Birthday Week

Having finally finished that gigantic shawl I’ve started a new knitting project with this gorgeous red wool yarn the Cowboy gave me for my birthday in 2020. I’m loving the color of the yarn so much–makes it fun to knit! This is a photo of the sweater from the pattern by Libby Jonson called Oatmeal, my first sweater to knit.

The Cowboy is feeling much better and decided to get a few extra trailers we own ready for sale. He aired up the tires, I took photos and the trailers are posted on Craigslist. And NOT the RV travel trailer in case anyone was worried!

Tuesday was my birthday and I was a bum–I took a walk with the Cowboy and Emmi then did my two hayfield rounds at a brisk pace–my weight loss program. I love to cook and eat so walking briskly and the cardio exercises given to me by the physical therapist allow me to eat more freely.

We went to Livingston and had Mexican food then back to Big Timber for milkshakes at Cole Drug–see why I need to do brisk walks!! I received so many beautiful cards plus phone calls and texts. I am so blessed with family and friends.

On Wednesday Jill and Jeane accompanied me to Billings for a girls day out in celebration of my birthday. We visited the great coffee shop, Rock Creek Roasters, shopped a bit and had lunch at the Marble Table. Shopped a bit more and headed home. It was a great day spent with such good, long time friends.

Thursday it was back to Billings for a haircut for me and lunch out again–that’s three days in a row I haven’t had to cook!! We bought a few groceries and pointed the car toward home–we put so many miles on our car in a summer!

And another smoky sunset

Friday we took a short drive up to Natural Bridge and were very surprised to find only one car in the parking lot. Every other time we’ve been by this summer the parking lot has been packed and there were extra cars parked out on the road.

The first photo is taken from the bridge looking downriver and the second is taken from one of the observation points looking upriver as the Boulder River water flows down the hole. The river is really, really low at the end of this summer–really low.

The smoke got to me on Friday–I woke at 5am sneezing, sneezing and I sneezed all day. Miserable! Saturday I was fine. During the night the wind blew, it sprinkled rain and Saturday we woke to a clear day, finally! Fluffy white clouds and blue skies–much better!

And Sunday was the same–two days of no smoke!! I spent Sunday knitting and ripping! My sweater has 222 stitches in one row and I had to rip out 20+ rows!!😭Late afternoon we took a drive up the Boulder looking for critters and saw one blue heron–that’s it!

But there is evidence of critters around our house–we’ve had bears very close. One bear obviously ate something that didn’t agree with him/her and left a long trail of scat out in front of the garage. This evidence is in the middle of the driveway–

Life is good!

24 thoughts on “Birthday Week

  1. Beautiful pictures, you really have a gift in photography!
    You both are busy people. It’s so warm (hot) here that
    we think twice about going too far or store hopping.
    Maybe it’s old age! Ha
    Belated Happy Birthday…… sounds like it was
    a good one.


  2. Happy birthday, and may this next year bring you an abundance of all good things! Including not having to rip out rows of knitting, LOL!!! I’m impressed that you’re taking on knitting a sweater. I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful!


  3. Happy (late) Birthday wishes…sure sounds like a really nice couple of days! I so relate to “loving to eat” and a milkshake right about now would be awesome! As always, your sky pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to the sweater…I love red! Gay


  4. It’s a little nerve-wracking to see scat piles so close, the bears are busy this time of year. Glad you had a great birthday and at least a couple of days smoke-free. You will look great in red.


  5. Happy birthday. I think everyone needs to celebrate a birthday week. Enjoy your beautiful weather. We have driven out of the smoke but are headed to the heat. 103 in Vegas today and 105 in AJ when we get there.


  6. Belated Happy Birthday!
    Your sweater will be pretty. Best of luck with the knitting.
    That bear was a bit too close for comfort. Even if you didn’t see him/her.


  7. Really nice photos. The Natural Bridge has changed some since Grant and Haley visited Oct 2018. Too bad about all the cars. I read your area got hit hard with tourists and people relocating there during Covid. Maybe it’s not permanent and you’ll have the area back eventually. I’m glad cooler temps are on the way. No more A/C! We too have used it most of this summer here in Washington state. Not fun….


  8. Sounds like a pretty perfect birthday! Good on you for getting your brisk walks in – I really have to get back to those when this heat moves on. Don’t rush back to AZ, enjoy the Fall weather where you are. Lovely sliver bottomed clouds!


  9. Sounds like you had a truly lovely birthday. Isn’t it amazing when the smoke clears and we can remember why we love living where we are!?! Good on you for knitting a sweater. The last sweater I knitted was wonderful and I still love it. It was a soft Noro yarn and I took it with me on our trip to Turkey and knitted all day on the bus days. I can’t imagine doing another sweater though….lately I have a hard time staying focused on knitting. Maybe again next winter.


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