A Proposal

This week has passed slowly. We had a great day in Tucson on Monday with good news from the Cowboy’s physician, a good lunch and very little shopping as we will head north in the next few weeks.


Tuesday morning the Cowboy was under the weather and remained that way for most of the week. We are thinking he might have had food poisoning. He is so strong and has still managed to finish tasks–a bit of drywall touch up, changed the oil in the truck, etc.

I’ve puttered–painting some of the drywall touch up, walking Emmi, painting doors–I have three exterior doors left to do. I am determined to find the time and finish these doors!

Friday and Saturday we helped with the Spring Fling at our local library. We helped erect awning tents, moved tables and chairs and also helped vendors erect their tent awnings. I baked cookies for the bake sale. Louanne manned the bake sale table and sold out!! There were bunches of cookies and baked goods–all gone! We had to be at the library by 7am Saturday–we were exhausted the rest of the day–getting up early is most definitely not on our like list!  We both find it hard to sleep knowing we have to rise early.

Saturday night my nephew Trent asked Addisan to marry him and she said yes. I love the smile this young woman puts on Trent’s face! Very exciting news in our family! Not sure who took this photo and the one below–my sister in law Vicky or niece Hannah.

My Mom with her great granddaughter Magnolia–I love this photo.

Sunday was a windy, hot day!! In the evening we all gathered around our table for another lovely meal–prime rib and all the fixings. Mo, Dan and Louanne, Larry, Janice and Linda joined us for good food and good times.

We purchased a whole prime rib for Christmas and froze half of it. It’s time to cook and eat everything in the refrigerator–so a party was in order!

It’s hard to take a photo of a black dog–you can never see their eyes–but we still think Emmi is cute! Life is good!



16 thoughts on “A Proposal

  1. Emmi is quite glamorous laying on your…ummm her beautiful rug! Glad the bake sale was a hit. I’m not surprised your cookies went fast! Congrats to your nephew and the photo of your mom and Magnolia is priceless. Glad Mike had a good report…always makes for a happy day! Gay


  2. We, too, hate to have that dreaded morning alarm hanging over our heads. Neither of us sleep well, waiting for it to jangle!


    1. That jalapeno burger at BJ’s Brewhouse is to die for Pam! The jalapenos are breaded and fried and so good. The burger has a delicious sauce too. I’ve eaten that burger at times but Monday I was just ready for something different–my chipotle salmon was also very good.


  3. Love the photos of everything. I have the same problem with Mattie, even though only her face is black. Hard to get her eyes to show up. The baby is adorable, and the sweet youth of the young engaged is heartwarming. And the hamburger? I could maybe eat a quarter of it but it sure looked good. Wait…did you say food poisoning? Was that after the burger….maybe I’ll have to rethink that one! Take care and stay well…it’s a long way back to Montana.


  4. I can’t believe it’s almost time for you to leave Arizona! I can’t believe it’s getting close to time for us to leave on our summer trip, either! 😳 Emmi is adorable, even if you can’t see her eyes. And that is a darling photo of your mom and Magnolia. So sweet to see the joyful expressions of your nephew and his bride-to-be. Your salmon and asparagus looks exactly like most of our dinners around here! Yum!


  5. Congrats to the new couple, they’re adorable. As are Mom and Magnolia! Hope Michael is feeling 100% now as you wrap up your Arizona time. Will be so nice to come south with no major projects waiting for you :-)))


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