Just A Few More Sleeps

It’s easier with no RV to load but the loose ends still need tying. And that’s what we’ve been doing.

I love the birds but geez they are such nasty critters! We have these “bump outs” on the outside of all the house windows. The bump outs are pieces of foam covered with wire and stucco is applied in a contrasting color to the rest of the house. Under the porch roofs, the birds like to sit on those bump outs and you can guess what they do. I purchased these owls to hang in the windows under the porches–we will see if that deters the little poopers!! And Wednesday with bucket, brush, water hose and ladder I managed to rid the bump outs of all the “drips” and “piles” if you know what I mean! UGH!

Tuesday morning early before the wind started I sprayed weeds for a while, fed us and drove to Tucson to pick up Louanne at the airport. The traffic was horrendous due I’m sure to the later hour. Louanne had a good time visiting family and friends and is also glad to be back in Arizona.

Speaking of wind–it’s been horrendous all over Arizona. The dust has been so bad we’ve left all our doors and windows closed. At times the mountains disappear behind a cloud of dust.

In the past the Cowboy dabbled in stained glass art. In the weekly free newspaper he noticed an ad for a person’s entire stained glass collection–tools, books, glass saws, and lots of glass. The best part–the collection was located right here in our neighborhood. The Cowboy struck a deal and brought home all of it storing it away for next season’s fun.

The Cowboy has accompanied Emmi and me on our early morning walks–we have to get out early, the little pooch hates the heat–spoiled!

The suitcases are out of storage and little piles of stuff to pack are appearing everywhere. I cleaned my closet on Thursday and took two bags of good used clothing/shoes to a friend, Karen, who will take it to the local food bank on Monday for distribution.

Saturday evening we were treated to dinner at Dan and Louanne’s. Oh my!!! The two of them outdid themselves and we waddled home. Rolled flank steak stuffed with all kinds of goodies, butter potatoes (you can figure those out by the name!) and a delicious salad. Louanne had made orange rolls–not exactly a dinner roll but leftovers came home with us for breakfast–those things are so dang good!!! I contributed a lemon meringue pie and my meringue kept its shape–finally!!!

Pie #1

AND–drum roll please–I have finally mastered the art of making a pie crust at my advanced age!! In the past I would attempt a pie crust from time to time and give up going back to purchasing my crusts from the frozen section of the grocery store. Then I met Louanne in March of 2018 and that woman can make a pie crust.

Pie crusts are not healthy eating. But we only eat pie occasionally–right?? So using lard and Crisco in a pie crust is not going to kill us! And Louanne’s time honored pie crust recipe using lard and Crisco works producing a delicious, flaky pie crust, every single time! Right before Thanksgiving one year Louanne gave me pie crust making lessons. I tried a crust a couple weeks ago and had a really hard time rolling out the dough. Louanne reminded me about the “sleeve.” It’s a cheese cloth sleeve that slides over your rolling pin and the dough doesn’t stick. She also taught me another trick. Getting the crust into the pie plate was always challenging until Louanne showed me how to roll the pie crust around the rolling pin then roll it off right into the pie plate–works like a charm every time!!

Pie #2

Lucy and Milton invited us for Sunday lunch. We again ate so well and I contributed Pie #2 to the lunch. Dan, Louanne and Linda were there also. We are saying our “see you in the fall” goodbyes. Milton is our caretaker and does such a good job making sure things stay as they should at our Arizona home.

This week our friends Angie and Ralph came over from Tombstone bearing steaks–do you see a pattern here–all we do is eat!! But they are eating healthy so we had steaks and a big salad. No appetizers, no sides and no dessert.

It’s another miserably windy day in Arizona and it’s hot–time to head north we are thinking!





23 thoughts on “Just A Few More Sleeps

  1. Oh .my!! The pies! Let’s just say I am over 65 and I can’t do a piecrust. I know what to do it just doesn’t turn out. Maybe I will try again after seeing yours!


  2. The pies look divine! My mother’s pie crust was my benchmark, but I absolutely can’t handle her dough. I’ve developed my own and it tastes good and is not hard to work with, but oh….her’s was the BEST….. Happy Trails this summer!


  3. We have begun to prepare for our trip to Wyoming for the summer, from Texas. Suitcases are out, and we’re starting to pack. Not looking forward to the drive, but dang, between the wind, and starting to get “warm”, we’re ready to go. We love summers there.


  4. Well your pies are certainly delicious looking and
    gives me hope for mine! My mom always said if
    I made them often enough I’d get good at it.
    I’m sure your ready to hit the road and on to
    cool weather. Good friends are hard to leave and I
    can tell you have many and good cooks too.
    Traveling mercies for you both!


  5. All those food items look & sound scrumptious & tough on waistlines.I was wondering if the Cowboy still had his tractor on site ,if an earth berm around part of the perimeter would deflect a lot of the prevailing wind & dust.Continue to very much enjoy your posts – safe travels.


  6. My hats ioff to you and Sue and everyone who makes a pie crust. My grandma did, but not me! Pie…any kind of pie…has always been my favorite desert. I do not like the frozen crusts but do like the crust you but in the dairy case where the biscuits are. It’s a real treat sometimes! Fingers crossed the owls do the trick! I can’t believe we have let another winter get by and haven’t gotten together for a visit. Safe travels…always look forward to your Montana home pictures, projects and adventures! Gay


    1. It’s crazy isn’t it that we live so close and still haven’t met! I was so looking forward to our February gathering but that dang covid stepped in once again. We will just have to make it happen in the fall!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What a bummer that February cancellation was! We were so looking forward to getting together!


  7. We made it back to MN last Friday and it’s been cold (40’s), windy and raining ever since. Brrrrr. After the AZ heat, especially the past couple weeks, it will take a while to get used to this. Brrrr. Not much if any field work done yet. Sorry we didn’t get to see you this past winter. Hopefully next year. Have a safe trip back to Montana. 🤗🤗🤗🤗


    1. We aren’t fooling ourselves that the weather will be perfect when we get to Montana–May is mud season in Montana! We too are sorry we missed you guys this season–next year!


  8. ah yess….the bird poop. We have a similar problem on the gables/beams that are part of our house Craftsman decor. The birds love to sit there and decorate the walkways beneath them. We purchased some plastic bird deterrents, similar to what you see on public spaces and bridges. Waiting for the rain to stop to install them, but with nowhere for the birds to sit, I am pretty sure the poop will disappear. We are also thinking about getting a fake owl to try to keep the jays away from the wren houses, but it might scare the wrens too. Don’t yet know about that one. Always something, isn’t it. That pie crust looks truly amazing. Not being a lover of meringue I can still be impressed with that perfect looking pie! I have a butter crust that I love, but do know the wonderful crusts made with lard. I even have some in the fridge in case I decide to do it again. You two fly safe and I’ll look forward to seeing you again in Montana…or somewhere anyway. Where will you be in early October?


  9. Flying certainly is so much faster than driving. Safe travels. Sure hope all goes smoothly and on time. Nothing like great food and friends. The pies look great and your pie crust is wonderful. Sounds like Michael hit the jackpot with the stain glass. Hopefully, next year will bring us all together.

    Liked by 1 person

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