No More Ugly Yellow

Snow on the Dragoons

The ladies took a day off. Louanne and I were headed to Tucson early Monday morning. Driving to our first stop we were sure we were going to be in Phoenix soon! The Saddlebrook community is in far, far northeast Tucson and we were looking at some chairs I found on Craigslist–yep, more chairs. Louanne needs a recliner in a small room and didn’t want a huge, cushy recliner. Me to the rescue. Sunday morning I found these recliners and here begins the funny story!

I sent the link to Louanne, she loved them and I was willing to take one of them. Next I called the owner–nope, she had someone coming to see the chairs at 11am and those potential buyers were sure they would take the chairs. Dang it! But the owner would call if the people did not take the chairs.

Sunday morning while browsing Craigslist I spotted two more chairs that were simply stunning and said to the Cowboy, “I would love to have these chairs but we are kind of over stocked with chairs right now.” He agreed.

The owner of the two recliners called and said, “the people took the chairs.” And began to tell me she sold them way too cheaply, she made a mistake when creating the listing pricing the chairs as both instead of a price for each.” She told me the price and I said, “but wait a minute, I saw your ad for a much higher price of $…..” The owner said, “oh, that price is for the two recliners.”

She had two sets of chairs listed on Craigslist, the buyers purchased the chairs I would have loved to have but we are chair over stocked. The recliners were still for sale. Good grief! We all had a good laugh, Louanne and I drove to Saddlebrook on Monday and purchased the two recliners.

What’s not to love about dining outside on a patio in late January. We had a delicious meal at Eclectic Cafe. We made a Costco stop and spent a bit of time but not much money in Home Goods. One last stop at Sprouts for more of the amazing Toby’s salad dressings and we were headed for Sunsites.

Dan and Louanne had a tiny potted Christmas tree this year and as they did last year brought it out to us for planting. We’ve kept it in the garage, bringing it in and out into the sun each day. Tuesday it went into the ground in the spot where there had been an apple tree that bit the dust this summer. Our luck with apple trees is not good!

And–the most exciting news–we no longer have an ugly yellow laundry room. Thursday we moved the stacked washer/dryer out and Friday I painted the room. The tile is laid, new to us washer/dryer purchased, laundry sink and shelves ordered–we are going to have a nice laundry room.

The only photo I could find showing the ugly yellow of the laundry room.

Saturday morning early the stacked washer/dryer went to a new home and Sunday morning a chair and ottoman I had in our Congress, AZ house went to a new home.

In the midst of painting I almost had a catastrophe!! Thank goodness for Kimberly-Clark back table covers–they are water proof and evidently paint proof.

The USFS doing one of its prescribed burns on the back side of the Dragoons.

And today–almost five years to the day the last tile was laid and the last batch of grouting was finished. Done! It’s such a good feeling!

Watching TV the other night I got off track with sleeve knitting and had to rip out several rows–ugh! Sunday afternoon we went over to Louanne and Dan’s to help them with a couple projects–they have new smart TVs and Dan wanted to know how to cast YouTube from laptop to TV–done. And Louanne needed help with an email problem–done. And the Cowboy was conned into painting an arrow on both sides of a for sale sign Louanne was going to use on a couple lots they have for sale.


15 thoughts on “No More Ugly Yellow

  1. I am so jealous of all the wonderful furniture you find
    online. Wow! I know the area’s you have to choose
    from must make big difference . Guess I must widen
    my hunting areas. Lol
    You and the Cowboy should be on reality TV,
    before and after and with your own hands❣️❣️
    Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor !!


    1. We always have such a good time. We wear our masks and our servers at the Eclectic Café wore masks. I have yellow walls in the main house and love them but that yellow in the laundry room definitely had to go!


  2. What a true sense of accomplishment you and Michael must have. And I love reading “we are so in love with our new home.” You guys are awesome. I agree with Geri that it’s a good thing you are retired. Now we all want to know…what will you do next? I really like your new recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner!


    1. The woman who took the chair and ottoman yesterday said to me when she drove up, “oh, your house is so beautiful.” I told her she should have seen it five years ago! I thought of something yesterday–the Cowboy and I were still working when we built our log home in Montana–and we built it in a year. We had the help of Mike’s Dad, Nat and hired out very little–the concrete work, the fireplace and the metal roofing.


  3. Yellow is one of those love it or hate it colors. The color in your living area is one of my favs – but agree that laundry room not so much 🙂 Another great score on the little recliners (we still have the dusty pink ones in the garage that came with the house). We’re loving our little desert house as well but still looking forward to our extended travels this year.


    1. I’m not a yellow fan but our friend Louanne had in her house this fabulous yellow we used in the main house living room and we love it. But that laundry room yellow had to go along with the baby blue trim!


    1. We found two fabulous paintings today! And I agree about the yellow–we like the yellow color we chose for the living room but that laundry room yellow and its baby blue trim had to go!


  4. I like all those “done”s at the end of your post. It such a great feeling. And yes, that yellow was uuuugglllyyyy! Nic to have that one done, for sure. Successes always feel good, don’t they? Congrats on the chair thing as well.


  5. That laundry room really was screaming yellow, wasn’t it? 😆 How wonderful to be all finished with your projects! I wish we were as far along as you are. I have an idea! You can come here if you get bored, LOL!!!


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