A Great Thanksgiving And A First

Since meeting Dan and Louanne in early 2018 we’ve spent every Thanksgiving at their house. In the past the gathering was large, 25 or more people. In 2020 it was just the six of us at Dan and Louanne’s–Mike and I, Janice and Linda. This Thanksgiving other vaccinated and boostered friends joined us–Christy and Clint plus Liz and Larry. It was a special day–we all are so truly blessed–and the food was amazing!

Louanne and Dan had their kitchen remodelled this summer while they were back in Oregon. It looks great!

Dan cooks a great turkey!
Christy, Larry, Clint and the Cowboy (minus his hat!)
Liz standing and Linda. Janice was missing in action, she went to Wyoming for Thanksgiving–I bet our weather was better!

Friday we were brave and headed to Sierra Vista–not for Black Friday shopping but to obtain supplies and groceries. Traffic was heavier than usual but not bad. We tried to eat at a taco place Dan and Louanne recommended but they were closed so it was Culver’s as usual–we had the pooch with us.

Every day since Friday we’ve been working. The Cowboy is definitely on a roll! Today we finished the back splash in the kitchen–all grouted and done!

I keep saying every time I walk into that kitchen, “I love my kitchen!” We still have a few things to do–the kick space stuff needs to be installed and a corner bookcase built on the far end of the cabinets but that’s it! So exciting! I was so excited that after we finished grouting and having lunch I cleaned the kitchen, mopping my floors on my hands and knees. Probably not the best thing for my cranky knee but I wanted it to look great and it does!!

I would love to have nothing on my kitchen countertops but that’s just not practical. I’m not going to put the coffee maker away every day or have to open the cabinets to grab a paper towel.

Most of the floor tile is laid in the porch area. The laundry room still has to be redone but that can wait. It works just fine as a laundry room just as it is with its hideous bright yellow walls and blue trim.

And we had a first Tuesday. We are searching for furniture to replace the recliner couch we bought last year. I spotted a leather chair and ottoman on the Tucson Craigslist. It’s my seat of choice for relaxing–a chair and ottoman. Contacted the seller, sure it was still for sale, and arranged to see it Tuesday morning at 10am. I drove to Tucson by myself, the Cowboy stayed behind to lay subway tile. Arriving at the address, there was a locked gate and I called the guy–“that sold.”  Are you kidding me??? I just drove 80 miles and you didn’t have the courtesy to call and tell me it was sold??? We’ve purchased dozens of items from Craigslist and have never had this happen. Good grief!!

Onward! I drove to Costco on Grant Road and was there at 10:20am–the store opened at 10:00am. There were very few parking places and the store was packed with people. But Costco saved my day–they had every single thing and then some on my list–even paper towels!

Home by early afternoon and took a nap after fixing us a quick lunch–I was exhausted after not sleeping well the night before.

Life is good, our weather is still good.

And here is a photo of the greats–our oldest great was in Montana for Thanksgiving along with her Mom and a friend, Elizabeth, who came from Germany to visit. Elizabeth was John and Laci’s landlady when they were stationed in Germany.

18 thoughts on “A Great Thanksgiving And A First

    1. Thanks! The Cowboy has been working hard! I loved that photo of our greats–so carefree. What you can’t see in the photo is that none of them are wearing shoes–Lora, the oldest is barefoot–in the snow!


  1. Looks like your thanksgiving was great, good food, good friends, that’s a lot to be thankful for. Your kitchen looks wonderful as does the whole house! We’re struggling with furniture also, I think it’s a sign of the times!


  2. I LOVE your new kitchen. Your backsplash is beautiful as are the countertops! I so get it about scrubbing on your hands & knees…👍! Your porches look nice too! What a nice gathering for Thanksgiving! The photo of the grands is definitely a keeper!


    1. Thanks Gay–I too LOVE my kitchen! Wasn’t too sure about the bright white backsplash but it helps brighten the kitchen and I’ve decided I like it! I am going to frame that photo of the greats!


  3. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the backsplash. I don’t mind things on the counter if they’re pretty, so I look for attractive utensil holders and paper towel holders (well, as attractive as they can be). And I think my electric gooseneck kettle is lovely, haha!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving in the company of good friends. And the kids are darling.


    1. I love my utensil holder–someone gave it to me years ago as a vase and I’ve re-purposed it! I have a friend who only has about three decorative items on her countertops. She or her husband have to retrieve the coffee pot from storage every single time they want to use it–that’s not me! I do like my KitchenAid mixer shelf that disappears inside a cabinet–at least the mixer is not on the counter all the time. I adored that photo of the greats–silly kids, outside in the snow–you can’t see it but none of them are wearing shoes!


  4. Great kitchen, like the counter top and back splash.
    So new and clean! I dont mind things on the counter
    if I enjoy looking at them. Wish I had all that counter
    Your Arizona home is looking so good.
    Does that mean it’s time for another project? 🤭


    1. No more projects Linda!! We have this joke, someone will ask us, “now that you’ve completed this house are you going to sell it and buy another fixer up?” My reply is always, “not with this wife!”


  5. How exciting to see the complete kitchen, it’s perfect!! Wonderful to have to those broad views to enjoy while making tasty meals. Can’t believe they sold the furniture without letting you know – I’d have been furious after that drive 😦 The kiddos are adorable and getting so big!


    1. Oh, Jodee, I was so furious but held my tongue–I was in a not so great part of Tucson near the airport and sitting in front of a locked gate with razor wire around the perimeter fence. Yes, our kiddos are growing up!


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