It’s Good To Be Home

Mom and I stuck close to home the first part of the week, knitting and talking. Various family members come and go during the day and I would walk across the road to visit with my sister and brother in law. I cooked salmon for all of us on Monday evening.

The entire family lives within a mile radius of each other–my Mom, my two siblings and their children. We can almost yell at each other from the respective houses! Visiting is easy–no long distances to travel.

Thursday morning my brother Ross deposited me at the airport in Little Rock and my long day of travel began. I always am most concerned about departure and arrival times for flights I book, seldom paying attention to the layover times. That’s going to change! I had a 3.5 hour layover in Denver and Southwest was running late giving me a 4.5 hour layover–UGH!!! The Denver airport was an absolute zoo–super crowded, noisy, chaotic!

The Cowboy and Emmi were so glad to see me as I was them! Friday I had a bad case of jet lag managing to unpack the suitcases and do some laundry but that was about it.

The Cowboy has been on a mission to eliminate the critters who keep digging under our trees. The trees are watered, the ground is soft and the critters dig. So far it’s critters 0 and the Cowboy 4!!

Dan and Louanne have been having a rough go of it lately and needed the Cowboy’s expertise–plumber and mechanic skills. As a thank you they presented him with the absolute best thank you present–

Sunday afternoon we needed a few groceries and made a run to Wilcox taking advantage of that gift card and the local Dairy Queen. That’s a great thank you present!

On Friday afternoon in Arkansas they had snow–about three inches. My niece Niki took this beautiful photo with her iPhone–it’s a winner!

Sunset in Arkansas

It’s a sunny but super windy day in Arizona. I would guess judging from the long range forecast that winter is over–lot’s of sunny, warm, dry days ahead.

Life is good.

13 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Home

  1. You guys like Dairy Queen????
    That was a beautiful photo of the stream and white trees. Now you need to rest


  2. Dairy Queen blizzards are the best! What a nice thank you! The photo Niki took is gorgeous…definitely need a frame! Family time is precious…so happy for you to have the time with all of them and the memories to bring home!


  3. Wow! That’s a huge lay over time. I guess to fly
    straight thru you would fly out of Phoenix?
    I heard flying was going higher because of gas
    prices. A sore subject!!
    Beautiful photo, lovely.
    We’re interested in what strategy the Cowboy is using
    to capture the critters? Box traps?
    Guess there is still lots of snow in your home
    area of Montana…..when will you head back?


    1. And even out of Phoenix you would have a layover somewhere–maybe not as long?? We are flying Delta back to Montana and I paid close attention to layovers–Southwest had a 2.5 hour layover in Denver so that airline was ruled out!


  4. Glad you had a nice trip to Arkansas to visit your mom and family. That’s great that everyone lives near by. Oh, yes, lay over times can be a real drag. Getting just the right amount of time is always my goal. Of course, my travel agent (a Delta pilot) knows the airports so well and makes great decisions since both of our east coast destinations require a plane change since we now fly Delta. That winter/reflection photo by your niece is absolutely gorgeous. Go, Michael!! I hope he continues to win the critter battle.


    1. I dropped the ball on THAT layover time–we fly Southwest a lot now that they go to Montana, don’t charge for checked bags and their fee is lower for Emmi but that may end if these layovers are to be part of their routine! We are flying Delta back to Montana–Southwest had a 2.5 hour layover in Denver, Delta a 41 minute layover in Salt Lake City.


  5. Your time with your mom and family always sounds so sweet. And how nice that everyone lives within walking distance! Flying is never fun, and layovers make it even worse. Ugh. That’s why I love RV travel, but then again, it takes weeks to travel across the country. 😁 We have an armadillo here that I would like to relocate, LOL.


  6. Wow that is a great photo of the snow reflections on the water. Glad you are home and back to Arizona life and friends, although your visit truly did look fabulous.


  7. Looks like another wonderful visit with your family – how nice they’re so close to each other. Especially for your mom! Love the Fuzzy Butt Falls hike and the gorgeous hat. Magnolia is adorable, love her bow. Wonderful winter pic, thanks for sharing with us. Layovers are exhausting in chaotic airports, glad you’re home safe and sound.


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