Earlier this week we had snow–as in a foot of snow! And temps in the low 20’s! At first the weather was OK with us but now we are over it! It’s hard to exercise as in walk when you are wearing Muck boots and heavy coats. Emmi gets cold mostly because the Cowboy rolls snowballs for her and she eats the balls trying to destroy them. Plus when the snow melts it creates a muddy mess and Emmi has to be rinsed off every time she comes inside–she isn’t impressed!

Wednesday morning in our backyard

I’ve been quilting–I longarm quilted two quilt tops that our daughter in law LoraLee completed at some point in time before she died. I have some other quilt blocks LoraLee made and I’m working on those. Our little quilt shop in Big Timber is 20 years old this week and I attended their celebration Wednesday night–the Cowboy drove into town with me as we weren’t sure how the roads would be. Found some binding fabrics and enjoyed visiting with fellow quilters. I still don’t have my quilting mojo back, maybe one of these days?? I have been knitting–

This is a sweater I am knitting in the round for myself, the yarn is a beautiful red wool and so soft. That off color line you see toward the bottom of the piece is a lifeline–a piece of yarn threaded through the stitches as you are knitting a row. If you make a mistake you can then rip back to that lifeline and use it to help you guide the stitches back onto your needles. As you can see I might need to insert another lifeline soon!

Cold and gloomy!

Twenty seven years ago Saturday the Cowboy and I were married in the home of friends during an October snowstorm. During covid in 2020 I cooked every occasion meal we ate–I looked back through the blog and read that I made chicken enchiladas of all things for our anniversary. The Cowboy isn’t fond of chicken–was I mad at him?? 😍For this anniversary we went to Billings and had lunch at a new to us restaurant–it was OK but not outstanding. I asked the question of our Facebook friends–“where do you like to eat in Billings” and this new restaurant was on that list. CJ’s, our favorite is a great place but I’m weary of their food, so we will work through that Facebook list and try some new places. 

Tonight we are off to Lonn’s to celebrate birthdays. The little ones have once again had mild cases of covid so our September celebrations were delayed and we’ve moved into the October birthdays. I’ve made a cake and have the presents all set to go. The weather is cooperating–beautiful sunny, breezy days in the 50’s. Most of the snow is gone but the mud is still with us. 

One more doctor’s appointment, routine for me and we just might be ready to find some warmer weather.

The Crazy Mountains taken from the freeway exit in Big Timber–always beautiful!

20 thoughts on “Snowstorm

  1. As usual your pictures are so very pretty! The snow looks good to us
    but of course we are still dry and dusty…..wind and almond
    harvesting….just dry!
    I love the color of your new sweater project, going to be pretty for sure.
    Arizona looking better to you?


  2. The snow looks cozy and beautiful, from afar! Nothing like bad weather to promote crafts and chores! You need to fly Emmi down here, 80 temps, just right. Happy Anniversary to you!


  3. Happy Anniversary Janna and Mike. The years sure do fly by don’t they? Your pictures of the snow and mountains are just so pretty…and your description of the cold and mess are spot on. Can’t have one without the other I guess. Katie is quite the photographer and the great-grands are so cute. Celebrations are so fun, I know you will have a fun time. Gay


      1. It’s so hard to find a good place to eat any more. Our little town has few restaurants and none of them very good so we eat out when going to Billings–the rest of the time I cook.


  4. I don’t know what has happen to all
    The places we use to eat. We went to Jonesboro and watch Kyla play ball
    And we stopped in Bald Knob to East at a place we love. It was awful. Guess we will have to start cooking at home more. Aunt Betty


  5. Happy Anniversary!! The pictures of snow scare me,as we live in Buffalo NY and are expected to have a bad winter!! As to where to eat my son has convinced us to trust trip advisor’s reviews whatever that’s worth! Safe travels!!


    1. Hmmm–will have to check Trip Advisor. I take reviews with a grain of salt. Hope your winter isn’t too awful! One of the worst plane rides I ever had was out of Buffalo, NY in a winter snowstorm!


  6. We just arrived home and I’m catching up. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of wonderful adventures together. You are so hilarious wondering if you were mad at Michael when you made chicken enchiladas for him on your last anniversary, LOL.

    That snow…brrrr!! We are kind of in shock that it’s going to be almost 80 degrees here in Florida tomorrow. We thought we had escaped the summer! But it is beautiful and not humid, so that’s a blessing. I imagine you’ll soon be on your way south!


  7. I can hardly wait for snow. However in mid-Missouri they are predicting bad storms tomorrow, even possible tornadoes!
    Cute pictures of the grands.
    Take care


  8. By now you might be in AZ. They have had so much rain-in Arizona, expect spring wildflowers. I bet you will have a glorious spring. Enjoy your snowless stay. ( and a belated happy anniversary)!.


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