We Have A Visitor

Usually I start a blog post early in the week but when we are busy I sit down on Sunday and think–“what have we done this week???” This is one of those Sundays but here goes!

Our visitor–Lonn, the Cowboy’s son arrived Thursday afternoon. He hasn’t visited since 2019 so it’s been great having him here. Lonn is going to tow our cargo trailer back to Montana filled with things we no longer need at this house such as RV related items and construction tools. The Cowboy has spent time gathering all that stuff.

I’ve filled my time with exercise and some sewing. Our elderly neighbor, Joe died about a year ago from covid. His wife Sue asked me to make an apron from one of Joe’s shirts. It’s been a fun process–deciding what parts of the shirt to use as the pocket or the ties, etc.

Last Saturday we took Emmi to the veterinarian in Green Valley. The clinic has reverted to not allowing pet owners inside the building so we were in the parking lot waiting for a technician. Another car parked beside us and a woman with her beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel got out. We chatted with a the woman while both our dogs were taken inside. She had lived in Green Valley a long time and we asked her about restaurants. She is a huge chili relleno fan as is the Cowboy–that’s the only thing he ever orders in a Mexican restaurant. She named a couple restaurants in Green Valley but said the best, absolute best chili relleno she had ever eaten in her life was from a restaurant in Sonita–the Copper Brothel Brewery.

We chatted some more, her pooch was brought out and as she was loading her cocker into her crate the lady asked me, “would you like some Meyer lemons, my tree is producing well?”  Well, of course!! Oh, my–those lemons are a world away from the hard, bitter lemons we’ve been getting from the grocery stores. I made a lemon cake that was divine and I may make a lemon meringue pie. It pays to be friendly!!

We have not talked to the veterinarian but have received a voicemail and an email. Emmi’s liver enzymes are down but not completely normal as of yet.

Wednesday we were in Tucson all day again for another doctor’s appointment. It was a cool, windy, rainy day so Emmi went along. We enjoyed a nice lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse and made a quick Costco stop.

Thursday when Lonn arrived I grilled some burgers and later in the afternoon we headed to Whitewater Draw to see the sandhill cranes. The water level at the usual viewing area is significantly low and there weren’t many cranes. This area received good monsoon rains this summer but we have had less than one inch of rain all winter so far.

As we were driving away heading south, Lonn spotted a bunch of cranes out in the field. There was an open gate and a traveled path out to the birds. It appeared to us that the Arizona Fish and Game is pumping water using solar to create a wetland for the cranes–

And the cranes obviously thought it was a good idea–there were hundreds and hundreds of birds in and around the water, squawking away.

Friday we drove to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico–about two hours from our house. We parked and walked across the border. It’s been years and years since we’ve been in Nogales and is was sad to see how things have changed. Many, many of the businesses/shops/restaurants are closed. The sidewalks used to teem with people–not on Friday–there were very few people on the streets. What businesses are open projected a desperate need to make a sale. There were always poor, unfortunate beggars on the streets of Nogales but on this day the beggars were different. Most were young adults and they too projected a sad, desperate feeling. Nogales was not a pleasant experience and I doubt we go back. It’s unfortunate that Mexico has allowed the drug trade to repress its people, very sad.

They let us come back to the US!!

Now, back to the chili relleno story. Sonita, Arizona is on the way home from Nogales and we stopped at the Copper Brothel Brewery for a late lunch. The Cowboy agreed with the lady from the vet clinic–best chili relleno he had ever eaten. Lonn had a chimichanga and also declared it the best he had ever eaten. I wasn’t adventuresome and had chicken strips with fries–but my meal was also very, very good. Definitely a restaurant worth revisiting!

Saturday the guys drove that same direction but this time hauling Lonn’s dirt bike and our side by side ATV. They rode from the town of Patagonia out into the countryside down to the Mexican border and had a great time.

Emmi and I went to Sierra Vista so I could get my hair cut and pick up a small grocery order. I was also picking up a side table I found on Craigslist. Back home I had to quickly get ready for a birthday party. Our friend Linda’s birthday party was being hosted by Mo and Donnie with help from the ever helpful Janice. It was a great gathering of friends with amazing food contributed by all the attendees.

Our birthday girl!

The guys were home by 6pm and dined on leftovers sent home from the birthday party. We’ve spent the evenings chatting and listening to the grandbabies when they call to Facetime with Grandpa Lonn. They called him Saturday morning and sang happy birthday–such cute, adorable kiddos!

Sunday after a big breakfast the guys were off to find another adventure–this time riding from the house up into the Dragoons. I tried to convince Emmi to go for a walk with me while the guys were getting ready. Nope, I’m not going anywhere except into this CanAm she said–so they took her along.

Monday we are off on another adventure with Lonn–life is good!


19 thoughts on “We Have A Visitor

  1. Chile Relleno also a favorite of ours. When we volunteered at Boyce Thompson years ago our favorite restaurant in nearby Superior was Los Hermanos Restaurant.


  2. A day trip to Sonita is on my “day trip” list so we will definitely check out Copper Brothel Brewery. Thanks for sharing! It is so much fun to have company and especially family company. That was a mighty fine gathering of cranes (It might be next winter before we get to Whitewater Draw and a huge thank you Janna for the invite…there are a lot of irons in the fire with appointments right now). So happy Emmi’s report was better. The little skiers are all smiles…that’s a lot of snow!


    1. And lots more snow has been falling while Lonn is visiting Arizona and it’s so, so cold in Montana. We keep trying to get him to stay a bit longer. Our invitation is always open Gay, Joe and pooches!


  3. I enjoy your Blog so much. It brings back memories of our winter staying in Benson and traveling all the area where you live and explore. We traveled to Douglas, Serra Vista and All other little towns along the way. I shopped in Nogalas and bought a ton of fabric at the Walmart store there. Visted thr restaurants also. Than you for renewing my memories of the 1980’s. They were Happy Days. Sincerely Jody in Michigan


  4. Definitely a full week!! Great that Lonn could come for a visit and haul some stuff back to Montana for you. Glad Emmi’s numbers are moving in the right direction 🙂 Have noted the Sonita eatery!


  5. Looks like you are hoarding all the sandhill cranes! We visited the sandhill crane preserve near Lodi and there were some but nothing like what you show in your photos. Come on, Janna…send some north?!! Busy busy busy. I am always a bit overwhelmed at all you two manage to do. Glad Emmi is better and hoping she gets even better as time continues.


    1. That’s funny Sue–never thought about us hoarding the sandhill cranes. I wonder how many are in the Nebraska area. At one time this winter I saw a count of 40,000+ cranes in our area.


  6. Hi Jana,
    Just caught up with your blog ….. crane photos are amazing…… So glad you are all well and enjoying each and everyday. Always send my best, Sally


  7. How wonderful to have family visiting! Lonn and Michael look so much alike. You have two handsome cowboys there. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that the cranes are being taken care of by Fish and Game. They need those wetlands. And thanks for the tip about the Copper Brothel! Definitely going on our list for our next trip to that area.


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