We Eat Well

The Cowboy has been doing a lot of sitting and examining the backs of his eyelids while recovering from his skin cancer surgeries. He had strict orders from his doctor–“take it easy for at least 3-4 days, I would like a week but at least give me 3-4 days.” He knows my husband I guess! And the Cowboy has mostly complied. He’s done a few small, non heavy lifting type projects but has also done a lot of resting.

Seems I’ve been in the kitchen a lot lately and have tried some new recipes. This first photo is of the hamburgers we had for lunch one day on homemade hamburger buns using a King Arthur flour recipe. Nothing about this recipe was new. Those are oven roasted potatoes on the plate with the burger.

The Cowboy’s favorite meal!

While in Coos Bay with Ainslie and Beryl, Ainslie made breakfast–steel cut oats combined with regular oats and served with blueberries. We like oats and I seldom cook them but decided to try cooking the two together in the Instant Pot rather than having to watch a pot on the stove so carefully as Ainslie did. It worked–1 cup steel cut oats, 1 cup regular oats (not quick) and about 4.5 cups of water. Blueberries and brown sugar–a very good and filling breakfast.

The smoke that has returned does make for gorgeous sunsets–

In December of 2020 right after Mom’s visit I started knitting a shawl using an Andrea Moray pattern named Cinnabar. There is a term in knitting, “gauge” that means you need to have the same number of stiches and rows in a 4″ square as the pattern designer. You knit a swatch, count your stitches and rows hoping you have “made gauge.” I never could “make gauge” when I started this shawl no matter what I tried–bigger needles, smaller needles–it just didn’t matter, I couldn’t make gauge.

So, I just started knitting and kept measuring. Thankfully I could add rows to make it longer and as I added rows, the increasing stitches also made it wider. I am very pleased with it even though there are some mistakes, one major one, but I still like it very much! It’s a squishy knit, warm and cozy!

Sunday I used a recipe I found online for Instant Pot French Dip sandwiches. I halved the recipe and am glad I did using a large round steak I had in the freezer rather than the chuck roast. I also sautéed some peppers and onions to go on top. The sandwiches were delicious!!! The Cowboy was so happy–beef for lunch always makes him smile! I also made the buns again from the King Arthur flour recipe.

Even though our weather is warming again and the smoke is back, fall is in the air. There is a house on the way to town and the aspen trees out front are always the first to turn and the first to have leaves in the spring–it’s like clockwork. When I went to town on Friday, I took this photo–the gold doesn’t show up well, it’s just a hint of gold so far.

Another smoky sunset
I love when we come back to the house from our evening walk and the lights are on inside–it looks so welcoming.

Sunday afternoon we had the urge for ice cream–that has to be a big urge as it’s 22 miles to the nearest place for ice cream! But off we went–life is good!

We thank all of those who commented and left such kind words about our continuing the blog. You are much appreciated!

44 thoughts on “We Eat Well

  1. 22 miles for ice cream??? 🤔. Ha, ha. We still have you beat. We go to Nelson WI, probably 30 miles one way. But Tom says with the Spider, number of miles doesn’t matter. 🥰🍦🍦


  2. Okay, that’s it!! Home-made hamburger, oven-roasted potatoes, oatmeal, and french dip sandwiches. Clear the deck boys, I’m heading for Montana:))


  3. I can’t get into my Word Press account so here goes.

    I love your blog and I’m glad you are continuing, even if you have to take breaks. Every day is a lot!


    Shirley Whitelaw “She discovered it was almost impossible for her to hold her ukulele without feeling joy!”



  4. That shawl is gorgeous! I crochet, but would love to learn to knit. I was reading some of your old blog Tin Cabin Teepee(?) , you look the same now, as you did then. Enjoy your blog so much!


  5. I hope to comment more offend as I hope others will so you know your effort is appreciated . P.S. you ever think about opening your food truck . Your food looks awesome .


  6. Love the colors and knit work in your shawl, and it looks very cozy! Is that the brioche stitch you mentioned? I’ve never tried that stitch. Understand it’s complicated.


    1. Yes, that’s a brioche stitch and it is complicated but the worst part is I did not learn to correct my mistakes in the brioche stitch–I can correct a mistake doing just a knit or purl but not on the brioche. I could never wrap my head around how the stitch was made and where all the parts went!


  7. So happy to (still) read you! I know how the healing from MOHS on the face can be, wish Michael a speedy recovery. I agree with the others about the shawl, beautiful and cozy. Personally I prefer playing with food 🙂 and yours looks great.


  8. Such wonderful photos of you in your new handmade shawl! Glad to hear you’re getting some cooler weather—I hope that means the smoke will soon disappear, too. I hope Michael heals quickly. He certainly has yummy food to ease his recovery!


  9. Beautiful blog post; the photos, good recipes, those pottery dishes, shawl and welcoming log cabin. These cozy, homey entries of yours are my favorites. The recipes even feel like fall. Enjoyable reading…..Glad Mike is taking it easy. Happy Birthday!


  10. The shawl is wonderful! I love your photo shoot:) Hope Michael is doing all right and his 3-4 days of “prison” are up…haha! Yes, you do eat well. Love that you make your own rolls. We eat well, also. A different recipe every night. Only 22 miles for ice cream!! We go 200 round trip for B&R. Now that’s crazy! The silver lining to the smoke…beautiful sunsets.


    1. I’m not really a shawl person but after finishing this one, I think I could be! Michael must be out of prison, he was changing tires on a trailer yesterday! A friend of ours said miles don’t count if they are on a motorcycle! The Cowboy prefers the same tried and true recipes but I do sneak one in occasionally–the french dips were a new. That’s the only silver lining to smoke–it’s awful–oppressive!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Your shawl is gorgeous! I sure wish I could bake bread! Hope The Cowboy is up and “ adem” ( as my grandma would say) & feeling much better!


  12. Congratulations on a very comfy looking shawl. Nice and warm and squishy. The best kind.
    I am so glad you have decided not to stop blogging completely, you will be enjoyed no matter how sporadic you post.
    Sorry that the smoke is back. I was hoping it was gone.
    Wish I was closer, we could figure out your sourdough issue.


      1. I did toss the starter–after we came back from Oregon and took the starter out of the refrigerator, fed it–it never grew not one bit. It developed nice bubbles but it never did rise–not even a little bit.


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