Welcome Rain

The construction work continues–the young men who were at our house digging the trenches for the fiber optic cable would make you have faith in the younger generation. They probably weren’t even 30 years old, brothers and such entrepreneurs! They own the mini excavator and lease the vac truck.  They arrived before 8am each morning and left after 5pm. And, they didn’t cut any electrical, phone or water lines–that’s a good thing!

We had a couple beautiful days this week and then much welcomed rain. The rain has made a muddy mess of our driveway where the construction crews dug and Emmi has to have her paws washed each time she comes in. It’s a good thing she is tiny–into the mud room sink she goes. As you can tell from my attire, it is not warm–I’m wearing gloves and a hat under that hood. Cute foot wear–right!!

We’ve stayed home all week except for a quick trip to town to pick up a medication refill for Emmi girl. My orthopedic surgeon called to go over the findings of the MRI I had on my hip which saved us a trip to Billings. I have bursitis which is what the surgeon suspected and there really isn’t any treatment for it other than physical therapy which hasn’t helped or injecting it. I have an appointment to have the hip injected under fluoroscopy later in June.

The Cowboy has been busy, really busy! He wants to replace the box on our truck with a flatbed and decided to build the flatbed instead of purchasing one. He’s built many a flatbed so he knows what he is doing but he’s never built one on a truck with a back up camera–we shall see how this goes! Steel for flatbeds is heavy and he comes in the house each evening mighty weary. Today he installed air bags on the truck and changed the oil–he’s a busy man!

I have a quilt on the longarm–imagine that–it’s been a while! Thirty plus years ago Louanne started a cross stitch bedspread, found it while packing for their move this past summer and finished the cross stitching this winter. I’m in the process of quilting the piece.

This is a very short little clip of Emmi playing with a “stick”–something she loves to do.

No photo description available.

The above photo was taken by a member of our community, John Novotny. This is the tree covered, beautiful, peaceful cemetery in our community. On this Memorial Day weekend we thank all those who died in service to this country, those who served and are still serving. It’s a sad Memorial Day weekend–the war in Ukraine rages on and the death of those innocent children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas makes my heart break.

24 thoughts on “Welcome Rain

  1. I see there’s a winter snow advisory for the Bighorns!!
    I’m surprised Emmi has any teeth left, after killing so many sticks!
    Nice to hear there’s some ambitious young people!!
    The quilting is marvelous!!!


    1. Yes, 1-3 feet of snow above 8000 feet. I’m glad we are just getting rain. We’ve had an inch since noon today! Emmi’s front teeth are quite worn. Thanks about the quilting–I’m having fun–it’s been a while.


  2. All that for fiber to one house? We can’t even get fiber in our neighborhood. Proud for you, though a bit envious. Yes, it has been a very sad week. Bless the little children ….


    1. Oh you just don’t know Jerry! Our Triangle Telephone Company which is a local co-op provides the most amazing service for us rural Montana people. We’ve had high speed DSL for years–and you’ve seen where we live. Now they are installing fiber optic every where up the Boulder–over hills, rocks, under culverts and bridges–it’s amazing to see the equipment the contractors have. Michael’s son lives about 40 minutes from us and has Quest for his telephone use. Quest will do nothing to provide internet to those folks. For the longest time Lonn had dial up, then expensive, limited data satellite. He now has one of the Starlink satellites thanks to the owners of the ranch. My family in Arkansas live 10 miles from a town of 5000 people and have no internet–they use expensive cell phone data packages. We do indeed know how lucky we are!!


  3. I like your rain boots. I had some I used way too much in Georgia especially taking children to load the buses after school. You and Emmi are twins…pink suits you both! The quilt is very pretty. And the lighted path lined with flags is beautiful!


  4. Oh my gosh, that quilt and your quilting is beautiful.
    I to envy you getting fiber. A company started installing it 4 miles from us, but went the opposite direction. Rumor is 2 years they will go our direction.


  5. Michael is just too talented. Glad he found a project to keep him busy. Can’t wait to see the finished truck bed. You are a good match with your talents, as well. That quilt is coming out so nice. Beautiful. Emmi is really beating up that stick. You go girl!


  6. I love love love that photo of you overlooking the green hills. Love it. The video of Emmi is really cute. I love that we can video our dogs and laugh at their antics over and over. And wow, just wow, at that beautiful quilting. As a recipient of a few of your masterpieces, I count myself as one of the lucky ones.


    1. It’s so easy these days to video and upload that video. I’m always taking photos of Mike doing what I call “surveying his domain” and yesterday I handed him the camera and said take my photo. Thanks–I’m loving the look of this antique-ish quilt. At times I think I will sell the longarm then I or a friend (and I count you as a friend!) needs something quilted I’m glad I still have the machine.


  7. Sure wish we could see some of that rain down here. But it’s only in the low 90s today so I am not complaining. I love Emmi the stick killer. I miss having my handyman around. Hope the injection helps your cranky hip. And that quilt is gorgeous.


  8. That is such a peaceful photo of you looking out at the mountains. And I love your hot pink boots!! The video of Emmi makes me smile…and I can use some lightheartedness these days in this world that can sometimes be so painful. You and Michael are such a good match. I’ve said it before, but truly, I don’t think there is anything that the two of you can’t do.


  9. Rural Telephone Co-ops are the best. We have had fiber for 2 or maybe 3 yrs now. Yet the large town near us is only getting fiber now because our rural phone co-op bought out the phone service that was located there.
    Your quilting is amazing and so is the cross stitiching.


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