Last Tuesday Louanne drove us to Tucson and we checked into yet another crummy hotel. Wednesday morning we were out the door very early and by about 1pm we were in Montana. Emmi was a trooper, sleeping most of the way. Warm, sunny Montana. Lonn was kind enough to retrieve us from the airport, we had a great lunch and purchased a few groceries then headed for home.

No surprises at the house, all is well. Grass is starting to turn green, no leaves on the trees and lots of weeds popping their ugly heads out of the ground.

Thursday the Cowboy drove to Lonn’s and retrieved the cargo trailer we sent home with him when he visited us in Arizona. I stayed home and tried to bring some order to the house plus I made lunch. We are back in the land of doughy tortillas–about the only thing available in Montana is Mission brand tortillas and neither of us will eat them. So–I made tortillas and they are delicious. We had bean burritos for lunch.

We did have a visitor–judging by the size of his feet he/she was a big visitor! The Cowboy thinks it was a black bear but isn’t totally certain. The game camera went up today–maybe we will catch the bear strolling by again??

Friday we had a treat–an invitation to dinner at Lonn’s. I contributed the cake, the kiddos provided the rest of the delicious meal–

Our little ones are growing–Brooks celebrated his sixth birthday in April and received a great birthday present which he LOVES!

The Cowboy has been doing some leather work, tooling himself a belt as he left in Arizona the one he usually wears everyday.🙃We’ve been walking Emmi, I’ve been feeding us and puttering with a bit of spring cleaning. I was disappointed to not find someone who could spring clean for me this year–everyone is just too busy and booked solid.

The past two days have been chilly with rain/snow. No complaining in this household–we will take very last bit of moisture mother nature sees fit to send our way.

Happy Mother’s Day!




19 thoughts on “Montana

  1. I’ve heard of people putting bear paws on their shoes and walking around, but Not in your neighborhood! It goes from Az snakes to Mt. Bears!


  2. I don’t comment often but know I enjoy your blog. Alway nice to see pictures of beautiful Montana. Yes the northwest has been a cool & wet spring but we need the moisture.


  3. LOVE those snowy mountains! And I agree with Sue…what a little piece of heaven you have there. Joe was just saying the other day that he needs to make a belt. He loves leather working, but hasn’t done it in years.


    1. The Cowboy has not worked with leather in years–he had to consult the manual a couple times. Spring isn’t a favorite season of mine–I call it “mud” season but this year as I said, we will take all the moisture we can get. But spring does make for gorgeous photos–snow on the mountains against green grass.


  4. Beautiful Montana. Hmmm…Mission flour tortillas are all that is around too unless I get corn, which I love. I guess I didn’t know any better. Explain a non doughy flour tortilla to me


    1. Mexican made tortillas are sold everywhere in Arizona. They are thin–sometimes so thin you can almost see through the tortilla, full of flavor and tender with little brown/black spots from the grill. I too like corn tortillas but the Cowboy doesn’t. Flour tortillas are easy to make but the rolling part is hard on my arthritic hands–the Cowboy has offered to take over that chore.


  5. Happy Mother’s Day. Saw pictures of Bozeman Pass today. I still prefer our warmer weather down here. I really hope you catch a picture on your camera. Keep Emmi safe.


    1. Hey Sandie! I too prefer the warm but I was so tired of the wind, dust and the brown. It’s good to be home! Emmi girl doesn’t go outside much without one of us–too many dog eating critters in Montana.


  6. Your mountains look so beautiful! I hope you have a lovely, smoke-free summer in Montana. That’s a sweet photo of you and your mom. 🙂


  7. As I read somewhere,”Happy Women’s Appreciation Day” to you!! I love reading your emails, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful summer in beautiful Montana!!


  8. So glad you made it home without a delay. You never know with today’s pilot shortage. Love your Montana photos and the snow on the mountains. That is an awesome photo of Michael. Love Brooks new bike!


  9. Glad your transition was easy, and you’re back in the wilds of MT. Those snow covered mountains are just so pretty! Nice to have such a large sentry keeping an eye on the place in your absence. Thanks for the measurements, really shows how large they are!


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