Spring In Montana

Clouds, rain, wind, sun, clouds, rain, etc.–it’s spring in Montana–what else can I say! My newly planted petunias are doing well in the cooler more moist air. This time of year we live in a jungle of aspen trees and the grass grows an inch by the day!–

Our little Emmi girl turned 13 on Tuesday. She is at present doing better than she has in the last couple years. We seem to have hit upon a medication regime that keeps her issues under control. We are so fortunate to have excellent veterinarians that listen to us both in Arizona and in Montana.

We are busy getting ready for a trip–moved the little travel trailer closer to the house so loading is easier and turned on the refrigerator. RV refrigerators are such fickle creatures plus expensive to replace–I always hold my breath until we are sure the dang things are cooling! Here’s a funny story–in all the RVs we’ve owned over the years–many, many–we’ve replaced one refrigerator which was in our third RV and third 5th wheel.

We were staying the winter in a RV resort near San Antonio, Texas when the weather turned nasty as it can in the south. An ice storm moved in dumping an incredible amount of freezing rain, closing roads and freeways and effectively isolating our RV resort for five days. The resort was on a lake at the bottom of a ridiculously steep hill–there was no way anyone was coming in or going out of that place with ice on the roads. And our refrigerator died. It was cold enough that I just left stuff sitting on the picnic table outside. Other cold items and frozen food went into a refrigerator in the lodge which the resort owners were kind enough to let us use. Getting up to the lodge to retrieve anything was a touch difficult–I don’t ice skate–and that ice was treacherous!!

The Cowboy had located and purchased a refrigerator and had lined up help for removing the original one. But we had to wait until the ice melted enough for someone in a delivery truck to bring us the new refrigerator. All was well in the end after the ice melted and amazingly the resort did not lose power the entire time.

Here are a few photos of the feathered friends visiting our feeders this time of year–




16 thoughts on “Spring In Montana

  1. Such a great refrigerator story! I always hold my breath, too, when we’re preparing for a trip and I turn the RV fridge on and wait for it to cool. When yours croaked, you were lucky that you could just leave food out on the picnic table! That would not work in Florida right now. Or ever, haha. We loaded up and headed out today, and so far, so good! Emmi is so adorable…those ears!! :-)) P.S. Where are you going?


    1. See the comment above I left Gay–maybe soon RV refrigerator problems will be a thing of the past! Safe travels! We took our yearly trip to the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range near Lovell, WY. Not far from home and we had a great time in spite of the weather.

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  2. The buntings are beautiful! I would think most RVers have a dreaded fear that the Fridge is going to die. Ours did…one winter in Tucson we lived out of a cooler with ice for three weeks. No ice cream means trips to the Dairy Queen! Emmi is so cute. I sure hope to meet her one day. And so happy she is doing so well. Aspen trees are one of my favorite trees…how nice to have them in your backyard.


    1. On our recent trip, friends were talking about the new RV they are considering–it has a 12 volt fridge that runs with a 300 watt solar panel on the RV roof. For a RV refrigerator the inside is huge as there are not parts at the rear taking up space. Will be interesting to see!


  3. Beautiful birds visiting you! So colorful, they can’t help but cause a smile! Happy Birthday to little Emmi….Lewis is just a few days behind her. Our petunias (the one’s I carry along with us) are struggling in this grey and wet weather….I think they are Arizona flowers at heart! Enjoy your trip…where are you going?


    1. We only went about 2.5 hours from home to the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range near Lovell, Wyoming. Two other couples camped with us and a huge group joined us just for Saturday. We had a very enjoyable time in spite of the weather! Happy Birthday Lewis!


  4. Loved your birds. Often I see buntings come through but this year somehow I missed them. Still looking for our orioles as well, but the western tanagers, a few bluebirds, and the hummers are all keeping us busy. Love the color of aspens in that spring lime green almost as much as I love their fall gold. 13?!! where does the time go. Emmi girl looks pretty darn good for an old lady. Wish I could say the same for me.


  5. The coldest we’ve been in our travels was in Southern Texas – and the only park we’ve ever been in that the power went out was San Antonio!! Hope the storm that devastated Yellowstone passed you by without issue. Glad Emmi is doing so well 🙂


    1. We are high and dry here Jodee but the Yellowstone River area is a disaster. Major bridges gone, houses swept away in the flood, entire communities flooded. It’s sad–a huge economic loss at the start of the summer.


  6. Can’t wait to hear where you’re going! It’s always fun to get away…but a lot of work. Oh, well, we’re retired! Cute photo of Emmi:) Happy Belated Birthday. I love the colorful birds. I think we all hold our breath with our frig. I know I do every time.


  7. Jana, Thinking of you, and I hope you and the Cowboy are doing ok with this extreme weather!! Stay safe!!


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