We Take A Hike

Up front I want to apologize if in the last post I caused some of you to think I had covid with my statement about covid fatigue.  We don’t have covid but we are weary of all the ongoing covid issues.

Last Sunday the Cowboy’s cousin Pat and his daughter Julia arrived for a short visit. We so enjoyed talking to both Pat and Julia. Julia has a PhD in archeology and leads archelogy digs in Mongolia. Julia also speaks Mongolian. Her stories about that country and its people are so interesting. We enjoyed some 12 Springs beef (thanks Lonn) for dinner and I had baked a Million Dollar Pound Cake.

Monday was spent packing and cooking. Our good friend had surgery two weeks ago and is finally on the mend. We took dinner to them Monday night and shared the calories of that Million Dollar Pound Cake plus I gifted Linda and Janice some cake calories!😁

Tuesday morning I was off and running–heading for the Tucson airport. My flight from Tucson to Little Rock was just one stop–Denver–then the same plane continued on to Little Rock. I was on that plane from 11:30am until 5:30pm. In Denver the plane was unloaded and re-loaded within 30 minutes. And in that six hours I was offered two bags of party mix as food. Sure am glad I packed apples and cheese plus some of that pound cake!

My brother Ross retrieved me from the airport and we were at Mom’s house shortly–he drives fast but at least he can still drive–2021 was a rough year for him!!

Thursday we drove to the Pine Bluff area to have lunch with Mom’s group of ladies from her church. We’ve spent hours talking and knitting, knitting and talking. Mom and I are trying to make a hat and the pattern is challenging but the yarn is stunning stuff! On Friday we stopped at my nephew’s home to meet Clayton and Hannah’s new family member–Magnolia Kayte–such a sweety!! We then journeyed to Little Rock (45 minutes) for some retail therapy first visiting the new Costco store–Arkansas’s first.

Mom found things she couldn’t live without at Dillards, we had a quick lunch and came home. Sister in law Vicky provided dinner Friday night–pulled pork and all the fixings from a food truck in Sheridan–it was great! Niece Niki contributed a slaw and beans–as usual we ate well!

On Friday my one and only niece (I have three great nieces but Niki is the only niece) retrieved her Mom and me and we were off, heading for north Arkansas and the Richland Creek Wilderness Area. We were taking a hike–I walk daily, sometimes a lot but it’s been a long time since I’ve actually “hiked!” Niki is on a quest to hike somewhere at least once every month and this was her first hike in March.

It’s not quite spring in Arkansas and it was a gloomy, misty day so photos aren’t what they could have been but it was such a good day spent in the company of two people I love so much. The hike was easy, one mile to a spectacular waterfall with a quirky name–Fuzzy Butt!!

Fuzzy Butt Falls
Fuzzy Butt Falls
Six Fingers Falls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday lunch at Danny and Ann’s was another eat fest–brisket, smashed potatoes, Cesar salad, green beans and leftover desserts. Ann and I took a walk mid afternoon–it’s very warm, humid and the forecast is for storms tonight–yikes!
Little brother working hard building fence. He tried to talk me into operating the skidsteer but I declined.
Blue making sure Ross is still there–that dog never leaves Ross’s side.
Mom’s tulip tree is blooming as are the daffodils.

My hat, Mom is almost finished with her hat too!

The Cowboy and Emmi are enduring wind and cooler temps in Arizona. They participated in a garage sale yesterday at Dan and Louanne’s–the Cowboy was happy with his sales. And Louanne has been feeding him well.

Life is good!

15 thoughts on “We Take A Hike

  1. I love the hat colors! I wish we had no need for hats though….
    The tulip tree…..not a magnolia? We had a huge and beautiful magnolia at the farm and Dave still thinks of it. What is a million dollar pound cake, it sounds decadent…


    1. Yes, it would be nice to have no need for wool hats but I don’t think there is a place in the US warm enough in winter! Not a magnolia–Mom has a magnolia that is huge but this tree is a “tulip tree” according to her. We had storms last night, the wind and rain took away many of the tulip blossoms. The million dollar pound cake is an old recipe of mine from a Southern Living magazine–butter, sugar, flour, six eggs, etc.–but it’s flavored not only with vanilla but also almond flavoring. I love to make this cake for an occasion as it always turns out well, comes out of the pan easily and looks beautiful!


  2. Love that name for the falls. I can see why it is called Fuzzy Butt! Any hike to falls is fun. Magnolia is so darn cute! Love her outfit. Great job on that hat. Super cool colors. Sounds like you are off to the perfect family visit.


  3. How sweet to be home with your mom and family.
    I’m sure it does your heart good to shop, eat and just
    catch up.
    Your really a veteran knitter! The ladies at my church are
    having two half day knitting classes. It’s tempting
    but I know my strengths and doubt knitting is one.🥰
    We are still praying for rain but having lots of sunshine
    with cool brisk days.
    Bet your Cowboy and Emmi are missing you!


  4. The picture of Magnolia Kayte (I love her name) is priceless. Family is the best…sounds and looks like a wonderful time. I don’t have a sister and can only imagine the special bond you two must share. The water at both falls is such a pretty color.


    1. I need to do some research about that water color–it looks like glacial melt water but as we all know, there are no glaciers in Arkansas!! Yes, my entire family is close and I do love my dear sister.


  5. Oh my. I love Malabrigo yarn more than any other. It knits so beautifully. At least you picked a good yarn for a hard pattern. The waterfall hike was lovely, even on a cloudy day. Happy days.


  6. What a fun visit you’re having with family and friends! I love your hat—it looks complicated, but beautiful. It’s so wonderful that you share creative endeavors with your mom. Magnolia Kayte is absolutely darling with her big white hair bow.

    We just planted a tulip tree in the front yard. It’s in the magnolia family, and some people call them Japanese magnolias. I can’t wait for it to bloom!


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