Projects Are Progressing

Our area of Arizona had torrential rains this summer and with the rains came the weeds. This entire area has been taken over by pigweed–a nasty, nasty weed with each plant sporting a zillion seeds! It’s in our yard although not as much as our caretaker keeps it mowed and it’s everywhere else, even in the fields of farmers who didn’t plant a crop. Soon I will start spraying the pigweed that has taken root in our yard but it may be an ongoing battle as it’s all around us–if it’s not one thing, it’s another in the weed department–tumbleweeds or pigweed, goatheads or tumbleweeds.

The installation of the subway tile backsplash has begun! So, the kitchen is a construction zone once again–we moved into the main house kitchen when we arrived in AZ and I’m just working around my contractor!

Just before we returned to Montana last spring Louanne and Dan gave us a housewarming gift, this beautiful wheat weaving. We actually know the guy, Rocky, who does the wheat weaving and love having one his pieces. It fits so beautifully on our yellow wall which doesn’t show well in the photo.

Tuesday afternoon our contractor (not the Cowboy) stopped by and he can pour our concrete soon. Uh-oh! The Cowboy wasn’t quite ready–he needed to haul some fill dirt and level out the spots where the concrete will be poured–under the two porch roofs and out the backdoor to make a good size patio. So, Wednesday he was in the backhoe and on the end of a shovel and tamping device–I think he’s tired tonight!!

Tuesday we took a break and drove over the Chiricahua Mountains to Rodeo, NM and back around to home through Douglas. There was so much rain this summer that we were expecting the mountains to be less dry but it’s quite dry up there. We did find some flowing water but not much–

There was a bit of fall color and we spotted some wildlife–turkeys and deer.

So many people! That drive is not for the faint of heart–the road is really rough, narrow, steep and crooked. Yet we met so many passenger cars and other vehicles. In all the years we’ve been going up into the Chiricahuas we’ve never seen that many people–and on a Tuesday.

We stopped in Douglas for a few groceries–no pumpkin, no Wheat Chex (how am I supposed to make Chex Mix??), no caramel bits, no Claude’s Fajita marinade–the list goes on and on. Came home and ordered all the missing stuff from Amazon. Yes, I might have paid maybe $5-$10 more for the whole list than I would have at Walmart but at least I have the food I want. Why does Amazon have it and Walmart doesn’t??

Dairy Queen ice cream and we were headed home to meet up with Sergio, our contractor guy.

A gorgeous sunset ended our busy Tuesday.

Wednesday while the Cowboy was working outside I washed windows–why did we put so many windows in this house?? And I did laundry and cussed!

The Cowboy likes to wear a vest as in down or synthetic type vests–it’s a very warm day when he isn’t wearing a vest at least part of the day.  Emmi threw up all over the Cowboy yesterday in the truck–thank goodness for wet wipes!–and his vest needed washing. It was one of the synthetic kind, was new and had never been washed.

I didn’t give a thought to throwing it in with a bunch of like colored shirts, socks and underwear. When I opened the washer a cloud of polyester stuffing was everywhere–stuck to everything. Searching the vest I found no holes, just a poorly made piece of junk with the Orvis name on it. I had to re-wash all the other clothes and still some of that stuffing is stuck to our socks and underwear. GRRRR!

We’ve been busy but we are healthy and life is good.

22 thoughts on “Projects Are Progressing

  1. That washer problem could have happened to me too. I sort lights and darks and that’s it, not by fabric. Hope your washer recovers soon 😉


  2. Ugh! You’re probably going to be finding pieces of that vest stuffing forever! And boo to the weeds. Dang, you get some good rains, and then the weeds come. I’m glad you have those gorgeous sunsets to make up for the weeds and the annoying vest stuffing. 🙂


  3. Sounds like you’re in Okla. with the pigweeds and tumbleweeds and all! I had a BIG one come up in my wheat field one time so I cut it off at ground level, took it home and used it as my Christmas tree!!! Got a lot of comments on that one!
    Don in Okla.


    1. It was a laundry nightmare–I almost threw the vest in the trash I was so annoyed! I’m still picking that fluff from my socks! Louanne has great taste–her home is decorated beautifully–I’ve loved everything she has ever given us.


  4. The weeds are so nasty! Getting them all knocked down here was our first priority too. Says a lot given what we had waiting for us :-)))) I’ve completely stopped Walmart as they never have half of what I order anymore. Pickup from Target has been awesome with very few items unavailable and with my Target ATM card attached to my checking account I get 5% off!

    Being able to get work done earlier than planned is a hassle – but a good one!


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