up right where you left off. Soon we hope the other two ladies of our Kimberly-Clark working days can join us for one of these gatherings.

Wednesday we were on the road early heading for Big Timber and coffee at the Greycliff Mill with Jeane and Jill. The folks at the in town bakery and at the Mill know how to bake–that lemon/raspberry scone we had was amazing!!! After coffee Kelly and I drove to Livingston for a bit of shopping and lunch. The north entrance to Yellowstone National Park reached by traveling from Livingston to Gardiner, Montana is still closed due to the flooding. Livingston is feeling the effects of that closure with way less people and traffic on the streets, in the shops and restaurants.

Back home to one little glad to see us pooch we gathered our knitting, had a light dinner and spent more time reminiscing. Just after 8p I said, “let’s go for a walk up into the hayfields.”  I am so glad we did!! As we walked up the hill I took the following photo. We walked a little more and turned around to see how the clouds were progressing to see the photos below which Kelly took. We stood in awe watching the skies change–what an amazing show!!

The following photos were taken by Kelly using her iPhone 13 and there is no comparison to the ones I took with my Canon Powershot!–no comparison!

Selfies are hard but after many tries we succeeded!

Thursday morning the fun was over and we were on the road to the airport bright and early with Miss Emmi traveling along. The Cowboy was waiting for us when we returned. Kelly had no issues with her travel on Delta.

Friday the Cowboy worked on that truck flatbed. I drove up to check on a neighbor/friend’s kitties and then walked 3 miles. That dang Kelly looks so great she has inspired me to walk and try to lose some of the weight I’ve gained over the years! My hip is feeling great and my knee is improving with each injection–one more to go.

Saturday we were loaded and out the door early as in 7am off on another adventure–ATVing with friends in the Little Belt mountains north of us. It was a fabulous day spent with great friends and new friends. The weather was iffy all day and on the way back to the rigs it rained–we were just a touch damp when we reached the trucks/trailers.

Sunday was a day spent catching up on a few chores. Late afternoon we headed over the hill to Lonn’s house for a little July 4th celebration with the family. I made another strawberry rhubarb pie and it was again delicious–I’ve mastered this pie crust business!

Digital Camera

The above photos were taken with our game camera which is located just across the deck bridge. The bear photo made me laugh–he appears to be rolling his eyes!!

Happy July 4th everyone–hope you’ve had a great weekend!




21 thoughts on “What A Week

  1. You did have a busy week. You still have a lot of water flowing from Natural Bridge. Of course nothing like a few weeks ago. Someone else posted photos on fb with his iPhone 13 and the unbelievable zoom. We are do for a new phone and are thinking this may be it. Do you know if your friend had the Pro or Pro Max? The Pro is suppose to be a little smaller than the Pro Max which is quite large but have the same camera. Glad you decided to go for that walk.


  2. It all sounds splendid! Friends, eating, sightseeing, eating, talking, eating!! Love the photos and hope your joints improve!


    1. I am so improved Geri–not only did the injections help but I started taking collagen and I swear it’s helping–and you know me, I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to “natural” supplements, etc.!


  3. And your post made my heart sing! What a fun week…an old friend, family, laughter, adventures, and wildlife in your very own back yard. I get excited just to see the occasional coyote, I would absolutely go crazy excited if I saw a bear! Gay


  4. I know exactly what you mean about the delight of picking right up with old friends as though no time has passed. The photo of you two is great…and all of the landscape photos are gorgeous. It’s hard to believe those were taken with an iPhone! My iPhone7 certainly doesn’t produce pics like that. Gives me something to think about for the future when this phone croaks.

    So glad to hear that your knee and hip are feeling good enough for you to get out for long walks. 🙂


    1. I too have an iPhone 7 and it doesn’t even compare. It feels so good to be pain free–regular aches and pains that come with age–but not that relentless pain with every movement. Are you enjoying your trip?


  5. Your countryside is just stunning as are the pics- so great to enjoy with special friends & even better with knee & hip not an aggravation.So ,Mike goes such great work,a picture of that flatbed would just be timely,lol.All the best.


  6. Sounds like a wonderful summer! So fun when friends come to visit – especially for a spontaneous adventure 🙂 Fab pics with that phone, but can you make a call??


    1. Actually we can make cell phone calls–not from that location where the photo was taken but up in the hayfield–but in the house using wi-fi calling. Technology is a wonderful thing!! So far it’s been a wonderful summer–temps are rising this week but that to be expected as it’s almost the middle of July.


  7. I am a regular reader; first time commenter. My husband’s ancestors are buried in White Sulfur Springs (his great- grandparents). There last name is Catlin and part of there ranch – called Catlin Ranch – belongs to Galt Ranch now. We hope to someday see the Ranch and graves.


  8. I am a regular reader; first time commenter. My husband’s ancestors are buried in White Sulfur Springs (his great- grandparents). Their last name is Catlin and part of their ranch – called Catlin Ranch – belongs to Galt Ranch now. We hope to someday see the Ranch and graves.


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