More Craigslist Treasures

My husband ranks right up there with my father and brother as one of the most hard working men I’ve ever known. I’ve been without a washing machine for about a week. Usually a load of laundry is done every couple days in our house. The laundry basket is full. But I wasn’t complaining or saying a word–we were waiting for plumbing parts.

Monday we had to be in Tucson all day–doctor’s appointment and a Craigslist buying expedition for art work. Our walls need something and we were successful.

Tuesday the hard working Cowboy went to work and he worked all day long, not even taking his usual after lunch break to examine the backs of his eyelids. By 6pm a load of laundry was in the washer. He re-plumbed the hot water tank, created a carpet covered platform for the front load washer and dryer, installed that heavy washer/dryer and made a hundred trips from laundry room out to the garage. By evening he was exhausted!

And he’s continued to work in that laundry room every day this week! He installed a shelf in that room and in a bedroom closet. Thursday and Friday he really went back to work–the laundry room sink and shelving were delivered. The sink required lots of plumbing parts the Cowboy didn’t have in his stash which required a trip to the hardware store. The local hardware store had what we needed.

And by midafternoon Friday, we had a laundry room sink. I’ve always bathed Emmi by putting her in the guest room bathtub and kneeling beside the tub. Hard on my bad knee, bad hip and makes my back hurt. Now I can stand and bathe the little munchkin in the sink–I am so excited!–doesn’t take much to excite me these days!

Installing the metal shelving was a different matter.

The shelving is being returned, the Cowboy managed to cobble together the box to re-pack it. The Amazon seller has a non working customer service number. Amazon refused to post the negative review I wrote about the non working telephone number and the damaged shelving saying it didn’t fit their review criteria. We’ve ordered more shelving and needless to say, I’m not finished with Amazon in this matter.

Dang it’s been cold in southeastern Arizona! We’ve had two mornings of 15 degrees lately!! And high temps have been below 50 degrees with a chilly wind. By mid week we will be back up in the mid 60’s, still freezing at night but warming up in the day time!

Friday evening the gang dined with us–Dan and Louanne, Linda and Janice. We had spaghetti and homemade bread–comfort food I say. Brownies and homemade ice cream for dessert.

Saturday afternoon we gathered at Linda’s with other friends to celebrate Janice’s birthday. Everyone contributed an appetizer and the afternoon was spent eating and enjoying the company. We had such a good time!

Sunday the Cowboy completed another work bench for the garage and retrieved Dan and Louanne’s “bikes”–a small Honda motorcycle and a scooter Dan likes to ride around town. Both were having issues so the mechanic Cowboy went to the rescue. Louanne’s was a quick fix, not sure about Dan’s yet. I puttered–exercised, washed clothes, visited with our neighbor Sue who dropped off a sewing project she wants me to do, and even napped a bit.

Life is good.


13 thoughts on “More Craigslist Treasures

  1. Michael is going to need a vacation to a place without tools…haha! You didn’t post any photos of his hard work and the laundry room. Next blog, for sure!? Great art work finds for the walls. Perfect for the SW.


  2. Those finishing touches of art work make all the difference…and you really scored finding the perfect pieces! Michael is amazing in his many talents. Is there anything he won’t tackle? I’m curious because it seems like he is capable of doing any kind of project, and doing it well!


    1. We are on the look out for more art pieces–these two were perfect finds! Michael isn’t fond of working with older plumbing but will do it if he has to–anything else he is usually game. Most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn’t–changing the battery in my iPad didn’t work. But he’s changed the battery in my iPhone twice with success!

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  3. It has been chilly and windy!
    Love your new art pieces. We are always looking for “westernie” things to add to our home! The Indian and headdress is amazing! There are a couple of things I miss that were in the GA home…the attic with the pull down steps as we don’t have any storage here and the other is the deep sink in the garage. Your knees will be much happier now.


  4. You certainly do have a lot of luck with the Craigslist thing, Janna. Congrats. Everything looks just wonderful in your Arizona place. You have put so much into it and have created quite an amazing haven. Michael wears me out just reading about all that he does. Whew.


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