It was snowing when we woke on Sunday but we didn’t have any issues getting to Lonn’s–he was our taxi driver to the airport! It was snowing a lot when we left his house and just down the hill where someone had hit an elk there was a sow bear with two cubs eating on a piece of the carcass they had dragged across the road under a big fir tree. So cool to see as we leave Montana.

Our flights were completely without issues–smooth flying on both legs. Crowded planes and crowded airports. Dan and Louanne retrieved us and our bags and we were off. They were so gracious as always and had shopped for a few groceries for us before coming to the airport.

The house and yard were in fine shape–our trees appear to have grown a lot and we have tons of new weeds due to all the rain this past summer. Lots of bugs in the house on the sticky traps–crickets which I hate!, spiders and two or three scorpions which freaks me out!!  At least they were dead on the sticky traps–sorry Angie!

We have been on the go since arriving. Monday I spent the day vacuuming, mopping and unpacking. The Cowboy opened up the garage and got the truck, CanAm and golf cart going. He then started spreading drywall mud–no grass grows under his feet for sure!

On Tuesday we worked so hard! I have a gigantic Walmart pickup order in place and we will need both refrigerators. The larger of our two refrigerators has always resided in the guest house as that’s where I cooked and we ate. Now that the kitchen countertops are in place in the main house and I’m cooking there, we wanted the larger refrigerator in the main house. Whew–refrigerators are heavy! We are so, so glad we have a backhoe!

Question for any of our readers living in the Tucson area. I need another round of the gel knee injections. I called an orthopedic surgeon’s office (recommended by a reader) and was told by the person answering the phone that they had to order the gel substances and sometimes it takes two months to receive. I asked if the pandemic had caused that type of delay and she told me “no, it just seems to take that long.” My surgeon in Billings, MT stocks the gels and can administer them on the day you walk in and they decide that would be your best treatment course. So, have any of our readers had knee injections in the Tucson area and if so would you mind sharing the name of your surgeon?

Today was stock the pantry and refrigerators day. Our credit card numbers are worn and our pocketbook is lighter. We left home headed for Tucson just after 9am and didn’t get home until after 4pm. Traffic to and from Tucson on I-10 as well as in Tucson was very heavy today. Costco was a zoo and I’m about finished with Walmart pickup–we will leave it at that. We should have enough food to last us a long time–with the exception of produce–as always.

We had a delightful lunch at a BJ’s Brewhouse–unlike the Cowboy I am seldom in the mood for a hamburger but today I was so hungry when we finally decided to have lunch that a burger and fries sounded wonderful! I had a fried jalapeno burger with some kind of delicious sauce–I ate the whole thing. The Cowboy had his usual mushroom/swiss burger and said it was really good too.

It took us forever to unload and put away all the groceries–tomorrow will not be a day of rest–I will have to vacuum seal all the meat we purchased!


26 thoughts on “Uneventful

  1. Yay for mushroom/swiss burgers. Not so much for fried Jalapeno burgers which have been known to incinerate people. I did notice in your photo that your trees had grown. Pretty nice feeling being in Arizony again eh:))


  2. So good to hear you had an uneventful trip! Any chance your surgeon in MT would ship the gel to a surgeon in AZ? We’re stuck for the time being in rainy Oregon. Enjoy your sunny days🏜!!


  3. Dr. Jesse Anderson at the Core Institute. He is in Mesa next door to the Banner Desert facility but one awesome surgeon. Saved my brother’s knee, and today, he seen my 87-yr old mom for her knee. It is a bit of a drive but a total easy drive as his office is off the 60 at the Dobson exit.

    On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 6:44 PM Restoration Cowboy Style wrote:

    > montanaclarks posted: “It was snowing when we woke on Sunday but we didn’t > have any issues getting to Lonn’s–he was our taxi driver to the airport! > It was snowing a lot when we left his house and just down the hill where > someone had hit an elk there was a sow bear with two cub” >


  4. Glad to see you in AZ for the winter and it was a good trip . I use the grocery pick up at Wal Mart , Fred Meyer and Albertsons when all this pandemic started but had problems with all of them . So stop doing the pick up and went back to doing my own shopping . Thanks for posting .


  5. We got home ( Central Texas) from Wyoming after 4 1/2 months, and ended up spending over $500 on groceries to get settled. I can relate to a lighter wallet.

    And now we have ready access to restaurants. That’s a temptation in itself.


    1. Yep, lighter wallet describes yesterday perfectly! I wish there were better restaurants in our community but there isn’t–we get our restaurant fix when traveling to the bigger cities–Tucson and Sierra Vista.


  6. You might have heard me mention that the injection they used on Brenda’s knee was the same thing they used on Rosie’s fetlock, so maybe a trip to the vet would do the trick, cheaper too.


  7. You have been busy! Costco has, for the past few months, been a zoo on any given day or time. Not sure what’s up with that…weekday mornings used to be busy, but not a zoo. On the bright side, you won’t have to return for along time! I wish I could help with an orthopedic surgeon, but so far that’s one doctor we haven’t needed. I hear great things about Tucson Medical Center and that would be my first place to look if I needed one. Your Arizona view is wonderful…


  8. Tucson Orthopedic Institute Is physically attached to TMC, but I don’t know what their relationship is. They would be a good place to start. I will say that their check in procedure (everybody goes to the same front desk) is just stupid and time consuming. If you look at their web site, they identify the specialties that each doctor practices. We’re familiar with the ankle guy, so that’s the limit of our knowledge.


  9. Dr. John Klein have Phil his shots. He is located in Tucson but comes to Willcox specialty clinic. # 520-290-0961. He is on Carondelet Dr. Welcome back!


  10. Good to hear you’re all settled in Tucson again. I’d be interested to hear how you make out with those injections. I had three injections of Euflexa in July,however,I have not had much improvement.



  11. Can’t help with the doc recommendation. 🙁Glad you are safe and cozy back in your winter home,though. . It’s dry and dusty but you might still see some flowers ( well brittle bush, anyway). I just returned from our yearly family camp south of Tucson near Three Points. The highways had more semis than I’ve ever seen! If you are out snd around much on the freeway, watch out fir traffic. The good news is gas is cheaper in AZ but that traffic….! The snakes where we were seemed to be tucked away though the tall grass sure looked ready fir hiding ‘em.

    Enjoy your stay. Hope you find that gel!


  12. Welcome back to Arizona!! Glad your flight was easy and you’re back safe and happy. I’ve stopped getting Walmart pickup as well. Have found that SV Safeway has everything every time although I’ve been going in the store rather than use their pickup service.


  13. You guys did good getting settled in! Isn’t it wonderful to have two big refrigerators to stockpile food? I love all that space after just having the RV fridge. But as you said, it doesn’t matter how much refrigerator space we have, we still need to go to the store every week to restock veggies. So glad you found everything in good shape when you returned to your Arizona home! Enjoy the beautiful fall there!


    1. RV refrigerators are my least favorite part of RVing–so small and they don’t keep ice cream frozen hard. It seems that I go to the grocery store, come home with a truck full and right away start making another list!


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