A Menagerie

The Cowboy needed a new place to sit now that the recliner couch we both found to be so uncomfortable has found a new home. Monday we made a quick trip to Sierra Vista and found a recliner he loves–he’s a happy Cowboy!

Tuesday we received our second booster and had no/nada ill effects from the injection. We enjoyed lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and came home.

Several nights ago the Cowboy and Emmi went out the front door and surprised a deer. Wednesday night I took Emmi for her last outs. As we stepped onto the porch a critter ran across in front of Emmi and she gave chase–a kangaroo rat AND a mouse!! Around the corner onto the grass where I always shine the flashlight up the power poles–an owl was watching us. As Emmi was doing her thing the coyotes started singing and howling all around us. We went back inside and I told the Cowboy–“it was a dang menagerie out there tonight!

Thursday morning I was out of the house early to retrieve Louanne and take her to the airport–she is taking a little getaway trip. I returned an ugly tablecloth and stopped for a few groceries before heading home. Traffic was light but Costco was a zoo as usual!

Friday I invited Dan and our Montana friend Larry to join us for dinner. Brisket was on the menu and danged if I didn’t have another cooking failure!  Brisket was in the guest house oven in time for us to eat at about 5:30pm. Went to check the brisket at 4:30–the oven temp had only reached 270!!! We didn’t eat until 6pm but we had some great conversation!

Friday the wind started blowing just after sunrise and I don’t think we’ve ever had wind this bad. It was horrible! Huge dust clouds everywhere. Poor little Emmi needed an anchor and so did I–it was that bad! The Chiricahua Monument clocked a wind speed of 60mph Friday! A brush fire started south of us a few days ago, burning about 200 acres before our amazing local firefighters extinguished the fire caused by a person towing a trailer with dragging safety chains. There is the 20,000+ acre fire near Flagstaff, AZ probably human caused as there has been no weather events to cause fires. There was a multiple structure fire in Bisbee Friday–we haven’t read any more about this fire. It is so incredibly dry in Arizona.

This afternoon we journeyed into town to have dinner at Linda’s house–Janice was co-host/helper. We always enjoy meals at Linda’s house–she sets a beautiful table, the food is good and the company outstanding. We love our friends in this neighborhood!

It was a beautiful evening and we had such a good time.

Here’s our little cheerleader in the making–





16 thoughts on “A Menagerie

  1. The wind has been horrible everywhere this spring I think! I have a feeling that you make good friends wherever you live!


  2. That’s a beautiful photo of your home. I bet that swing gets lots of use on the side porch…what a view you have! We have met the neighbors next door and across the street…all wonderful neighbors that we could count on in a pinch to watch the house or whatever, but they are younger than us and still working. We, nor they, have made any suggestions for social activities. What a fun time you have! The night time desert critters are a bit intimidating…😬. Gay


    1. We bought that swing in North Ranch and have really used it! We are finding it hard to make friends at our age. Especially friends with like interests such as ATVing. And YES those night time critters are intimidating!


  3. We had that wind in DVNP Friday. We couldn’t even get out of the car after we finished Titus Canyon (little wind there) because the sand was blowing so hard. We had a breezy drive Friday from Beatty to Tonopah. Thank goodness it was only 90 miles. John did a great job holding on. I researched the Bisbee fire. Oh, boy! It was a grass fire that spread to homes burning two and damaging two. Plus a couple people were hurt. Darn that wind. Glad Michael got a new comfy chair. A must!!


    1. I think wind is my most detested weather happening! And driving a motorhome in wind is no fun–or so my driver tells me! 🙂 Our firefighters are amazing people–those houses in Bisbee are so close together it would be easy for that town to go up in flames!


  4. That is a lot of critters in one evening!! We have a raccoon trying to run away with our bird feeder and about 60 million squirrels. 😼 It’s a never ending battle, isn’t it? LOL. The fires and winds are frightening. And they seem to be especially bad this year all over the west. We can’t figure out when to travel west again!! I’m so glad you have such a wonderful group of friends in your neighborhood. You always seem to be having so much fun and enjoying such fabulous meals together! I can’t imagine life without good friends. (PS, I don’t know why I’m not getting notifications of your posts? I’ll just keep checking in on you.)


    1. Critter mitigation is definitely a never ending battle! We’ve been getting snow/rain in Montana so there is hope. The snowpack went from about 70% to over 100%–a very good thing! We do have good friends in this neighborhood and like you we think friends are an essential part of life. Not sure about the notification thing–I haven’t changed any settings.

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