What Did We Do This Week

Last week I had so much to tell you and this week I was late starting this post leaving me to think, “what did we do this week.” The flood recovery efforts continue in Montana–it will be a long, difficult road. We’ve had near perfect spring/summer weather–warm days, clear blue skies and the occasional thunderstorm bringing a little moisture.

Monday and Wednesday we were in Billings–I had two appointments which should have been done on the same day but that didn’t happen.

So, Monday I had my knee injected and on Wednesday I had my hip injected under fluoroscopy by a skilled PA at Billings Clinic. Today I told the Cowboy that I felt like crying happy tears–for the first time in almost two years I don’t have hip pain. It’s a life changer to have pain relief!

We have an older Cadillac SRX and while in Billings on Wednesday we kept hearing and feeling a grinding noise. Once we made it home, the Cowboy ran the car up onto blocks and took it apart finding the problem–we needed a new drive shaft carrier bearing. Who knew Amazon sold such items??? The part was delivered Thursday and installed–success–it’s nice to have a mechanic in the house!

Our lilac tree had more blossoms than usual–the backyard smelled so good!

Saturday was a busy day. It was the annual rodeo weekend Sweet Grass Fest in our small town. Vendors, car show, parade and a picnic in the park with friends Sarge and Sarah. It was a fun filled, great day.

A parade isn’t a parade without horses!

And a certain friend and her class were having their 50th class reunion this weekend–she is on this float and they were having a good time!

Saturday evening we had a fabulous evening at the home of friends Lesley and Ken. Good food, good friends and great conversation.

Lawn mowing, weed whacking, working on the flatbed, grading the driveway–all the other chores that were done this week.

Life is good!

Balsam root blooming turning the hillside yellow.




19 thoughts on “What Did We Do This Week

  1. Dave is so envious of you – you have lilacs! I’m glad you have some relief, pain really wears you down and make you (makes ME) feel years older than I am….ugh.
    Love the old cars!


  2. So glad you have some relief from hip and knee pain. My face is healing nicely from the Mohs proceedure. Had stitches removed from my back on Thursday. Tom is driving truck hauling corn. We are busy making plans for our trip to Alaska. Life is good.


    1. Glad to hear you are healing well Sandy–Mike has managed to avoid Mohs this summer–so far! Gotta keep these men working don’t we! We hope you really enjoy your Alaska trip!


  3. Sounds like a nice, simple week without any drama. Easy or at least doable repairs, fun times with friends and good weather. Who could ask for more.


  4. I’m so excited. We actually got some rain today and maybe a little more tonight. Not enuf to make a difference but the plants were swaying with joy. Lilacs are one of my favorite. Reminds me of my grandma’s back yard and simpler times. Really glad to hear that the shots were able to give you such relief. I miss having my mechanic/handyman around.


  5. I noticed the sign on that float, “I am not as good as I once was,” LOL!!! So glad that you have relief from both your knee and your hip pain. And I laughed at you saying how good it is to have a mechanic in the house…you need to include builder/carpenter/electrician/plumber/tile setter/furniture maker/finder of good stuff on Craig’s List/and more…


  6. What a blessing these shots are. Had one in my
    lower back. Great results, prayers too.🤗
    Those small rains sound good to us….so much
    of Calif needs rain.
    Hurray for that Cowboy and his knowledge in so
    many areas. Your a good team!


  7. The lilacs are wonderful ! And I am so happy you have much needed relief. I love the small town/community events like the one you described with the parade, rodeo and car show…so much fun! Life is good Janna! Gay


    1. Driving was the worst–Mike was doing almost all the driving as it just hurt my hip too much. Today I drove all the way to Billings with no pain–happy dance!!! Life is good!


  8. So much more than a mechanic that Michael!! I agree you are so lucky to have lilacs in your yard 🙂 Pain relief is such a boost, hope it lasts forever. “But I’m as good once as I ever was!” perfect for a 50 year reunion (mine next year!) Glad you’re still getting some moisture.


  9. So glad you got some pain relief. Did you have gel in the knee? Cortisone in the hip? I love the smell of fresh lilacs. Beautiful tree. Nothing like a small town parade. Horses are a must! Michael to the rescue once again!!


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