They Came Back

The lazuli buntings came back. In our first house on this ranch, the one down by the road, we had dozens of the little colorful buntings. When we moved to this house we didn’t have as many–maybe the birds liked the open space around the feeders at the other house. The buntings arrived about May 6th last year, usually they hit our feeders about May 13th–this year they were late and making me worry I had offended them or they didn’t like our seed!

If you have to clean ditches it helps to have a view such as this–

Can you spot the Cowboy in the excavator? He was cleaning a section of our irrigation ditch that runs through the neighbor’s property.

Monday the wheels turned again–I joined Jill and Jeane for coffee in town then the Cowboy and I made a wild goose chase to the small Montana community of Amsterdam. We went to look at a Country Coach motorhome. We’ve missed our Country Coach motorhome and on one hand wish we had never sold it. This Country Coach was white (John Brown) and four feet shorter than our original one. It was in reasonable shape for its age and was classic Country Coach–real wood cabinets, good carpet, all the bells and whistles. But we talked ourselves out of owning another motorhome that large and came home without the RV.

Tuesday it was the Cowboy’s turn to socialize and he had lunch with a gang of guys from high school days. He didn’t get home until almost 4pm–I thought maybe someone had absconded with him but no, he was enjoying himself. I worked myself to the bone on Tuesday with him gone–I weeded the backyard flower bed, sprayed weeds, mowed the grass, blew the leaves off the decks, and did laundry. I was exhausted!

Our telephone and internet is provided by a local co-op, Triangle Telephone. We live remote and have the best internet–and it’s about to get even better! They are installing fiber optic lines in our neck of the woods!! Lots of huge equipment and people! Lots of activity!

Thursday was another Billings day. We shopped for a washer and dryer finding a washer in stock at Lowe’s and the dryer should be delivered in 10 days or less–fingers crossed. We enjoyed a good lunch and made a small Costco run. Late in the afternoon found us in the medical center area where I endured a MRI on my cranky hip. No results until next Thursday when I see the surgeon again. I’m claustrophobic and unlike when I had the knee MRI, this time my head was almost all the way inside the machine. I had to talk to myself to remain calm–that was a long, long 20 minutes!

Friday was a weather day–a patch of sun at times, rain/sleet/snow/wind and stinking cold temps. Saturday we woke to a temperature of 25 degrees but at least the sun was shining–for a while.

Sunday we traveled to Billings again for a graduation party for our youngest granddaughter Kristen who now has her associates degree in nursing, has a job at Billings Clinic and will continue her education to obtain a BSN. The greats were in attendance with their Mom and Dad as was Lonn. It was a very pleasant afternoon with good company and good food.

Saturday evening the Cowboy saw some western art prints for sale on Craigslist located in Billings. We made arrangements to see the prints before the party today. The woman of the house had a distinct accent–

Can you tell me where she was from looking at these two flags?? She has a daughter, son in law and two grandchildren in Ukraine, in Kyiv. They are OK at present and are trying to make their way to the United States. The woman and I were in tears as she was talking about her family. She has other relatives still in Ukraine also.  This woman and her American husband spoke of the strength of the Ukrainian people–may their strength prevail and Putin be sent back to Russia in disgrace!


27 thoughts on “They Came Back

  1. I go for a cardiac MRI almost yearly and in the over 20 years I have been doing it I confess I have yet to see the top of that dang culvert. Just the feel of it squeezing my shoulders as they deliver me into that tube shivers my timbers.


    1. I’m not sure I could do it if I couldn’t see out the top and feel a bit of space around me. I’ve sedated people going for MRIs–I guess there is that option.


  2. As always your a busy couple, I love it!
    Your local pictures are beautiful, especially since
    we are so dry and getting warmer. Many signs in the
    surrounding orchards is, pray for rain.
    My heart aches for this lady and her Children in
    the Ukraine and for all the people there.🙏
    Hoping for a good result from the MRI….. maybe
    an easy fix!


    1. Yep, all four of them–not sure where we are hanging them but liked them all so they came home with us. Our Arizona home needs art work–maybe some of the prints will travel to AZ.


  3. Boy, you have had the weather since you’ve returned. But that’s how May goes most places. Even we’ve had 30 degree swings twice. Very strange. While the snow at your place is not pleasant, it sure makes those mountains beautiful. Love the photo with Michael in the distance.

    I’m sure it was very sad listening to the poor woman discuss her family in Ukraine. My parents lived and worked in Kharkiv, Ukraine off and on for a couple years. They developed a close friendship with one of the professors at the university my mother taught at in Kharkiv. Luckily, the couple were able to get out and are now living with their daughter/SIL in Sweden. I’ve been able to get in touch with them. It is so hard for them to think about maybe never being able to return to their home since they are in their 70’s. It’s just such an unbelievable event in today’s world.


  4. You two sure do stay busy is an understatement! I’m much like you…it is so satisfying to check things off the list. Fingers crossed your dryer is delivered on time. You have a beautiful little slice of heaven at your Montana home. Spectacular! Congrats to Kristen!


  5. Wow! fiber out where you live is amazing. Seems like they are going into more remote areas and we are still stuck with cable. At least we have cable. I remember when I didn’t and do appreciate it. The buntings are so gorgeous, glad they came back. I laughed out loud (sorry Janna) when I saw you two went to look at another motorhome. You have revolving rigs, or used to. Also laughed with you as I saw you decided against buying another RV big rig. Still, it is fun to look. Mo and I are doing our best to make ours last another 5 years. Mo thinks maybe she doesn’t want to keep going and maintaining the rig after she turns 87 or so. Ah well. We will see how it goes. She promised that when she sells the RV eventually we will get a new Lexus to replace our trusty 2003 Lexus that we adore. Times change and so do priorities!


    1. It is fun to look at RVs! Our experience with hotel rooms has made us think traveling by RV again might be a good idea, especially as long as we have Emmi. My family in Arkansas lives 10 miles from a town of 7000 people and they have NO internet. They use expensive cell phone data plans. No plans to install fiber optics in their area. And here we are with a small, local telephone co-op and we are getting fiber!


  6. Such beautiful mountains!! It’s always fun to check out motorhomes even if you drive away without it. I agree it’s hard to imagine having family in the war zone. It just seems so unreal in 2022! You’re still keeping crazy busy every day, girl!


  7. Your view of those snow-dusted mountains is just stunning! Even if you do have to endure some cold weather to get that beauty in your backyard. 🙂 And I love your Lazuli Bunting! I was kind of wishing that you bought that motorhome and that maybe you would come visit us in Florida. 😀

    As far as Putin, I agree with Vera. He is crazy and evil. We’re trying to help through donations of food and medical supplies…I just hope the Ukrainians can prevail, as you said.


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