We Had A Fabulous Christmas

Sunrise on Christmas Eve

It will soon be time to take down all the Christmas decorations–the outside lights, the tree, etc. and it always makes me a bit sad. I’m usually relieved to be rid of some of the clutter but the lights do make me happy when it’s dark so early and when it’s gloomy

Thursday was spent getting ready for Friday. On Christmas Eve we were joined by friends Louanne and Dan, Linda, Janice, and Betsy and Harry. We had a fabulous meal and the best time. Prime rib, mashed potatoes, green beans, Dan’s famous Caesar salad and Louanne’s famous red velvet cake. Oh my–we all waddled after eating so much! And this is the only photo I took that night!

I was feeling mighty special! My sister Ann and BIL Danny sent us flowers for Christmas, Janice brought this bouquet on Christmas Eve and Betsy also brought flowers. I simply love flowers and with three bouquets, I was special!! Linda brought that cute bag which contained a bottle of wine. She also sneaked a couple presents under our tree–flavored pistachios for the Cowboy and a bracelet she made for me!

Christmas Day was calm and quiet. We enjoyed a late morning breakfast with Dan and Louanne then spent the rest of the day relaxing–reading, knitting, eating, talking and Facetiming with family. The perfect Christmas Day!

Wind and rain clouds rolled through all day on Christmas Eve. The skies were amazing!

Sunday we puttered. The Cowboy had to get back to work making more door trim and installing it. We enjoyed prime rib leftovers for lunch–still yummy! And I baked two loaves of bread.

It was a beautiful, joyful Christmas season and we hope you all enjoyed your own Christmas time.


21 thoughts on “We Had A Fabulous Christmas

  1. Our lights stay up till the weather warms up some, we just stop calling them Christmas Lights and start calling them Happy Lights.


  2. Wonderful sky pics, and we don’t feel bashful about leaving our happy lights up until sometime in late Jan. Glad you had a joyful Christmas, and here’s wishing you a Happy New Year. Linda


  3. Beautiful photos Janna! The lighting is amazing! And special memories made with friends…sure make for a wonderful Christmas. When I was teaching, I always undecorated the tree while everyone else was napping on Christmas Day and I still do it. We distributed all our decorations to the kiddos when we started RVing so we don’t have much to put out anymore.
    Happy New Year to you, Mike and Emmi!


    1. Christmas Eve morning was spectacular–the lighting, clouds and rainbows made for great photo taking! Same here Gay, when I was working, everything came down on Christmas Day afternoon–for one thing we usually had a real tree and by that time it was a fire hazard!! Happy New Year to you, Joe and the pooches!


  4. What a lovely Christmas you had with good food and good friends! We always leave our twinkly lights up until the end of January because they make me happy. Our little Christmas tree and Magnolia did not coexist well, so that had to come down before Christmas, LOL. But I’m going to have a hard time putting away my oyster shell tree! I love that thing!

    Happy New Year to you three! 🙂


  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Christmas season actually starts on Christmas day, so leaving lights up and decor out for several weeks is what is correct.


  6. Looks like we all received the beautiful double rainbow. It was a nice treat as was the rain. But we need months of rain here. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and got to enjoy it with some family and friends. I “undecorated” this morning. I, too, am sad to see the lights go. I debated leaving the lights on the fireplace mantle. Our daughter left her’s up and just took everything red down and added some snowman and snowflakes. It’s look so cute. But I didn’t feel like heading out to buy winter decor. So all is down and away. Happy New Year to you, Michael, and Emmi! See you soon!!!


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