Just Puttering Along

We are both trying to get all the little things done before our departure south. The Cowboy has been completing some projects for the neighbors, I put the front and back yard flower beds to rest for the winter. The sprinkler system was drained today. I really wanted to do some painting–bathroom vanities, stairs–but that hasn’t happened. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t! 

I keep busy feeding us! It’s use everything in the refrigerator and freezer time in this household so meals are a little different–green peas with shrimp, etc. I baked another round of the Amish white bread and the loaves were beautiful. Our neighbor lost her husband recently after a long illness and I took a loaf to their house–lots of family there so the bread was a hit. 

I’ve given up on sourdough for the time being. I was just getting another starter going (ditched my first starter) when the trip to Challis came up. I was not going to take the starter with me plus it would have been so hot in the RV during the day I’m not sure how it would have reacted so I ditched it the second starter. I decided to wait until we were in Arizona and then I will get another starter going. 

We’ve had some warm days and no moisture. Our pests this time of year are very persistent! Flies and hornets buzzing around everywhere! The Cowboy has been looking for the hornet nest but has yet to find it. 

These photos are from our trip to Challis, Idaho.

Times were hard in the late 1800’s with no doctors available to these remote mining towns–there were seven graves in this little cemetery.
Ken, our leader for the day and Emmi
Peggy and an uncooperative Lacy, Charlie, me, the Cowboy with Emmi, Nellie the pooch, Lesley and Ken–one great group of easy to be with folks!
Weird rocks

A trip to Livingston was on the agenda this afternoon to get my glasses adjusted. It’s always a pain getting a new pair of glasses adjusted just right. Not sure today’s adjustments helped much!

Back in Big Timber we enjoyed strawberry milkshakes at Cole Drug which has a soda fountain that’s been there long before the Cowboy was a child. He told me he would come into Cole Drug and get a cheese sandwich when the school hot lunch involved fish!

Changes are coming in our weather pattern–YEA!

17 thoughts on “Just Puttering Along

  1. Fun times with friends, and bittersweet times getting ready to pack up and move south. I love the picture of the “weird rocks”….I wish I was a geologist and could know why these spots look like they do!


    1. Don’t know why I didn’t think of our friend the geologist who lives in Coos Bay–will have to ask him! We are ready to head south–still a few loose ends here in Montana.


  2. Such pretty pictures…especially the last one! Looks like a road I would love to take. I always enjoy meandering thru those old mining towns. Do you if the six graves were for one family? I so feel your frustration about having glasses adjusted! It’s never right the first (and sometimes second) fitting. That’s a keeper photo of you, Mike, Emmi and your friends…such wonderful memories!


  3. Your recent RV trip showed some great pictures where
    we would love see. Wonderful time of the year.
    We are even getting bits and pieces of Fall.
    What a relief! We are all grabbing Fall and
    taking it…. happy, happy. It’s been a long hot
    summer with only one tiny sprinkle.
    Packing to make the move is always tiring and
    trying of our souls, ha. It will be worth it I’m sure!


  4. There are always so many things to take care of when preparing to leave for an extended time…and you have to do that both in Montana and Arizona! But how wonderful to have beautiful homes in two places that you love. I’m betting you’re going to try to get that painting done. But just say “No” to yourself, LOL. It will give you something to do next summer. 🙂


  5. Glad you had such a fun trip out exploring with good friends!! Beautiful fall views. Every time I think my drive into Sierra Vista multiple times a week is a long one I think of all your drives to Billings!! I hope our cooling trend continues here, nights down in the 40’s is great 🙂


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