Happy New Year

Our friend Sue said she likes the week between Christmas and the New Year–slow, quiet, nothing expected of us and that’s how it’s been this past week. The Cowboy has puttered in his garage building a cabinet for over the toilet in the master bath. I’ve puttered in the house doing I’m not sure what.

It’s been quiet around our house–Monday we made a quick trip to Wilcox for oil and groceries. It was almost lunch time but not quite–I said, “let’s go home and I will make french dip sandwiches from leftover prime rib.” It didn’t take much to convince the Cowboy that would be better than eating out!

At one of the first Lion’s Club garage sales we attended in this area the Cowboy purchased a box full of garage door opener parts–literally, it was parts. Tuesday the Cowboy made all those parts work–he made the opener run! Seriously is there anything the man can’t do??? Parts are on order to make the opener actually raise the garage door.

The phone rang early Wednesday morning and it was Louanne. The Cowboy helped unload and then installed their new dryer Monday. They were calling to invite us to lunch and off to Douglas we went. We had the best Mexican food burro!  Amazingly good!

Thursday I made a run to Benson–our nearest Walmart and also visited the Safeway store. On the way back it started to rain and it rained off and on from then until Saturday morning. And the wind blew–oh, my goodness did the wind howl!! We had rain, the mountains have snow.

Friday evening we joined friends at Dan and Louanne’s for dinner to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We were all informed that we had to be gone long before midnight!😁The company was great and the food delicious as usual!

Saturday we braved the wind and headed to Linda’s for lunch where again we dined well! Do you see a pattern here?? We are dining too well!! Back home we all examined the backs of our eyelids for a bit.

When living at North Ranch near Wickenburg, Arizona there was a large active wood carving group. Our friend Tom belonged to that group and agreed one Christmas to carve a likeness of the Cowboy for me to give as a gift to my dear husband. Tom did a great job–the carving looks like the Cowboy right down the the brand on his chaps. He sits on a table in our living room and catches the morning light casting his shadow on the wall. The carving’s shadow looks very life like! (Robyn and Claire–recognize this table??)



Sunday morning our temperature was 16 degrees, sunny with no wind. It remained chilly all day but in spite of that I managed to take down the Christmas lights and the tree. Our house looks bare and un-decorated! Emmi and I took two walks and chased sticks–she chases, I throw–she doesn’t fetch, I have to go get the stick and throw it again. The Cowboy puttered in the garage in spite of the cold.

We wish you all a kind, healthy, prosperous and joyful New Year. May covid find its way out of our lives, may each of us find joy in the everyday.


23 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. We watch television on the backs of our eye lids sometimes! Think it’s our age? Or is the reception better there….. Love the shadows of the carved Cowboy! I wish you both a happy and healthy New Year too!


  2. That carving is amazing! such a perfect likeness. Darn, you made me hunger for french dip sandwiches, except I have no prime rib lying around in wait. Will have to go get a tri-tip I guess. I have a recipe for crock pot tri-tip that makes a great au jus and wonderful sandwiches. On the list now. Enjoy quiet times in the desert. You surely do have a lot of friends who love to share meals!


    1. Send me you tri-tip recipe if you would please. I have another one I use when prime rib hasn’t been on the menu and this recipe uses a chuck roast–which I don’t particularly care for–too much fat. We speak about that often here in the desert–our friends reciprocate when it comes to making meals. That’s not always the case.


    1. We are a touch colder than the Phoenix area–I wish it was warmer but we sure do enjoy our scenery and openness–less people, the list goes on. Happy New Year Sandie and Jim!


  3. As a retired teacher, the week between Christmas and New Years was the best. It was meant for true rest with many days never getting out of the sweats. Lots of reading and relaxing was #1. Good to see you are being well fed during this holiday season. That Cowboy carving is wonderful. And you found the perfect spot for it. Love it! Wishing the three of you a Healthy, Happy New Year.


  4. Happy New Year to you both!
    we all have to eat, might as well enjoy it.
    You might be chilly, but not as cold as it is up here. Enjoy your pretty scenery


  5. You are certainly starting the New Year off right, with good friends and great food. We love cooking and entertaining, but it’s definitely more fun with a group of friends that reciprocate. We had a great group of friends in Ashland who were fabulous cooks and I miss that. We’re still working on building our tribe here—it takes time! The wood carving of your cowboy is terrific. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, peaceful, and joyful year!


    1. Yes, it is more fun Laurel. And it does take time to build a tribe as you say. We would love to have a larger group of friends here in Arizona and I’m working on ideas to make that happen–we will see. Happy, healthy, most of all peaceful New Year to you all.


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